Looking for people to rate the most common Freestyle shoes!

Discuss your gear and stitching and shoe modification in here.
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Looking for people to rate the most common Freestyle shoes!

Post by Fade2black » 04 May 2010 20:50

Scale of 1 to 10
Overall Usability of the shoe in Freestyle (with basic mods)


Looking to get a feel for what the community thinks of all the usable shoes
after reading Jorden Moir's shoe Review

G-Unit 8/10
Nucleus 7.5/10
Q3 7.5/10,
Lavers 7/10,
Adidas Clima 6/10

Brian Sherril Review

Lavers 8/10,
Nucleus 7.5/10
Q3 7.5/10,
Adidas Clima 6/10

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Post by Jazzkid » 07 May 2010 06:50

Climacools - 3 / 10 - These take too much modding and dont offer enough side to side ankle support.

Quantums- 8 / 10 made with cheaper materials than the others, but clipper is close to laver and they shoe is comfortable. It is really soft and you can feel the bag easy. I Wish this project would have progressed because I really enjoy playing in qs. I like that they are a bit wider than lavers.

Gunits-8/10 The most support of any of the shoes, also the heaviest. The clipper zone is huge Which is great, but also lends itself to sloppy form ( for anyone that already doesnt have great form). easiest shoe to play in

Lavers 8/10- standard shoe. easy to find. I think that everyone should start in lavers then decide if they want to move to another shoe. Now I play in these the most. I find it to be beneficial for players to use the same gear of the player that they try to mimic most. Since most of the top players in our sport have learn in lavers and their form has grown in lavers then that is probably the way to go.

Nuclues- 2/10 This shoe sucks. The only reason I give it a two is because the toe mod is better than most of the other toe spots. This mod can be done to any shoe. The shoe has zero support, and the clipper zone is horrible.
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Post by calemccoy » 07 May 2010 16:25

mesh adidas rod laver, modded to your unique specs. 10/10.
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Post by thedudeman » 11 May 2010 18:45

i like lavers, but i can never find a goddamn laver that fits me right, i swear ive tried every size and they all fit like shit, thats my main problem, plus i think the material on the sides is to thick after using quantums, it makes my feet feel numb when i use lavers, less control imo
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Post by Dawn Of Freestyle » 21 May 2010 20:11

Hey Connor,

Did the Quantums I sent you work out?
Sunny Dawn Freeman Genz

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Post by thedudeman » 21 May 2010 20:20

yeah there great! i didnt even see the dirt spot lol
thanks for the discount anyways
good vibes :) :D
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Post by MJK » 19 Feb 2011 20:25

Laver Millenium:11/10

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Post by Muffinman » 20 Feb 2011 00:48

I'd be interested to read reviews of Climas by players who've actually played exclusively in them for an extended period of time. I would never go back to a heavy, supportless shoe. Anything is a pair of rocks in comparison. With crap surfaces. There was absolutely no learning curve for me to switch to these, and there is zero break-in time with a new pair.

The mods are pretty intensive, yes, but once every year or two really isn't as much of a pain as it's made out to be [by non-Clima-players]. The side-to-side support can also be an issue, but I've rolled my ankle once in Climas, and, like, 20 times in Lavers (I've probably been playing about equally as long in either shoe).

I've only played in Lavers and Climacools, so I'm not too well-versed, but all the more reason to hear from players who are very familiar with Climas as well as other shoes. Tom Mosher, Matt Cross, Andrew Grant, Mikko Lepisto...

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Post by cd » 20 Feb 2011 23:14

Okay, I'll play the shoe rating game. A few things about my scores:

-If someone were to ask me today what shoe they should get, I would say Lavers. They're easy to find and they're perfectly adequate for playing. You won't be limited by this shoe, only yourself.

-I don't think there's an enormous difference between Lavers, G6, and Quantums. They're all based off the same basic design, and it's a winning recipe. I don't think there is much progress to be made with shoe design. There are some substantial differences among these three models, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Except when it comes to their availability.

-I am not counting cushioning or grip as a factor. I've never had a problem with support, and I think that good insoles and landing tricks well are enough. I don't think slippage on say, a gym floor can really be helped except by making the surface squeaky clean.

Quantum: 10/10
My shoe of choice. The main advantage over Lavers is that the footprint is wider, so it feels more stable to me. Lightweight and great toe & clip. They don't last very long before the sole wears down, but strictly in terms of playability, they're a 10.

G6: 9/10
Played in them for about 4 years before switching to Quantums. Same wide footprint for stability and balance. Perfect clipper, as good as Quantums. They feel a little bulky and heavy, especially toward the front of the foot. They last forever and make great comfy walking shoes.

Lavers: 9/10
Excellent shoe. Nothing about them will stop a player from reaching their full potential. I like the clipper a little less than Q's or G's.

Climas: No rating. Not enough experience.
I bought a modded pair from Jdigges but never seriously used them for freestyle. Lightweight, heavy modding, very hard to find. The toe is great: it's just a huge flat surface that forms a nice concave area when you point your toes up. That's all I want in a toe. No walls for me. The clipper was alright after using silicone caulk.

Nucleus: No rating. Not enough experience.
I've examined them closely and got to play in them, but haven't owned a pair. The clipper is bad. Not a fan of the toe, and I don't like the way they look. I hope the makers keep trying and come out with a 2.0.
chris dean

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Post by F[uns]tylin' Eclectic » 24 Jun 2011 19:17

Figured I'd get in on this..

Quantum: 10/10
My number one shoe for freestyle, hands down. I own at least one pair of all of these (except for clima). They were my first footbag shoe, then I tried out everything else, and switched back to Quantums. Now they will be my last footbag shoe. Great toe, great clipper, great soles (able to pull of sole and flapper tricks if you please), pretty nice heel delay area, nice outside delay area (more that able to hold a nice solid dragon, if that pleases you).

Lavers: 9/10
I'd say this is my number 2 choice. After 3 Quantums, these were my next try. I really do like them, but they're not as good as Quantums. Clipper is just not as good and they're a bit more rigid that Q's.

G-Unit: 7/10
I shredded these as one of my more recent pair of shoes. Maybe these shoes are better for players that don't have a whole lot of crank, but people have said I have "Crankles" and I don't think these shoes are good for people with a lot of crank in their ankles. Just my opinion. Some players can really rock them though.

Nucleus: 7/10
I've heard so much bad talk about these. I own a pair and I rocked them for about 2 to 3 months. Super light-weight, very flexible. I feel like if a player with bad crank got these shoes, they would hate them and want their money back. The clipper area is very small and it gets frustrating trying to pinpoint that exact spot. HOWEVER, when I kicked in these for that long period of time, then switched back to Lavers, I noticed my game improved a lot, accuracy-wise. So if you're going to use these shoes for anything... Use them to train in. If someone drilled in these puppies, they would be unstoppable.

Clima Cool: No experience with them
I've heard they would be one of the greatest shoes ever if the sole wasn't so weird. Matt Cross said it was easy to roll your ankle in these.
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Post by Jeremy » 29 Jun 2011 20:51

G-Unit - 9/10
The best thing about these is that have such good support - see Lavers review. Toe and inside are fine. They are heavy and bulky, but that's because of the improved support. I'd rather play with heavy shoes that don't mean I'm sore after playing.

Lavers - 6/10
Good toe and inside too, but much thinner sole and less support. This means you can move your foot faster, but at the compromise that I found my feet and ankles hurt after playing. I don't get this with G-Units.

Nucleus - 0/10
Poor toes, poor clippers, poor support and soles. One of the many things that baffled me about these shoes was the toe walls, that are cut away a little, but not enough to mean you don't need to mod the shoes just as much as with any other pair of shoes. The toe wall shape is entirely useless. The clippers are terrible, my running shoes have a better inside. If you want to argue you need "good form" to use them, you can argue that all shoes are good for footbag and teach "good form," or that the harder it is to play in a pair of shoes the better they are. That's rubbish of course. The only reason to use a particular pair of shoes for footbag is to make it easier than using your skate shoes. These also have worse soles and support than Lavers.

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