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Post by peanutbuterboy » 25 Mar 2005 08:39

I was trying to hit swirl and I would drop it into clipper and then try to do the dex and drop it. Then I would pick it up and do it again. This took me about 3 hours to finally get it down 100%, but when I woke up this morning my groin is killing me. Like where the top of your leg hooks into your pelvis. It is so sore to the touch and and any dexing hurts like hell.

Any tips to fix it, or will it just take time?
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Post by HooD » 25 Mar 2005 09:07

It's pretty simple, you overworked one of the main muscles that the clippers use. Try 3 hours of any same repetition and you will most likely get sore the next day. Try both sides, that way all your effort will be divided in 2, and you'll be able to footbag soon after cause you shouldn't be uber sore. Try some light stretches for your groin if it's tight and sore, all you have to do is just spread your feet out and then pivot your hips side to side and hold for a while.

Below are some links to some yoga poses I think would help the stiffness and soreness. You can of course modify them to whatever feels best for you, but that will give you an idea of which ways you should be bending.
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Post by Reid » 27 Mar 2005 11:29

Yeah i get the same thing, some people have said that it is my hip flexor, but thats not really important. Some advice would be to ice it after everysession, make sure to put a cloth between the ice and your skin to prevent skin damage particulary to that sensitive area around there. Also a stretch i find that helps is put the knee of the side that hurts on the ground, and the extend your other foot forward keeping it flat on the ground, and then lean your body forward into it until you feel the stretch. It's similar to the first yoga pose, but with your back knee on the ground.
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Post by King Monkey » 30 Mar 2005 00:58

I damaged my groin last year and it was no fun at all, i was out for like a month or more. Be sure to take a couple of days off to rest the injury, because just playing on it anyway will risk inflamming it even further.
I found that just rest, stretching alot, using Deep-Heat, Dencorub or other heat cream, and taking hot spas or baths, was really good.

If it persists for like more than a week or so, consider going to the doctor about it; mine gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs which helped it alot.
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