Kenzo's awesome trick

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Kenzo's awesome trick

Post by C-Fan » 14 Nov 2008 15:49


At first I thought it was hopover ripstein, but it looks like he gets a dex before the ripstein. It looks a lot like frankenstein, but set from the other foot. I know Griese did something like this where the first dex was flailing, but this looks leggy. Regardless, it's an awesome trick. Osaka represent!

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Post by Tjuggles » 14 Nov 2008 18:00

OH!! I didn't know that he hit this!!

Kenzo has been trying this for like 2 weeks. I'm glad he finally hit it!

Yeah, you're right Ken. It's, well like he wrote, like a reverse symp. whirling ripstein. That's sick.

TJ Boutorwick

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Post by habitat » 15 Nov 2008 17:02

I "made up" this trick about 3 years ago. :wink: Props, it's hard as fuck to get that second dex. I haven't actually hit and sealed it myself. The inside symp. rev. whirling swirling set it really fun.
James Randall

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Post by Blue_turnip » 15 Nov 2008 18:18

Kenzo = good times.
Oliver Adams

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Post by max » 15 Nov 2008 19:30

huge props!
Maxime Boucoiran
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Post by HG » 17 Nov 2008 14:06

thats pretty slick. Definitely a different move than what I do (did)
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Post by taishi » 19 Nov 2008 08:39

Oh my goodness!!
I've never seen this before!Thanks shareing ken!! :P
Kenzo is awesome!

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Post by MarQuezo » 29 Nov 2008 10:00

Markus Ward

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Post by mosher » 29 Nov 2008 11:56

crazy!! I love new tricks.

Also, Osaka is home to several of my favourite japanese fixed gear riders. 8)
Tom Mosher

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Post by Radek » 01 Dec 2008 15:09

I want to see it with clpper set! :) Props, sick move
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Post by Wumbo » 10 Dec 2008 00:14

I want to see it with clpper set! Smile Props, sick move

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Post by mc » 10 Dec 2008 06:36

Wumbo wrote:I want to see it with clpper set! Smile Props, sick move
felix hit this a while back, called it felixstein (cause it was so close to helixstein)

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