Joulu2k16 Day XIV: How To Do A Show

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Joulu2k16 Day XIV: How To Do A Show

Post by h0ag3yb3atZ » 14 Dec 2016 12:31


Today’s video takes a turn away from the high dexual BAP romance we’ve seen so far. Sergio Garcia& Paloma Pujol Mayo show us whats good with world class doubles. Relax, take notes & tokes, pick your jaw up from the floor and give it up for Sergio. Notably absent from this vid is Jonathan Schneider, i'm quite confused why footbag is happening without him myself.
Day 14 keeds enjoy!

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Re: Joulu2k16 Day XIV: How To Do A Show

Post by Tjuggles » 14 Dec 2016 14:00

I enjoyed that video. I have taken notes (and tokes). Thanks!
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