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by Sergey
09 Jun 2016 11:12
Forum: Videos
Topic: Secret videos
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Re: Secret videos

that AdayattheofficeOLD vid was great. The ending was pretty cool as well.
by Sergey
23 Oct 2015 12:57
Forum: Videos
Topic: Fo Shizza
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Re: Fo Shizza

Just watched it for the first time, this is priceless.
by Sergey
09 Oct 2015 16:21
Forum: Videos
Topic: Mads Hole Worlds 2015 Videos
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Re: Mads Hole Worlds 2015 Videos

If you could make this video available on youtube, that'd be great! Thanks a lot!
by Sergey
31 Dec 2014 05:54
Forum: Videos
Topic: Danish Footbag Open- vasek
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Re: Danish Footbag Open- vasek

Sypmosium Whirr was likely first hit at European Footbag Championships 2006. Check out this video at 1:09.
by Sergey
23 Jul 2014 07:13
Forum: For Sale
Topic: G-Units, size 10.5 US for sale.
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G-Units, size 10.5 US for sale.

I am selling G-Units, size 10.5 US. They will be available at Words 2014 this year through a friend of mine. This is a rare original Rasta version of this model, which has been impossible to find for years now. The shoes are in a good condition. They have been worn just a few times and never used fo...
by Sergey
04 Jan 2014 05:18
Forum: Videos
Topic: Don't call it a comeback
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Re: Don't call it a comeback

Loved it!
by Sergey
16 Sep 2013 03:36
Forum: Videos
Topic: Nostalgia Video Compilation.
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Re: Nostalgia Video Compilation.

by Sergey
21 Jul 2013 08:06
Forum: Videos
Topic: Two videos
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Re: Two videos

Awesome, luv your agressive style man!
by Sergey
10 Nov 2012 12:57
Forum: Videos
Topic: Russian Footbag Open 2012
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Russian Footbag Open 2012

I'm sure there's going to be more footage coming soon, but here are some bits that we captured during day one: ... 7atUdZofTg

What's the curren ripstein record, anyone know?
by Sergey
26 Feb 2012 10:15
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Headphones
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These will stay in for sure: ... roxgeneral

I own them and they're great!
by Sergey
05 Sep 2011 12:21
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Russian Footbag Open 2011. Moscow. The Russian Federation.
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Russian Footbag Open 2011. Moscow. The Russian Federation.

Russian Footbag Open 2011 WHERE: Moscow, The Russian Federation WHEN: November 4th & 5th 2011 (come earlier or later if you choose to do so). A list of people coming from Europe and Russia will be announced soon. Czech Republic might be up in the bulding. As well as Sergey Kozlov. Who knows? ;) If i...
by Sergey
29 Oct 2010 13:23
Forum: General
Topic: Are osis and gyro clipper different tricks?
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No, they are not the same tricks.

Both can be hit consecutively, but will look and feel differently.
by Sergey
10 Sep 2010 23:53
Forum: Videos
Topic: blast from the past - old, great, and kind of rare videos
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by Sergey
05 Sep 2010 03:58
Forum: General
Topic: Comparing yourself to others
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I don't have a better answer than this.

by Sergey
28 Aug 2010 20:55
Forum: Videos
Topic: Swiss Championships 04 - incl. Lon and Vasek show!
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Good call, I second that. Anyone got Lon Smith Tudexon 5 special?
by Sergey
21 Aug 2010 08:19
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: YouTube
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Check out the very last guy in Volume 1 of these series, he's totally off the hook.
by Sergey
17 Aug 2010 16:25
Forum: Health & Injuries
Topic: Health Supplements
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I really like fish-oil.
by Sergey
17 Aug 2010 09:50
Forum: The Kicking Circle
Topic: YouTube
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by Sergey
15 Aug 2010 13:29
Forum: Shred Symposium
Topic: PDX Blender vs. Barrage
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I'm with Anz on this one - he is the only one who correctly identified the true two reasons why one might think that barrage is easier than far blender. I can relate to having build my trick selection wrong: Can do far blenders both sides 10/10, but can barely do barages on one side. Calemccoy, one'...