Footbag Google Classroom

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Footbag Google Classroom

Post by boyle » 04 Apr 2020 01:35

If you are working in any education setting, you are probably pretty tired of the sight of "Google Classroom" - but I think there could be some really useful tools on there for footbag. I've set up a Classroom if people want to join.

I've got some ideas and maybe people will be into it while they are stuck indoors.

I'll just copy a post I wrote on there.

Class Code is sspoark if you would like to join. Go to - choose Join and put in that code.

I have a few ideas that we could use in this Google Classroom. Some may be able to continue once people are allowed out and about.

- Online shred sessions - Link up with someone at a time and play together through video. Some people have already done this through Skype/Zoom etc. There is an option to do a Google Meet on here or you could just put a link to the meeting and others could join.

- Mini webinars (training tutorials) - (There is a function to also record these so they can be watched later) - If anyone is interested in doing a little coaching, let's say someone has an excellent atomic set, or great tips on drifter, they can give a short demonstration and others can ask questions.

- Mini webinars (player stories) - We have a top player have a bit of a chat about how they got into footbag, some success and challenges they've had in their footbag career and then have some time for questions.

Online contests - Maybe this is a bit aspirational, but I think there would be the possibility to run something like a Circle Contest completely online.

Please let me know if you are interested and if you have any further suggestions.

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Re: Footbag Google Classroom

Post by C-Fan » 07 Apr 2020 08:39

This is a great idea. I think people whose jobs are on hold would jump on it. For people who are still working from home it'd be harder to pull off, but maybe they could participate by sending in questions ahead of time, and watching the videos later? Good thinking outside the box Dan.

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