Bad static stretching?

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Bad static stretching?

Post by Psilocybe » 06 Apr 2013 19:51

This was news to me, but not entirely unexpected. Static stretching may make you feel weaker and offer little against injury: ... e-studies/


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Re: Bad static stretching?

Post by MathieuGM » 07 Apr 2013 05:38

Hey man!
It's been yeeeaaaaars with the debate going on.
Basically, to me, that's what you should remember :
"Both studies recommend static stretching be avoided before physical activity. Because static stretching is performed when the body is at rest and because it places emphasis on flexibility rather than preparing the body for physical activity, static stretching is best performed as a cool-down after an athlete’s workout.".
Basically, to me, it makes sens. if you have a proper warm up where you end up going to the same amplitude of mouvment you will go during your workout, i don't think static stretching makes sens. Plus i can'T be fairly dangerous if you haven't warmed up properly before.
But on my side, i keep doing it after the exercices. Your muscle are warmed up. And that allow me to gain amplitude slowly. Wich is obviously important in footbag. It also help to recover from exercice.

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