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by Trevor
19 Apr 2014 13:12
Forum: For Sale
Topic: BearBags! custom orders for any bag!
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Re: BearBags! custom orders for any bag!

Got any bags ready to go? I'd love an 8 panel, 14 panel and maybe even a 32. Is it $5 off per bag if they're premade?
by Trevor
09 Nov 2010 04:53
Forum: For Sale
Topic: GG bags for sale - great bags, great prices!
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I just received my bag from Gary (#45) and it is beautiful. For the first few days, every time I looked at it the pattern seemed different. I've been kicking every day and can't wait til it's broken in, and it's still amazing even while it's tight. Always wanted a smaller bag so I can't thank you en...
by Trevor
13 Sep 2010 09:52
Forum: Health & Injuries
Topic: Serious Hip pain
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I know how you feel pattycakes. I have the same problem with my left hip, I think it's the hip flexor. The muscle is used for lifting your leg up, so it definitely takes a beating while shredding. I strained it pretty bad running up some stairs after a footbag sesh, so be careful what you do after. ...