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by MathieuGM
23 Sep 2012 07:58
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Jay's Blog.
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Re: Jay's Blog.

Seems like an AMAZING session :).
Lots of cool stuff in there for sure!
Also, seems like your back finally recovered pretty well? I guess you are not tryting crazy 5 dexes. But many tricks in there can definitly be stresful for the body and you are there now :)!!
Props man.
by MathieuGM
07 Sep 2012 14:08
Forum: General
Topic: Can We Please Revive Modified?
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Re: Can We Please Revive Modified?

So far, the only way i found to keep modified kinda alive is to post myself... I also try to convince some ppl to post like,. once a week or something. But i can'T see muuuuch we can do. Expect making it more interesting. also, when i post on FB, i simply put the link to modified and ask ppl to comm...
by MathieuGM
30 Aug 2012 13:45
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: TMNT Have Nothing On This Shredder
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Re: TMNT Have Nothing On This Shredder

I kinda wouldn't mind if you took on Chris Pinkus' style actually. I have always loved it but there hasn't been anyone else to use mainly toes. You should do it... Hey Nick. You are almost right ;). there is also Michal ''Cod'' Biarda from Poland that play mostly toe. And he is a killer :) http://w...
by MathieuGM
29 Aug 2012 10:41
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Topic: Muffinman
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Re: Muffinman

Hey! That's a sick collection of video! I also have most of these, plus maybe some you don't have. Few years ago when Yacine came in Montreal, he gave me all his VHS tape collection from like 98 to 2004. Looks like he had most of them :). When i'll go at my parents place i'll make a list of all i ha...
by MathieuGM
27 Aug 2012 07:55
Forum: Videos
Topic: Kakskerta I
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Re: Kakskerta I

oh that link starting at 3:04, +1! Sick vid, as usual from you hahaha. I really like where your game is going. I feel this one is a great mix between the siiiiick drills we used to see from you and some cool creativity. I enjoy the fact that i'm not expecting what the next trick will be when you sh...
by MathieuGM
24 Aug 2012 21:23
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Topic: Crimean Freestyle Jam 2012
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Re: Crimean Freestyle Jam 2012

That was really nice!
That seem tob e tooons of fun!
I wish we would have such a dynamic crew in Montreal :)!
Hope to see you soon guys!
by MathieuGM
24 Aug 2012 08:15
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Topic: 20 Fearless, Air Accelerator
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Re: 20 Fearless, Air Accelerator

Woah.... that's huge guys... Doing 20 fearless is incredible... And one of you probably had to froce some link to copy the other guy :). Just wow! I second the idea of having as many ppl from finland as possible to hit these combos :D. That would be fun to have like 4-5 players doing these combos ha...
by MathieuGM
22 Aug 2012 15:57
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Topic: Toe Set Ducking.
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Re: Toe Set Ducking.

My feeling about toe ducking is that it's a surprising element, due to the fact that no one use it... It totally depend of the link. eg : far mirage to toe ducking clipper doesn't look so great to me. But then, stepping far illusion to toe ducking far pick up is a great surprise midstring in my opin...
by MathieuGM
19 Aug 2012 12:51
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Topic: August 18, 2012
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Re: August 18, 2012

First of all, let's say somethign i said 10000 times : Rene for BAP:). You are impressive man... The last rund was retard... After the first BSOS i was like : oh snap... After the 2nd i was like.... WTF. Also, you stopped wall climbing right? Your upper body seems to be much slimmer then last summer...
by MathieuGM
18 Aug 2012 21:19
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Topic: A Tribute To Bob Riefer...
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Re: A Tribute To Bob Riefer...

I miss reading Bob blogs. I miss talking with Bob in PM. He is basically one of the only player i'm sad i haven't met yet.... Thanks Bob for being so nice with me back in 2008, when i was still a noob :). I remember talking a lot with you in private message. And i remember you were taking my newbie ...
by MathieuGM
16 Aug 2012 21:06
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Topic: Atmospherical videos from champs
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Re: Atmospherical videos from champs

I have been thinking a lot about it today. And the 10 first minutes of this video came in mind to me. Reason : A professionnal event site. It's a real thater, crowd is big, prensentation is fairly profesionnal. You have everything a...
by MathieuGM
14 Aug 2012 10:35
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Topic: Ivan I's Incredible Stitching Video
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Re: Ivan I's Incredible Stitching Video

That was a beautiful video, especially the part on the kayak :)!
I'm jealous haha :D!
by MathieuGM
14 Aug 2012 08:37
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Topic: Rain City Shred Chronicles: The VHS Tapes
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Re: Rain City Shred Chronicles: The VHS Tapes

I really enjoyed the part where you set the worlds record ;).
I'm also a big fan of Ricky game... I think i could watch him play 10 hours in a row haha!
Funky effect on the 2nd part. Was it because it was easier to see the bag that way ?!?
by MathieuGM
09 Aug 2012 23:22
Forum: General
Topic: Lookin' To Get A New Bag
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Re: Lookin' To Get A New Bag

hey! I would highly recommand you Haniabags, especially if you don't like really heavy bags :). I have played with bags from most of the stitcher, and i personnaly prefer Haniabags. I also like Bear bags :). I wouldn't recommand Abshire...
by MathieuGM
08 Aug 2012 23:12
Forum: Footblogs
Topic: Mike Green
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Re: Mike Green

At least, you played :).
And that makes me happy :)
that's it that's all :).
see you soon bro!
by MathieuGM
08 Aug 2012 13:15
Forum: Videos
Topic: Worldsinki II
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Re: Worldsinki II

That serie of video was completly incredible... I don't think i can thank you enough for all the effort you made. I can barely release 2 video a year... you released TONS since 6 months. All these video make my day better. I'm always excitd when i see a video topic started from you! once again, than...
by MathieuGM
08 Aug 2012 10:35
Forum: Videos
Topic: Air in Newfoundland
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Re: Air in Newfoundland

I accept you in Team Canada now :P!
would you mind accepting that honor ;)?
by MathieuGM
31 Jul 2012 21:23
Forum: Events & Travel
Topic: Worlds 2012 Updates
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Re: Worlds 2012 Updates

Muffinman wrote:Is there a single Canadian freestyler present who isn't competing in net?
by MathieuGM
31 Jul 2012 07:39
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Topic: AlekseyV footblog :P
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Re: AlekseyV footblog :P

I really like your style :). Your body type and the way you play remember me a bit Lauri Airinen :). The editing on the last video was... special. Next time if you could put the comments in english that would be nice :)! And the link isn'T wroking, it bring me to my own videos, now yours, because yo...
by MathieuGM
28 Jul 2012 20:00
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Topic: Tournaments need a new level added
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Re: Tournaments need a new level added

That way there is less confusion and insecurity about when to move up, you just get to a certain point and then HAVE to jump into the deep end. I don't know what that point should be, maybe winning an intermediate comp? This is already the unofficial rule. Most of the people are expeting those who ...