Symposium Atomic (Flailing)

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Symposium Atomic (Flailing)

Post by Iron Clad Ben » 05 Feb 2009 20:57

TOE SET > (no plant while) OP OUT [DEX][BOD]> downtime component

Did a search... no topic on this, really?

This is tons of fun, but I need help. Here's what I'm doing:

I've cleared this set, and sketchily hit frontside legbeater both sides. It all just doesn't feel right to the point where I can say I've legitimately hit the trick though. Symp atomic is still very mysterious.

My technique is basically:
1) Get a really good footing
2) Power up to explode into the move, kind of like the Pinkus "super jump" for flails
3) Begin a powerful but tight dex instantaneously after setting the bag

I know there are some modified peeps who don't post much any more (HG, qphox, Grommet) who are good at this, guys if you are reading this, pls weigh in.

TIPS PLEASE. Thank you.

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Post by jay7 » 06 Feb 2009 05:30

I can regurgitate some tips from Kevin, that I got at Worlds this year.

There is an incorrect, but easy way to do this move, that is not recommended. This is where your set foot is basically right under your dex leg, and you basically don't have to do any side->side motion to actually clear the dex. When learning this, this is extremely easy to fall into since doing the proper dex takes "chris pinkus" jump.

Also, you need supreme balance. The way Kevin made me do it, was to hold the bag on my foot for a few seconds, be completely balanced. Then do it again, and again, until I couldn't deny that I was a master of the bag at that point. Then he made sure that when I started to dex, my entire body moved sideways, and no other direction, to ensure a good looking, clean, and somehow still efficient dex was made. I warn again, against having a bad set because your set foot is too far underneath your support leg, so you don't do a genuine dex. Think of it like slurring a step.

The key is also, what you said. With this you really need to have an uptime dex, so that you can actually do a trick out of it. Like on a hard stepping trick, you need to get up and over that bag, and shoot your foot down to be a support, and have the bag still rising. If you start getting sets like this, getting a butterfly out of it, shouldn't, be a problem.

Also, there is a cool bit of advice Johnny sprinkled my way for sets like this as well. Where your posture, not just up or down, but right to left, is can help your balance. So, imagine that you are doing a symp mirage, and dexing it with your right leg. If you are leaning to the left, set with your left toe, and then try to get momentum to do a right leg symp mirage you are doomed. Just think about this while you are sitting in your chair. Now, imagine you are leaning to the right a bit, set with your left leg, and symp mirage with your right leg. Can't you see how much more control of your body you'd have? Symp atomic is a but like that. You have to find a good point, where your vertical posture is perfect *have you seen kevin play? that posture is epic*, but in addition to vertical being perfect, you can push your shoulders a small bit in one horizontal direction to help your balance. Watch some Johnny videos, and pay close attention to this and see how it can work for you.

I wouldn't say you need to have downtime flails for this trick, except in leg strength. The motions are just really different. I would say that you should have schooled normal atomic to the point it is easy. For example, Byrin. He can hit "atomic everything" just about on command these days, and just now he is starting symp atomic. Johnny, also the world record holder for half the atomic stuff, does symp atomic, and Kevin, best out->in toe dexer in the world does it.

That being said, there is no harm in some casual flailing fun, as the set feels badass. I demand that in one week from now I see this happen ;)
Jay Boychuk

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Post by Jeremy » 07 Feb 2009 03:50

I have always found this set to be easy. Apart from the tips that have been given so far, something that I find helpful with this and many other footbag moves - especially symposiums is to actually try and minimise the height of the jump, but to lift your knee up high (like a tuck jump). So your head shouldn't lift off the ground very high, but your dexing leg should. You force your knee up hard and high and jump sideways (making sure you keep facing in the same direction). The advantage of tuck jump style symposiums instead of actually aiming for height is that your leg leaves the ground for less time, so you have more time for other components. However it's important to consider that there are some tricks where you actually need to try and jump highish off the ground - or at least that's what I'm told as I can't hit these tricks (I'm especially thinking of symp whirr and warp sets). For most others - a small jump with a high knee lift leads to tighter, sharper, cleaner and easier dexes.

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