My left calf.

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My left calf.

Post by ashleyd » 13 Mar 2005 08:45

ok, ive had this problem for a while. My left calf always seems to "tighten up". It sucks so bad because i have to stretch it right away for the irritation to go away. sometimes i hit my calf too, that helps. it comes and it goes. and its only my left one. all iknow is that yesterday i went to the gym, and today its really bad. any idea how i should treat it? when i asked my friend he said i should drink more water and stretch it alot more often. maybe stretching alot more before i work out? i dunno. help would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by pips » 13 Mar 2005 19:19

Can you feel it coming before it tightens up? Sometimes that happens to me during awkward situations, and I can feel my muscles tighten up. I usually don't realize that I am tightening my muscles on my own until that happens and then I just relax before it happens; sometimes I am a dork and want to feel it and keep tightening...then I regret it cuz it cramps up and I am like AAAAAHHH! I guess I would say to try and be aware of it, and when you feel it coming, stop what you are doing and relax the muscle. Then figure out why it happens and don't do that anymore or for so long. I hope that helped some.
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