Panel thickness

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Panel thickness

Post by Jiawei » 09 Sep 2014 02:45

Hello, sorry if this has already been asked before. Let's say, I have a thicker and a thinner fabric. Would my bag be rounder if I use the thicker one for Pents and thinner one for Hexs, or if I just use the thicker fabric for both the Pents and Hexs. Thanks. I am in a rush to make a good round bag because I don't have one anymore.

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Re: Panel thickness

Post by Alf » 09 Sep 2014 09:19

You usually use thicker fabric for pents and thinner for hexes. That makes the bag more stally, while being stable in the air. But if you wnat to make a "round" bag, I'd do thick fabric for both, hexes and pents.
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