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Post by peanutbuterboy » 18 Dec 2004 17:07


I skipped osis when I was learning my tricks...and now it is kicken me in the ass. I have watched every movie for it...and read everything but I just cant seem to do it. Any personal advice would be swell.
Luke Andrews

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Post by crazydwarf » 18 Dec 2004 20:40

well that depends on if your doing osis from your oposite clipper or from a toe. I find the ones from toe to be much easier so you might want to learn those first. From an opposite clipper set (like the ones you see on flipsider I think) you really need to have your left and right clipper down... that's pretty much all I can think of...
Dustin Rhodes

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Post by Shredfish » 27 Dec 2004 21:23

Hey Luke hopefully these tips will help.

Watch the bag!! Watch it all the way until it hits your foot.

Your support leg is very important, go down with the bag so it doesn't slide off.

What you want is sort of a "scooping" motion. What tends to happen alot (to me at least) is once you stall it, the bag flys off your foot. Make sure you go down with the bag and "scoop" it.

Osis is a usefull trick....oh....maybe you already know this but SCHOOL IT FLIPSIDE TOO. :D

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Post by Wim » 28 Dec 2004 04:32

Also stretch, it helps you get the ankle flexibility you need for osi. As far as osi are concerned, the best stretch is: crank one ankle so your sole faces inwards and put the toe tip of this foot behind/agianst/next to the heel of your other foot. Twist your knee inwards to make a 90 degree angle (the one toe tip still close to the heel). Now put slight pressure on the cranked ankle.

Be sure to "lock" the knee, so you're stretching the ankle, not the knee! Stop immediately if anything hurts; increase pressure only when you feel familiar with the stretch... I once jumped into this stretch too enthusiastically and hurt myself (and it still hurt more than a month after that! :x )

Still it's a good stretch tho :D
Wim Van Verre
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Post by Blue_turnip » 23 Jan 2005 05:41

If your doing it from from clip dont spin too early, that makes it difficult. Instead, make sure you set it straight up and pause a bit then turn, then delay - keep your eyes on the bag.
Oliver Adams

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Post by zachatree » 23 Jan 2005 07:12

i actuly did the same thing, and i understand how frustrating this trick is. you can watch 100 videos and still not understand exsactly how they are doing osis. learn from a cliper set, set the bag - spin away from it and at the same time hafe scoop/stall the bag with your other cliper. watch videos gives u a idea, but play them in supper slow slow mo and realllly study whats going on. keep your eyes peeled, watch videos and watch where the shreder is watching. you should be abule to see the bag at all times exsept for a hafe a second blind ness when it gose behind your support leg.

osis is fun :)
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Post by mc » 23 Jan 2005 07:13

crank your ankle like you would do an inside stall, then point your knee all the way in. This is your catch position.

to do a right foot osis, start with the bag on your left toe. set straight up to about belly height. as the bag is rising, start to turn counter clockwise (if you were standing on the face of a clock). as the bag peaks, put your foot into the catch position. As the bag falls, keep your eye on it, and let it fall past your right butt cheek. it should be headed for the catch spot, so stop watching the bag, continue to rotate your body, and bend your support leg a little bit with the catch. Sit and Spin, basically, with just a little spin into a clipper position.

practice this from both toes, getting the set lower and lower until this move becomes natural to you, then practice it back to back. Once you can catch your osises, hold them in clipper position after you've caught them so you're comfortable just standing with them.

I'd like to warn against the scooping motion. I think this leads to uncontrolled and bad looking osises, and makes them prone to flying away at the end of the move.

This way I've explained it is basically the Steve Goldberg method.

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Post by Tsiangkun » 23 Jan 2005 07:49

you do not want a scopping motion.

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Post by zachatree » 23 Jan 2005 08:31

and i tought my scoop was styleish :lol:

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Post by mahhkohh » 18 Apr 2005 08:46

hey i´m trying to learn osis right now,or better, try to make it clean,i get it sometimes sometimes not...just moments ago i tried the way matt was telling,and it magicly worked,at least for 2 times :roll: ...i think i will go on this way,caus whenever i think i have the bag now,it fly´s all over the room...its kinda frustrating :evil:

sooooooooooo:try matts way,worked for me,so why not for all the others....
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Post by Air » 18 Apr 2005 10:43

One thing that really helps in the beginning is that you try to do it as slowly as possible.

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Post by SandWraith » 18 Apr 2005 19:37

Besides doing it slowly (which is great advice), I also find that exaggerating the delay really works well. For example, with torques, holding the catch part of the osis really gives you a lot more control over where it goes in the end.
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Help me with my osis!!!!!

Post by Shredinger Z » 27 May 2006 08:46

Hi.. I have problems for do Osis... not for the catch.. that I use to do it.. the problem is when I throw it up... It doesn't goes up straight.. How can I correct this?

Mikel Oroz


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Post by Stefan » 27 May 2006 12:58

I do the exact same thing... help me too :oops: .

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Post by OCconfidential » 30 Dec 2006 16:57

k, here's the deal. i can clipper. i can mirage. i can butterfly. my butterfly stamina is getting there, so far, but its clean, and i can nail it. just working on keeping it going. ANYways, i need help with my Osis. Maybe technique, i dunno. I've hit it a couple of times, probably just luck though. my form is good, i've studied vids, even air Osis'd in front of a mirror. but i can't catch the bag! it always lands like, inches away from my foot! should i be checking my body placement?
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Post by beenjammin » 30 Dec 2006 20:36

Ha, I used to think I was destined to be the guy who couldnt do osis. Just practice thats all it takes. Of course you should be focusing on body position, as well as many other things I dont feel like talking about now. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful, youll get it. :wink:
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Post by OCconfidential » 31 Dec 2006 10:27

psh, nevermind! i guess all i really DID need was just oh say....three hours of practice to get it? but i got it.
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Post by footbagi » 31 Dec 2006 11:30

nice nice,

I'm workin on it aswell,

Mosher taught me some keys:
-the bag shouldn't move horizontally, only vertically, and your body should make the turn.
-also, don't "rake" or swoop catch the bag, its bad form i guess.
-practicing "air guitar" style to work on the form is IMPORTANT!

Hope I could be of some help. I watched Mosher get 200 sumthin the other day, half the world record 8O , it was wicket!!
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John Bagi

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Post by footymatt » 24 Jan 2007 10:53

ok new questions on osis....

I have hit these a few times, it doesn't feel like a mistake gone right, and my major issue is landing them more than once or twice out of ten tries. I've tried to practice them by doing a clipper then osis starting on the ss. I also seem to hit them more often when I set it from my right toe to right leg osis (with a plant after the set), but I can't seem to do the same on my left. In fact I don't think i've hit them on my left foot at all, but maybe from clipper (i can't remember i've been tryn' em' to long). John Mahood helped me nail one perfect for my first time, but since then it's lost to me. I've read around that I should be able to see the bag land on my foot but for me the bag dissappears about one or two inches away from my foot and I can't seem to change it. My wife, who doesn't do them, thinks I'm "to slow" when doing it. It's driving me mad!! like more than 6 months of practice here and there, and still only a little progress. I noticed how footbagi said the bag shouldn't rake, that might be my problem but how do I prevent my body from spinning away from the bag to soon? should I be able to see the bag all the way to my foot? Should I be doing a downward stalling motion as it lands? also he points out that the body should move and not the bag, could that be my issue?
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Post by Zeb Jackson » 24 Jan 2007 10:58

yes a downward motions is better, after you've caught the bag, and then move your hips to the other side, your body should naturally flow into the other side, atleast thats how i learned them, and i can do 50 in a row on average or so.

But i also dont think im the best example, maybe someone else could describe better how to do this.

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