Bulk Footbag Sale

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Bulk Footbag Sale

Post by gdawg80 » 26 Oct 2014 11:28

Hey guys, last time I used this site must have been years ago (circa '05, maaaybe). Been keeping these bags around, but never using them. Figured they could go to a better home, and get a little dirtier.

Got 11 bags to sell, all professional stitchers. Custom ordered all of these bad boys. Don't remember the names of all of them, but I will list the ones that I do. About half of these aren't even broken in yet, just a little dusty from kicking too soon after washing.

Ordered from back, left to right.

- 8 panel Bearbag, filled with sand. Not facile. Softer material? I.... am still unsure I want to sell this one, because it's so forgiving, stall-wise.
- 6 panel filled with lava rocks. Forget the name of the stitcher. Bought because the stitcher vanished, and these were disappearing. As a bonus, it stalls and kicks like nobody's business.
- 4 panel facile Mr. Sandman
- unknown green and white 32 panel
- 6 panel, forget name of the shredder, but probably my favorite bag of the lot
- 32 panel red and orange Abshire
- 32 panel pink and grey Mosher
- 14 panel, unknown stitcher. Heavy, kicks well
- 32 panel, best looking bag of the lot. Kind of a fade pattern.
- 32 panel, pink and green
- 32 panel, leopard print and white, least used. I want to say Toby, but I'm not sure.

Annnd a Mr. Myachi, cause.

It'd be ideal if someone bought the whole lot at once. Would be willing to trade for camping gear, gift cards, etc. Price is negotiable.

http://modified.in/images/x/2014102613.jpg <<<<< Click for PIC

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