FTB drill

Talk about your big add moves and concepts in here.
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FTB drill

Post by Ohios1 » 29 Mar 2012 19:29

ok, ive seen it......... what the hell does it stand for? thanks.

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Rekordy Polski
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Post by C-Fan » 30 Mar 2012 09:09

I think it's "Future of the Bag" drill? That's probably wrong. Anyway, it's:
Reid wrote:Well, there is the FTB drill.

ripwalk>drifter>p whirl> blur>smear>dimwalk>ducking butter>spinning clipper> blizzard> double legover> tow whirl> pswhirl> repeat
I still haven't hit it. Beyond the challenge of remembering such a long drill, it's also tricky to step out of the PSW so late in the combo.

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Ian Brill
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Post by Ian Brill » 06 Apr 2012 05:02

Perhaps it's "front-to-back"?

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Post by CIC flurry » 06 Apr 2012 10:18

It was a secret for oh so long.

That is what it stands for Ken. idk if they called it that or if that's how I referred to it.

Reid and Eric S. used to challenge each other to drills and whoever would hit it first the other would buy him a blizzard. This one was worth a steak dinner.

I tried to do it in a week, and I would have gotten a blizzard but only got half.

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Post by Swizzle » 15 Apr 2012 14:15

Ducking butter or ducking clip? I was doing ducking clip.. I got half as well. Memory part wasn't a problem, just consistency and stepping out of ps whirl :P.. I'm gonna work on this one tomorrow.
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