2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

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2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by timvozar » 17 Feb 2014 11:27

Footbag Players Worldwide,

The Footbag Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominations for potential candidates for induction into the Footbag Hall of Fame's class of 2014. The nominations process is open now until March 31st, 2014. The criteria for nominations and induction to the Hall of Fame is located here:

http://www.footbag.org/reference/-/Hall ... n_Criteria

Please review this information before nominating players. It's easy to nominate a player or offer testimonials or seconds. Just visit this link:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/vie ... WGJQN0E6MA

and fill out the form. If you want to nominate more than one person, please re-visit the form and fill it out separately for each person. Thanks to all footbag players for respecting the sport's history and roots as well as looking towards the future. We look forward to honoring the players who have devoted their lives to footbag and deserve the recognition that the Footbag Hall of Fame has to offer.

Tim Vozar,
Chairman Footbag Hall of Fame
Nominations Committee
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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by timvozar » 21 Feb 2014 13:21

Ted Fritsch is the only carryover from the 2013 Hall of fame nominee final ballot voting process. Ted got 50.87% of the votes, which qualifies him to automatically make the 2014 Hall of Fame final ballot. Please submit any 2nd's/testimonies for Ted Fritsch via the 2014 Hall of Fame nomination form. congrats to you, Ted Fritsch! From Tim Vozar, Chairman of HoF nomination committee.
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2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations as of 2/26/14

Post by timvozar » 26 Feb 2014 08:27

Jim Fitzgerald nominates Lisa Monte,
Lisa Monte in my opinion exemplifies the spirit of footbag in part of its early development from the late 1980's and throughout the 90's. Both in footbag freestyle and footbag net she has left her mark on the sport. A great all around kicker and ambassador for the sport of footbag. I first saw her at a Sonoma State tournament and I remember her determination on the net court. Later her freestyle became apparent as she teamed with Carole Wedeymeyer and left the competition in the dust. My memory is not good enough to be precise on dates. I know for certain she influenced more than just me and was influential in helping the next wave of women kickers enter the sport. I am asking for those who were close to Lisa to fill in the blanks with testimonials and second her nomination.
Peter Irish 2nds Lisa Monte - I second the nomination of Lisa Monti, one of the greatest women players in the history of the sport.
Tuan Vu 2nds Lisa Monte - I first saw Lisa Monti (with an "i") at the 1993 Inter-Mountain tournament in Ft Collins, CO. She was the first female net player I saw cross the plane doing a spike. During that match, Lisa and her partner, Constance, were taking the lead causing their opponents in the Open division, Verne Reed and Davie Piper, to take a much needed time out. That was my first exposure to high level women's net and I was in awe. Lisa was not only a great net player, but she was a hardcore shredder. She was one of only two women at the time that was hitting torques in combos. In 1995, Lisa and then partner, Carol Wedemeyer, won a World title in Women's Doubles Freestyle. The following year, she won the Women's Singles Freestyle at the Funtastik Summer Classic beating top competition including her friend and partner, Carol. She continued to dedicate herself to both net and freestyle and in 2012, she won Mixed Doubles Net with Kenny Shults at the US Open in Portland, OR. This event had the largest Mixed Doubles net pool of the year outside of Worlds. While I was impressed with Lisa's accomplishments, I was even more impressed with her love and enthusiasm for the sport. For years, she has volunteered countless hours to help tournament directors run a smooth event, encouraged & inspired beginners, and created the Women's Footbag Coalition. I unequivocally second Lisa Monti's nomination into the Footbag Hall of Fame.

Randy Mulder nominates Chris Donofrio,
Chris Donofrio deserves Hall of Fame recognition as a Pioneering member of the Footbag Community. Chris was an early touring member of the WFA, having toured, consistently, from the Fall of '86 through the Summer of '89. At the time this was,or may still be, a record number of consecutive tours promoting the sport of Footbag. During this time , he toured with Randy Nelson, Peter Shunney, Animal, and Jeff Haas. Chris was an integral part of the early growth of Footbag, selling thousands of dollars worth of product during these tours. Chris was also a proud member of the Wash Park Footbag Club. He was instrumental in promoting and developing the best net club in the world of the early and mid 90's. Chris was also a top competitor in all aspects of the sport. Consecutives, Freestyle, Net, and even Golf were specialties of his game. He was at, or near the top, of numerous tournaments, in all categories, throughout the US, in the 80's and early 90's. Thank you for your consideration.
Peter Irish 2nds Chris Donofrio - I second the nomination of Chris Donofrio for the HOF. One of the great touring members of the WFA in the 80's and 90's, he taught countless people through promotions. Also one of the great net competetors of his time.

Ted Huff nominates Fred Kippley and Gary Preston, Andy Linder 2nds Fred Kipley and Gary Preston
Fred Kippley and Gary Preston saw their first footbags in 1978, and then joined the NHSA, member numbers 314, and 315.In 1981, they quit their jobs and came to Portland for the 1st every certified instructors camp, tour team training, and tournament. They were completed inspired, and then were offered the opportunity to be a tour team, presenting the game and sport to over 700 schools in the Midwest of U.S. also, represented the sport at the Canadian National Exposition ,a and did halftime shows, such as for Chicago Bulls/NBA basketball. They attended worlds during this same period, and many other tournaments. Tragically, Gary lost part of one leg in a traffic accident, ending their major tour work. They continued to do shows for Boy Scouts, and many other civic groups, and for events. They were ever the pioneers of Footbag in their region.Tragically, Fred fell from a ladder at work in 2013, and died from the injury.The significance of " Iggy and Cruze" as Greg Cortopassi, their mentor, called them, to the game and sport is one of the passion of their efforts. True ambassadors of the sport in the 1980's.Please second this nomination now, and honor Fred's family, and Gary's family.
Peter Irish nominates Steve Blough,
Steve Blough, controversial or not, created his own style of footbag, Bloughchi. He wrote one of the earliest books on footbag (if not the earliest). He created his own tournament circuit and tournaments in northern California in the 80's.
Peter Irish nominates Eric Bartholomay,
I nominate BART, Eric Bartholomay, to the HOF. One of the greatest and most colorful competitors, also an early sponsor of the game and creator of possibly the most unique footbag in history, the Twisted.
Peter Irish supports Ted Fritsch,(Ted automatically is on the 2014 final ballot since he got over 50% of the votes in 2013)
I support Ted Fritsch. Ted helped shape east coast footbag for years, holding tournaments, tirelessly promoting the game, and winning world intermediate net championships. One of the all time great promoters of footbag and a unique spirit of the game.
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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by AlexZerbe » 28 Mar 2014 20:30


Eli Piltz’s contributions to the sport of Footbag are numerous and his impact on the sport continues to this day.

I first met Eli at Western Regional Footbag Championships in 1999. At this point he was one of the top freestylers in the world and had been inducted into the Big Add Posse the previous year. In addition to being one of the best and most innovative Footbaggers of his era, he inspired a generation of freestlyers, with the footbag videos he produced and numerous other contributions that left his mark on the Footbag world.

I had a hard time attempting to do justice to Eli’s Footbag legacy, but here goes…

In a time before the internet was ubiquitous, and even a three-minute video took a long time to download, Eli Piltz produced seven full-length videos that were available on VHS and later DVD. His videos were state of the art and featured the sport’s top players, who were all in North America in those days. Eli’s videos were watched repeatedly by up-and-coming players around the world, and were a major source of learning and inspiration. These videos pioneered the way footbag was filmed, and inspired other players to produce and sell their own Footbag videos pre-internet. Eli made a big sacrifice to produce these videos, paying his way to tournaments, investing in expensive equipment, forgoing the opportunity of playing in the best circles in order to film the best players, and spending countless hours editing and producing the final products. C’mon! He was editing reel-to-reel on VHS, that is hardcore! Here’s a list of the seven videos in order of release (does not include the shorter internet videos and tutorials he later produced, I’ll cover those in a later section).

Rye Shred
Sultans of Shred
Reese's Pieces
Worlds ’99
Aggressive Grounds
The Sickening
Where the Ripwalk Ends

Eli was the lead organizer of the first Colorado Shred Symposium (CSS1). This tournament went on to span 6 years, and for many of those years was the largest freestyle footbag event in North America. Eli was also a key organizer of the 2004 World Footbag Championships in Montreal. Among many other tasks, he spearheaded the media outreach and was responsible for projecting live video of the final round of freestyle on a huge screen behind the players as they performed, taking the production value of Worlds to the next level.

Eli, along with Ianek Regimbald, created the Circle Contest in 2006. The Circle Contest is a form of freestyle competition that most accurately reflects how the sport is organically played. Eli and Ianek spent a full year developing the new form of competition, which was enthusiastically received by the footbag community. The Circle Contest's first appearance at the World Footbag Championships was as an unofficial event in 2006. The following year it was added as an official event by the IFPA, and has been at every Worlds since.

Eli performed for tens of thousands of spectators over the years, with endorsements by such companies as Nike and K-Swiss. In 2001, after seeing some of Eli’s videos online, Nike hired Eli and a few other footbag players to represent their “Play” campaign. Together they performed high caliber freestyle routines for crowds of thousands of spectators across Southern California, and were showcased in videos on the Nike website. This campaign was the first time a major athletic company used the sport of footbag to endorse their products. Eli also appeared on a national cable show about action sports, and was featured in a K-Swiss shoe commercial in 2007, with world champion Vasek Klouda, which was broadcast internationally and has over 140,000 views on youtube. Check it out here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqldzoMHjBs

In addition, he frequently played in high profile public places, passing out fliers for upcoming tournaments and promoting his website, Flipsider.com

Eli fostered the footbag scenes in several different cities (Austin, Boulder, San Diego, Montreal, and Vancouver) as he moved around North America. It’s difficult to quantify Eli’s cultural influence on the sport. He invented the terms ‘flipside’ and ‘Atomic.’ It wasn’t so much that he invented footbag terms, lots of players did that, it’s that the terms and other contributions he brought to the sport stuck, and are still used today. Eli’s legacy continues to be a part of the sport we all love.

In January, 2000, Eli launched Flipsider.com, a hip new Footbag company that featured an active footbag forum, videos of trick tutorials, player profiles, Footbag equipment (footbags, clothing, videos), and a plethora of information about the sport. He would even throw in a poster featuring one of the days' top players with your order. This site showcased Footbag as a young, hip sport.

Flipsider’s vast and professionally presented library of trick tutorials was central to many players learning how to play, including now infamous Jorden Moir and future world champion Vasek Klouda. He also made a point of highlighting Women’s freestyle on Flipsider, an important contribution in this male dominated sport.

Eli also helped push the level of the sport higher with his skill level, inventing no less than 32 unique tricks, ranging from 5 to 7 adds (See the list below). Some of these tricks have become standard, and are seen repeatedly in competition and circles everywhere. The guy was a beast with the bag, just watch… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHQrW6mNCuY

Eli was a huge part of Footbag for many years but more importantly he helped shape the sport through his videos, his website and his personal participation. Through his tireless efforts, he pioneered an era of marketing and presentation of the sport that made it more appealing to future players.

Footbag has always been cool. Eli Piltz made it cooler.

Here’s a list of the moves Eli invented:

5-add moves

Paradox Drifter Swirl (Paradox Swifter)
In-spinning Paradox Drifter (In-Void)
Ducking Paradox Drifter (Vertigo) [both sides]
Ducking Paradox Barrage
Spinning Paradox Barrage [both sides]
Spinning Far Double Pickup
Symposium Paradox Barrage
Symposium Gyro Barrage
Blurry Ducking Far Floating Pickup
Paradox Tapping Whirl
Paradox Tapping Drifter

6-add moves

Spinning Ducking Paradox Drifter (Morpheus)
Spinning Ducking Paradox Whirl (Maelstrom) [both sides]
Symposium Gyro Diving Whirl (Colossus) [both sides]
Symposium Tapping Symposium Whirl
Nuclear Whirl
Paradox Miraging Symposium Whirl (Paratoxic)
Ducking Superfly [both sides]
Diving Shaft [both sides]
Gyro Shaft [both sides]
Pixie Symposium Double-down (Pixie Dolomite) [both sides]
Gyro Motion
Spinning Ducking Floating Osis (Osiris) [both sides]
Blurry Ducking Osiris
Frontside Symposium RipWarrior [both sides]
Frontside Symposium SpikeHammer
Gyro Drifter Swirl (Vortex Swirl/Gyro Swifter)
Blurry Drifter Swirl (Blurry Swifter)

7-add moves

Montage [both sides]
Nuclear Torque
Blurry Floating Blender
Blurry Paratoxic

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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by Alex Dworetzky » 04 Apr 2014 08:42

Ryan Mulroney! dude's a boss...
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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by timvozar » 18 May 2014 20:31

To Footbag players worldwide,
The 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame final ballot is in the voting process as of 5/18/14 and ends 5/24/14, by the current Footbag Hall of Fame members. The top 5 nominations are Jan Struz, Ted Fritsch, Eli Piltz, Eric Bartholomay and Lisa Monti.
Congratulations to all nominees!

Tim Vozar , Chairman of Footbag Hall of Fame nomination committee
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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by C-Fan » 18 May 2014 20:43

timvozar wrote: The top 5 nominations are Jan Struz,
Not sure if its too late, but here's my nomination for Jan Struz:

1. 2004 Worlds, Finals night for freestyle. Judging has been suspect all tournament, exemplified by Nate Linscott doing a 1 drop routine and not making the cut for semifinals, even though everybody who beat him had more drops. We're all watching finals hoping the judging is fair. Jan Struz is behind the judging table when Honza comes out to compete with the second seed. Before Honza starts, Jan pulls out an actual size Czech flag and starts waving it around. Vasek is the first seed. Jan does the same thing for Vasek. To their credit, Vasek and Honza justly finish 1st and 2nd. If they had done any worse, we'd all remember the judge waving the flag for his countrymen.

2. 2008 Worlds: Prague wins the bid for Worlds! As is standard for all winning bids, Jan says they have an indoor venue in case of rain. They don't. It rains. Jan says on the mic: "It's raining, but we're going to keep going...because we're not pussies!"

3. 2003 Worlds. Prague wins the bid, because they have the money for it. The money comes from selling weed at registration. Give it up for Footbag World Champs 2003!

4. 2008 Worlds: Takumi Ozawa, from Team Japan, makes Circle Semis. It's a big moment for Japan. Unfortunatlely, the rules change during this round, related to when you get a passback. Jan is on the mic, explaining the rule change to all competitors. Takumi doesn't speak English, so I translate the new rules to him in real time in Japanese. Hey! Jan notices this, and says on the microphone at Worlds: "Ching chong chang chang chong. The Olympics are in China this year!" Nobody laughs, I walk up to him, I tell him to shut the fuck up. To his credit (which really surprised me), he does. Jan does not get punched in the face. We all win.

Jan Struz everybody! Hall of Fame baby!

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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by Add Block » 19 May 2014 04:42

C-Fan: With all due respect, if you actually knew about all that he has done for our sport, you'd have a poster of his face on every wall in your house.

He may do controversial things, but he does them mostly on tournaments he himself initiates and organizes. I wouldn't play if it wasn't for him. I wouldn't have shoes, nor a bag, or somewhere to play during winter.

And when we have a tournament in Prague, his almost nonsensical microphone shouting is actually what gets the attention of people walking through the Expo. A lot of them stay, not to watch us play, but to listen to him.
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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 05 Jun 2014 09:46

Cool. Never met him... But Ken's comments sure make me think he's an asshole.

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Re: 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame Nominations begin 2/17/2014

Post by timvozar » 24 Jul 2014 11:04

Dear footbag players, family, and fans,
The Footbag Hall of Fame Historical Society (http://www.footbag.org/hof) is pleased to announce that the 2014 Footbag Hall of Fame nomination process is complete. The year for edibility for 2014 nominees is 1999. Thanks goes out to all who submitted a nomination and/or 2nd any nominations. This year 2 of the nominations out of 8 from the final ballot was inducted; Congratulations to Jan Struz and Lisa Monti! The other 3 nominations that made the final ballot had enough votes to be carried over to the 2015 final ballot. Congratulations to Ted Fritsch, Eli Piltz, and Eric Bartholomay.
Tim Vozar
Chairman of Hof nomination committee
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