Jordan Alejandro : 2011 East Coasts Write-Up

Keep a diary of what you're hitting, what's frustrating you, and your goals.
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Post by Jordan » 29 Sep 2011 08:38

Doug, Im not going to college, I just live in the forked river area for now and I kick at the same park we last played at and inside my crib when the weather calls for it.

Mark, "smoked meat for the win".. Let's get together soon and kick, eh?

So, I started a new kicking "program" in which I'll be reworking my tiltless and getting all the tricks I love solid before I move on any further in difficulty.

I started working ATW both sides and both ways and plan to get my legs to be able to do DATW before I move on. I can already hit DATW one way, but I have good looks on 3 ways, just flip (out-in) might take a while. But anyways, I have noticed that it improves my pixies a whole heap, so it's good that I went back to this trick to rework it. I'll update this soon with my program layout and I would appreciate any feedback. Also, once I am done with this I will be updated my challenges thread so I can keep things interesting during the winter. Ya dig?

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