Street Performing Music

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Street Performing Music

Post by EoghanMcDowell » 26 Sep 2008 20:50

Ok, so i want to start busking and would like to have some of your suggestions for good street performing music. Thats pretty much it. I think if i could find a song, or songs, that would work, then i could come up with ways to use them. I feel like I'm decent enough to at least try this, so if anyone can help me out, that would be great.

Eoghan Patrick Morgan McDowell

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Post by C-Fan » 27 Sep 2008 05:32

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Post by gMoney » 27 Sep 2008 16:26

use these two songs and you'll have to have truckloads of busking money.



edit: to make that post not pointless, I'll suggest some real stuff. You could use some songs by Spoon, they're pretty upbeat and melodic sounding, and could make for some good busking music. Also, Frank Sinatra would work, if you picked the right songs. I'll think of a couple more later.
Grant Mooney

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Post by MarQuezo » 05 Dec 2008 20:40

Try looking up Junkie XL.
Great up beat stuff.
Hope you like it.
Markus Ward

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Post by Jeremy » 09 Dec 2008 16:40

In my limited experience street performing, but also having a few friends who were/are professional street performers, by far the best music to get is popular well known feel good happy music that goes for 2 minutes or less.

If you're street performing, do routines, don't just play. They don't have to be good footbag routines with any dynamic changes, they just need to be that kind of length - then stop every song and say something to the crowd, including an ask for money, have a drink and go again.

My record busking at the local market when nothing special was going on is just over $160 in half an hour. That was probably about 10 2 minute routines, plus 10 minutes of breaks/talking. Obviously at big events etc. you can make a lot more.

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