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Post by Mgrant » 22 Jul 2009 02:19

Whats helped me with Mirage is this: Don't over think it. When you first try it out you have a tendency to throw your leg way up and hang there like MJ trying to get the dex right and that completely screws the toe delay that fallows. Don't knee yourself in the face. Relax.

Keys for winning @ Mirage:

~Set close to your body
~Practice the dex, you want to be dexing @ the knee
~Twist at your the hip, don't jump to the side, stationary is win
~Get that dex foot down ASAP

Also what helped me is not trying to stall the bag after the dex. Once it hits the toe bring it up as if to set again, and catch it in your hand. This will help getting into the habit for later.

Hope my advice helps!
Mike Grant

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Post by dotmpeg » 05 Apr 2012 13:26

What should I have learned before moving onto Mirage?

I can do:
>consistent toe stalls (with/without magic hop)
>consistent toe kicks
>strong-foot record of 17 in-out atw (can do about 6 consistently)
>weak-foot record of 4 in-out atw (can barely do 1 consistently)

Moved to Mirage thread --Erik (not a mod)

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Post by Muffinman » 05 Apr 2012 17:49

Mirage is a tricky move to advance to because it introduces an element that isn't present in more basic tricks -- "the magic hop". Someone should actually make a topic on this -- it would be handy for beginners, especially since it's difficult to explain in writing. I would suggest learning legover and pickup first. These tricks can be made easier with the magic hop, but don't require them, so it can maybe be used as a good transition to learn it.

Around the world in-to-out and pickup might be more valuable than around the world out-to-in and legover, since the in-to-out dex will be similar in mirage.

Actually, this isn't really pertaining to ATW anymore, so I'm going to move these posts to the Mirage thread.

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Re: Mirage

Post by Vraidave » 01 Feb 2014 09:31

Quick question, would a mirage set from clip also be xbd, making it three adds? It's easier for me than a toe set clipper which is doubtlessly 2 adds, so it seems backwards, but it just seems like you have a dex, del, and xbd. Footbag.org defines all mirages as 2 adds, but, idunno, it seems like if it's set from mirage, it's also xbd.
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Re: Mirage

Post by Jeremy » 02 Feb 2014 17:40

Far mirage from a clipper is "paradox mirage" and gets 3 adds (clip>same in>op toe). The third add is a paradox add. Near mirage is just a mirage and gets 2 adds. XBD add is only given to moves that end in a cross body position, not that start in it. So with the combo clipper>mirage, you only get one XBD add, as part of the clipper.

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