Tips for Footbag Creatvity

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Tips for Footbag Creatvity

Post by Jorden » 15 Feb 2016 13:13

Tips for freestyle footbag creativity:

1) Assign NO value to moves or trick elements.
2) Base the difficulty of a move on how difficult it is FOR YOU, not an arbitrary system!
3) Completely separate yourself from outcomes of your trick choices (dada curve is not better or worse than ripwalk, reverse whirl no better/worse than whirl, stall is no better/worse than a kick etc.) Let's act mature and recognize that this is ACTUALLY a freestyle sport. No boxes.
4) Throw away all forms of (imaginary?) social pressure telling you to do the more common moves.
5) Play restrictive games that FORCE you to avoid common moves.

My favourite creativity game is "osis-rake-swirl". Every single move you do in runs has to end in either an osis, a rake (front and/or cross-body) or swirl (reverse swirl ok). Butterflies, mirages, basic stalls etc. are ALL not allowed. Start with 5 moves in a row with each of these elements included. Then increase the number of contacts. Then add more of a balance of strong side vs. flipside. Then add more contacts. Then try to balance out each type of ending trick in the run. Then add more elements (spins, ducks, dexes, sets, etc.) but always only end on either osis, rake or swirl. You'll end up thinking and playing brilliantly. Good luck. :) (PS post your videos of your attempts at playing this game!)
Jorden Moir

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Re: Tips for Footbag Creatvity

Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 15 Feb 2016 21:34

Really enjoyed this post. I played the Creativity Game earlier. Here's what I came up with:
Thanks for posting that, Jorden. It's helped me think more creatively already.
Nick Polini

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