Foobag Book

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Foobag Book

Post by daLai » 11 Nov 2008 11:23


I looked through searching for CDs I wanna buy in the near future and recommended this to me:
Footbag Book

I don't know if someone has already seen this, but I think it is quite funny.
Although the funniest part was the comment of one guy who bought this:

"A book that teaches you every footbagtrick existent. If you are a footbagger - buy it!"

It has 43 pages, so the font must be really small :)
But I was positively surprised of the use of 'footbag' and not hackysack.

Simon Kittlaus aka 季士è

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Post by gMoney » 11 Nov 2008 14:36

I remember seeing that book at a bookfair when I was in like fifth grade. I'm kind of suprised I didn't get it back then, but I think I bought a Pokemon book or something instead, because I probably saw a better future in Pokemon than hacky sack back then. I mean, what kid didn't love Pokemon back in the 90's? Besides my neighbors who thought they were the devil...
Grant Mooney

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Post by Footbaggerk » 12 Nov 2008 10:57

Haha, pokemon ftw
lol @ besides my neighbors who thought they were the devil

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Post by MarQuezo » 02 Dec 2008 19:32

That looks awesome! Like something you would see at the book fair. Get it just to have it!
Markus Ward

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Post by Slowsis » 02 Dec 2008 20:53

The REAL Footbag Book

Want the real deal on how to get good at footbag? This is the book for you. I hope you all enjoy it, because the author is a real master of his art form.
Adam Greenwood
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Post by Moxie » 02 Dec 2008 20:58

I wonder how many copies of that book are still out there to be purchased new.
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