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Post by BalinorNZ » 19 Jun 2006 01:34

Welcome to Balinor's Footblarg

I have been posting my shred session details in the BCS blog since the start of the year, and I have decided to move into my own blog. I will copy all my recorded shred sessions this year so far into this post for record keeping.


Name: Nic Bathgate
Age: 20
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Occupation: University student. 3rd year BSc, Major: Computer Science.
Music Preference: Hiphop and DnB, most rock and ska, Christian worship music, RnB and soul.
Playing since: Late 2003
Other interests: Video editing (see Australian Nationals 2006 Video), Computer games (mainly RTS), Programming (mainly in C).
I'm in a long term relationship with my other half Katie, we have been together for over 2 years and plan to marry when I can afford a ring.
I go to a local Apostolic Church and lead a life group of guys from uni through the student ministry.
Summary of my game at this moment (19/6/06):I decided last night that I like my style except I need to relax (especially my arms) more, especially on bops, my butterfly and osis are ugly because I can't do them easily, I need to do more atomic and stepping in my shuffle and my game would look cooler if my ducks were done higher and more consistently cleanly.
My game could use more drifters and dlos and I should put eggbeaters in more now I can do them, I also could do with midstring blenders to improve string variety. I need to learn normal whirls very well and use them with bops to give my bails more variety.
I need to use a bigger variety of spinning moves (ie not spinning clipper all the time) I would like to include spin osis, merkon and especially gyro mirage.
I need to do more illusions (pdx illusion).
On the bright side, my fairys and spins look good to me, my ducks are pretty consistent, when I do them my atomics look mint and my stepping looks good to.

Yeah, that's pretty much me.

Videos I have made:

The first footbag video I ever made (Omg I can’t believe how crap that was :?)
Australian Nationals 2006 Video
Modified Online Footbag Competitions
Australian Nationals 2006 Competition footage
My gallery where all my random videos go

This years shred sessions:

Jan 24, 2006
Solo Session 1: 30 mins (Total since 24/01/06: 30 mins)
Drilled: Clip set pickups (prep for whirls), Switch (prep for double switch)
Notes: Horrible session lol, stupid sunburn, hit double switch again on good side. It was a short lazy session, not surprised after already shredding several hours today.

Jan 25, 2006
Solo Session 2: 2 hours 30 mins (Total since 24/01/06: 3 hours)
Drilled: Clip set pickups, Switch, flip double dex, eggbeaters, started learning butterfly!!
Notes: 33 contacts of butterfly > pdx mirage, 18 consec infinities. Butterflys are coming along pretty well. Still don't know why i'm doing them :p.
Eggbeater bsos, too lazy to work more on it. Footed flip double out atw. 40 contacts of op clip > pickup. 7 contacts of switch > switch lol. Double switch a few times on good side, still no flip side. Can downtime whirl on flip side... the pickups worked.

Jan 26, 2006
Solo Session 3: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 4 hours)
Drilled: Butterfly, Osis, flip double dex, kicking, flip spins.
Notes: Somehow broke my osis and infinity records, not by much though. Infinity: 20, osis: 21. Got a pitiful 40 kicks. 4x flip spinning clip and hit a few spinning drills with ducking clips and infinities.
From the shred earlier that day: 7 atomsmashers, rubberman without butterflys. I will try hit it with butterflys soon.

Jan 27, 2006
Solo Session 4: 4 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 8 hours)
Drilled: Atw, datw, mirage, illusion, osis, stepping from butterfly, legbeater.
Notes: This solo session wasn't exactly solo, but me and Toby spent the time schooling our own concepts and helping each other so i'm treating it as a solo session. I don't remember anything that especially stood out, but I got legbeater good enough to hit bsos and hit 3 ripwalks in a row, I have a lot of trouble stepping from butterfly, I hit 20something contacts of stepping toe > ss butterfly rpt.
The best part was at the end when me and Tob decided it was time to get back to basics! We had turns setting new records for all atws and mirage and illusion. Mine are...
Good atw- in:27 out:15
Flip atw- in:7(rofl) out:12
Illusion- good:20 flip:10
Mirage- good:59 flip:55
Toby beat me at all the atws except flip out or something (he hit 37 in atw first try :?) and I skooled his ass with illusion and mirage :D.

Jan 28, 2006
Solo Session 5: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 9 hours)
Drilled: Fairy, basics.
Notes: Mainly fairy this session, couldn’t play too long because gf was there and she was getting board. I had to have a session today though!.
Fears: 17good 8Flip
Fairy legovers: 10 alternating?
Fairy ss mirage: 12alternating?
Fairy ss pickup: 15good 3Flip
Fairy clipper > pdx mirage drill: 30 contacts (finally!)
Beat flip in atw record: 9
Beat flip illusion record: 18

Jan 29, 2006
Solo Session 6: 3 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 12 hours)
Drilled: Infinity, bops, whirls, guiltless.
Notes: Toby got 25 infinities, and I declared that it was a fluke, he argued that he just doesn't try most of the time. The I hit 25 infinities, and he proved me right by trying for half an hour and not getting over 20 again :) heheheh owned.
I have been taking my bop(I use the word bop to mean easy 3's instead of butterfly-osis-pdx mirage) drill more seriously, and I hit 19 contacts of it (Osis>Infinity>Ducking clip rpt). That was a nice surprise.
We hit our sick3s and sick1s at the start of the session. I didn't try very hard and hit some pretty easy entries, but I still like them. Toby actually had to try for once to hit a sick3 lol, he normally flukes it first try :p.
Toby helped me a bit more with whirls. I hit whirl bsos, pdx whirl and 3 whirls in a row on good side. Still much work to be done :D.

Jan 31, 2006
Solo Session 7: 4 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 16 hours)
Drilled: Legover, Pickup, osis, fairy, atomic, ducking butterfly, infinity, whirl, bubba, atw, eggbeater, switch.
Notes: Toby hit like 17 pickups and criticized my flip in-atw, so I hit 42 pickups :D, then I hit 33 legovers first try and couldn’t be bothered trying again, i'm surprised I didn't get more than pickups.
I hit 42 contacts of legover > out-atw rpt, and Toby hit 37, which infuriated him. Also 40 contacts of op clipper > ss legover rpt was a pleasant surprise.
Somehow 76 contacts of osis > ss clipper rpt, but only hit 17 osis today.
Hit 12 contacts of fear > fairy ss mirage rpt, need to work on flip fairy ss mirage.
New atomsmasher record... 8 :). Also tap > atomsmasher rpt for the 2nd time.
I hit 27 infinities, my new record. Also ducking butterfly > infinity > infinity > ducking butterfly from both sides, and ducking butterfly b2b :D.
Whirls were next, whirl > ducking whirl rpt, then I tried tapping whirl and hurt my knee, end of whirls for the day :(.
Stopped for half an hour to shower (in an attempt to subdue the horrible chaffing! Damn those lined shorts!).
Toby hit whirl war 1 :D that was super cool. He also hit ducking butterfly > whirl rpt :O.
I hit 18 contacts of bubba > ss clip rpt, and then a few eggbeaters on each side. Flip eggbeater is feeling much better.
I hit like 10 switches and a few double switches on my good side, still no cigar on flip out datw, or flip dbl switch :(.
Highlight of the shred was probably my second ever 5add bsos, F***ing butterfly :). (The first was fairy ducking osis).
Things I didn't do that I should have: Blender, torque, butterfly > pdx mirage, flip spinning, GYRO!

Feb 01, 2006
Solo Session 8: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 17 hours)
Drilled: Butterfly, osis, whirl, double atw, tiltless.
Notes: We played with Toby's new wonder bag yesterday, and today I couldn’t play with my own bag because it sucks compared to that beast from yesterday. So I got like 10 osis, and after ages of trying (and a random call from Alex lol) I hit a pathetic 13 butterflys :(.
I managed to get 37 contacts of butterfly > pdx mirage, which was disappointing, I got over 30 a few times which meant a lot of wasted energy, and I wasn't feeling to hot because I had just eaten a lot of Asian food :(.
Had flipside fairy ss whirl off my foot, couldn’t get 2 whirl in a row on flip though. Got 4 whirls in a row good side :). Whirls are improving.
I'm finally getting the dexs right for out datw on bad side! I footed it a bunch of times but tired myself out too much to hit it. Flip double switch will be mine soon!

Feb 02, 2006
Solo Session 9: 3 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 20 hours)
Drilled: Butterfly, osis, whirl, ducking butterfly, drifters, ducking osis, tiltless.
Notes: Today was the first really crap session i've had this year. I would describe it as gut wrenching, I achieved some things, but I had to try so so hard and battle my body and the weather to succeed.
Me and Toby had another team solo session, we played in town because we were waiting for Katie to finish work so we could go eat buffet (unlimited spring rolls, sushi, desert and coke! WOW).
It was a bit windy and cold, and we were playing in public, and I never like schooling in public. For some reason, my infinities totally went to crap since yesterday, it took me all day to get them back, and I still only hit 20, Toby hit 30 :evil:.
I don't normally try very hard on osis, because I don't like it, but I hit 17 alternating, and I hit ducking osis > ducking butterfly bs, ducking osis > infinity > ducking osis, stepping osis > alt clip x5, stepping osis > infinity rpt. My spinning osis still SUCK.
It got pretty windy and my legs were totally dead and my moral plummeting, so we moved round behind the library, this was also a good excuse to escape the 15 year old groupies that kept badgering me and Toby. First they came up and asked me if I would come into the clock tower with them to 'ring the bell', I of course said no, the door will be locked. They disappeared into the tower, and returned minutes later to tell us that the door was indeed locked. They then proceeded to asking us continually to change the music we were playing. They saw system of a down written on Toby's t-shirt and she said "I like system of a down!", and we happened to be playing a system album. She then proclaimed, "this music sucks! Can we change it?" :lol: ahh 15 year olds.
Right so back to the shred, I tried for literally over an hour to hit as many 4adds in one string as I could, but I had no energy, and my legs wouldn’t go past the first few contacts, I kept hitting the first link and then dropping on a pdx mirage or something :cry:. I finally ended up hitting fairy ducking clipper > ducking butterfly > spinning pdx mirage into a string with both blurs, both blizzards, both atomsmashers and one side ducking osis :D That's 10 4's in one string.
Toby hit his first reaper, it was massive, I was jealous.
The highlight of the day was my FIRST ever 5>5 link! Fairy ducking butterfly > pdx blender :D Totally random, but such an amazing feeling.
At the very end of the 3 hours, I thought right, I am going to try mobius ONCE on each side and then stop. I ended up trying it 4 times, and I hit it on the 4th :D YES MY FIRST MOBIUS! That move has evaded me for like a year. Still no flipside :(.
Typically, I didn't stop when I said I was going to, I went for tiltless record (also typically I did this when i'm totally screwed :s), I got 64 2nd try. I can only do better tomorrow!
Edit: Oh I also hit 36 contacts of butterfly > pdx mirage, damn it! Every time I get that far (most of the times I try) I am too stuffed to try again after :(.

Feb 03, 2006
Solo Session 10: 4 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 24 hours)
Drilled: Butterfly, tiltless, DRIFTER, osis, whirl.
Notes: Apart from the warm up and the last half hour or so, this session was almost exclusively drifters (inspired by Jamison). To warm up I hit 73 contacts of mirage>pickup, 42 of illusion>legover, 45 contacts of butterfly > pdx mirage and 32 infinities (Toby later took the infinity title back from me with 32, the blighter :x). Also hit a lame 12 osis :(, this was at the end when I was stuffed.
Drifters were a (literally) painful experience. I started off doing some drills, I hit toe drifter > drifter > pdx mirage rpt, pdx drifter bsos and pdx drifter > ducking butterfly bs also pdx drifter > ducking pdx mirage bs. Then I hit my new drifter record (4 consec) and finally moved on to fume. By this stage I was pretty exhausted and my stomach ached because I hadn't eaten since 10 hours ago.
First I went for fume BSOS, I hit it with toe stalls in between and it took quite a while, and Toby said "do it in a real string" so I did, first try :D.
I decided I would go eat as soon as I hit fume > ducking butterfly, which should have been easy, but in my state was impossible. I tried so hard it hurt, I would not give up, I finally put everything I had into trying to hit it, and as I went for the 2nd fume it felt like I tore a hole in my side :( owwww. I staggered and sat down and decided to forget the fumes and go eat.
After eating I came back and played another hour, drilled butterfly, osis, and hit 16 contacts of osis > butterfly > ducking clipper, everything was feeling pretty pathetic at this stage, so tired. I hit some whirls on each side, tried to work on bad side, and with a hell of a lot of effort hit 5 whirls on my good side :s. I hope I have a good session soon, because the kind i've been having lately are going to kill me soon!

Feb 07, 2006
Solo Session 11: 30 mins (Total since 24/01/06: 24.5 hours)
Drilled: Butterfly
Notes: Took far too long to warm up, I think I had a groin strain which needed a lot of warming before it would unstiffen (...that was not meant in any kind of sick way). I hit a pathetic 12 infinities, but enough for Anssi to see the problem, also a few drills of me stepping out of butterfly.
I will have a decent session with Toby today :twisted:

Feb 08, 2006
Solo Session 12: 6 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 30.5 hours)
Drilled: Ducking/spinning, butterfly, osis, fairy/atomic(half my concepts). Focus on: Stepping out of butterflies.
Notes:I spent over an hour on each concept which was good, so nothing was not given enough time. Warmed up for first half hour with tiltless and some kicks.
Then onto spins and ducks. Hit 20 ducking clippers, took a while to get these back (haven't schooled em recently), then I hit 14 contacts or so of spin clip > duck clip, and a few drills like merkon > butterfly rpt and merkon > fairy clip rpt, 5 consec spin clips on flipside, somewhere between 12 and 17 on good side (I forget).
Butterfly, I hit 20 infinities to warm up, also 12 contacts of Anssi's drill (ss butterfly > osis > pdx mirage rpt) and 17 of my drill (Osis > infinity > ducking clip rpt). Then it was on to stepping out of butterfly. I hit 4 ducking butterflies which was fun, and ducking butterfly > ripwalk bs. Then legbeater > blur > atomsmasher bs (not rpt yet). I managed to hit 5 ripwalks today, up from 3.
Osis was a pain in the ass as always. It took me far too long to hit 16, then I hit osis > ducking osis rpt which was fun as :).
I did my favourite fairy drill next, fear > fairy ss mirage, I got 12 contacts (old record) loads of times, and finally broke past and got 14, it would have been the 16 I was aiming for, but for no apparent reason I did a fairy ss mirage when I was meant to do a fear and screwed the drill up. AHH!
Atomic was last, I hit legbeater > pdx mirage > atomsmasher each side, couldn’t hit it rpt, was too tired by this stage for hard combos.
Lastly sidewalks, I hit ripwalk into and out of both my sidewalks, too tired to go for rip > side rpt though :(.
Hit over 30 tiltless a few times to warm down, then called Katie :)

Feb 09, 2006
Solo Session 13: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 32 hours)
Drilled: Whirls
Notes: Started out shredding a little to warm up, hit ducking pdx mirage > fairy ducking butterfly and a bunch of fun strings and links I don't remember.
Today was all about whirls. I didn't have long to shred so focused on one component :). I hit ducking butterfly > whirl bs, drifter > whirl bs, infinity > whirl rpt from both sides, 8 contacts of whirl > alt clip rpt, whirl > spinning clip > whirl (one side) and pdx whirl on my flip side and my good side again for good measure which was very pleasing.
The biggest achievement for me today was whirl>whirl on my flipside! Means I am finally controlling it well enough to set straight out of it. I also hit 6 whirls on my good side which I don't know if i've done before?
Oh and I hit pdx tap just to piss Toby off because he was trying to learn nuclear ;).

Feb 24, 2006
Solo Session 14: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 33.5 hours)
Drilled: WHIRLS, random stuff.
Notes: Started playing with blenders, hit pdx blender on good side today, and... FINALLY flip side blender!!!!!! YAY!
I hit eggbeater bsos which was nice, pretty much first try so it's good to know they are still there waiting for me.
Then... onto the whirls!!! I really wanted to do some drills to practice setting out of whirl, so I hit:
fairy butterfly > whirl > pdx mirage rpt
clip > whirl > blur rpt
8 contacts of infinity > whirl rpt
osis > whirl rpt
toe whirl > pdx mirage rpt
both pdx whirls feel much better now and I footed pdx whirl b2b at least once.
As for random stuff, I hit inside set quay bsos and inside set rev quay bs, diving ss legover bsos, diving pdx mirage bs :)

Mar 23, 2006
Had a shred with Toby for 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 34.5 hours)
(This is included because I hit a lot of new moves)
New moves:
Quantum legover
Slapping legover
Quantum osis
Slapping osis
Quantum Smasher (Quantum mirage)
Tripwalk (Quantum butterfly)
Pixie osis
Pixie ss osis
Alpine fudge (Fairy ducking illusion) both sides
Blender bsos
Osis > blurry whirl (I think?)
Pdx whirl > blurry clipper

Apr 06, 2006
Kicked with Toby today for 2 hours. (Total since 24/01/06: 36.5 hours)
I hit vortex first try and pdx torque first try which was nice, randomly I hit food processor twice in 3 attempts but was too shocked to catch either of them lol. I had bedwetter on my foot but set off in front of me. Also hit some other combos:
Fairy ducking clip > torque bs
Fume > torque
Torque > blur
Torque > butterfly rpt almost
pdx whirl b2b
New move of the day: Forque - fairy torque
I also footed fairy ducking blender, lol random.

Apr 08, 2006
I randomly kicked last night for 2 hours till 2am. (Total since 24/01/06: 38.5 hours).
I started out working on eggbeaters barefoot and hit eggbeater > fairy legover bs.
Then I hit some new moves:
Flipside Figbeater (fairy eggbeater) - barefoot and then in shoes
Spikehammer (alpine blur) - happened surprisingly quickly.
I then tried for like 40 mins to hit flip spikehammer, I was footing it every try for ages, I must have footed it about 30 times, but I didn't seal it DAMN IT!

Apr 10, 2006
Solo Session 15: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 39.5 hours)
Drilled: Drifters, whirls, atomic, eggbeater, torque, blender, butterfly, osis, ripwalk, ducking butterfly, ducking osis, ducking clip.
Notes: Covered quite a lot! Here are the main cool stuff:
23 ducking clips in small space first try.
4 ducking butterflies.
ducking osis x2 both sides.
ducking clip > spinning osis > ducking clip bs (my spinning osis SUCKS)
8 drifters
tap > atom rpt (not hard but my flip atomic is so crap now it made it hard)
5 ripwalks from each side
13 infinities :oops: (tried once)
12 osis (tried loads, man my osis suck)
torque > infinity > torque
eggbeater bsos
hit blender on flip lol
blender > pdx blender off foot on good side
3x whirl on flip, 13x whirl good side
New 5add: Flipside blurry whirl :D

Apr 14, 2006
Solo Session 16: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 40.5 hours)
Drilled: Osis > infinity > ducking clip rpt
Notes: Me and Toby both did this drill for like an hour, him using it to link guiltless and me to try learn osis properly. We both got something out of it but it didn't get much out of us, we hit a pathetic number of contacts each.
During warm-up I hit a string with fairy whirl and pdx whirl in it, but it was lame. I also hit a new 5add:
Atomic whirl (i'm fairly sure this gets x-dex)
New moves on Tuesday:
Gyro illusion.
Fairy spinning butterfly

Apr 18, 2006
Solo Session 17: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 42 hours)
Drilled: Blenders, osis, stepping ducking.
Notes: I started the night hitting fairy ducking clip > ducking osis > blender, which just made me wana shred way more.
To get warmed up I hit ducking osis > ducking clip rpt and ducking osis > osis rpt. Also went over my osis > butterfly > ducking clip drill a few times.
I hit eggplant > fairy ss blender and blizzard > fairy ss blender but nothing out of fairy ss blender but a hand catch :(.
I hit blender > blurry whirl but missed the hand catch, also hit pdx torque twice within 3 tries which felt good, learning osis properly has helped to no end, I also hit pdx blender first try and it felt really osisy :).
My flip blenders are feeling much stronger, I could hit them quite a big % of tries. I hit blender bsos again. I figured out I can spin out of my goodside blender so I hit blender > spinning clip and blender > spinning pdx mirage.
To finish the night I played with stepping ducking, footed flipside spikehammer but didn't hit it :(, I hit it on good side pretty quickly and then hit ripped warrior on both sides.
New moves: 2 new 5adds...
Fairy blender
fairy spinning pdx mirage :)

Apr 20, 2006
Solo Session 18: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 43 hours)
Drilled: Anssi's challenges
Notes: Anssi challenged me to hit a bunch of stuff on msn, here is what I hit:
Fairy whirl bsos (flip fairy whirl for the first time lol)
Blurry whirl bsos :D
Blender bsos
Pdx torque
Fairy gyro mirage > fairy spinning clipper
Flipside fairy gyro pickup > fairy spinning hand catch... doh
Alpine fairy legover b2b
New Moves: Flipside: fairy spinning clipper, fairy gyro mirage, fairy gyro pickup, fairy whirl.
Goodside: Fairy gyro pickup.

May 13, 2006
Solo Session 19: 4 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 47 hours)
Drilled: Ducking butterfly, guiltless, toe whirls, cool combos, blurry whirl, pdx blender
Notes: I hit...
16 contacts of toe whirl > pdx mirage rpt
21 ducking clips
osis > infinity > ducking clip into every string for about an hour (must get good at BOPs!)
Tomahawk (no seal)
Blurry whirl > spinning clip
A string with Blurry whirl, both fairy ducking butterflies and one fairy ducking osis (4 5's in one string, most i've done I think?)
ducking pdx mirage > fairy ducking butterfly bs
ducking pdx mirage > fairy ducking clip rpt
Some tripless, two strings I remember: fairy ducking clip > ducking butterfly > ducking pdx mirage > fairy ducking butterfly... and
ducking butterfly > blur > fairy butterfly > blur > fairy butterfly > pdx whirl drop :(
I think my tripless record is only 6 or 7, I should try and beat it.
I spent a lot of time doing (osis > infinity > ducking clip) rpt > string with some concept that I always forget to put in my guiltless strings (eg, dlo, whirl, pdx whirl, eggbeater).
About 20 unclean toe barrages (according to Toby)
8 ducking butterflies! Hahaha Toby! I'm in the lead again!
4xosis > 4xinfinity>(pdx mirage > fairy clip rpt)>pdx mirage > fairy legover > butterfly > spinning clip as my last string for the day :) (which means I can do bops with no energy left which is good)
New Moves: Try to blow the snot in my nose into a nice lump on the ground but end up with it all over my white shorts :(.
Oh and flip ps mirage lol, I just realised I have hit ducking ps mirage on flipside before I even hit ps mirage on that side :lol:

May 22, 2006
Solo Session 20: 2.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 49.5 hours)
Drilled: Everything (except eggbeaters damn it!)
Notes: I recorded everything I could remember on my pda last night right after I kicked so I can just copy n paste that now, how flippin handy is that?
My original intention was to shred guiltless and try get good strings, my first string was 18 contacts and I think it was the only string I did that night :wink:
I ended up (as usual) coming up with all kinds of drills I could do to work on things, I focused a lot of flip clipper (using flip whirl and flip diving clipper to improve it):
32 consec flip clippers (meh crap)
19 contacts osis>infinity>duck clip
Whirl > dive clip rpt x 2 (both sides, took ages on flip)
gyro clip > spin clip rpt (good for gyros)
Butterfly > blurry legover > fairy butter (stepping out of butterfly)
Dive clip > dive osis (used to work flip dives)
Osis > infinity > ducking butterfly rpt
Spinning osis > infinity > ducking clip rpt
Diving osis > infinity > ducking clip rpt
>>>>>>>Note to self: do bop drill with ripwalk instead of infinity...
Pdx Whirl > infinity > infinity > pdx whirl from both sides
Mini rubberman (legbeater>ripwalk>blur rpt) bs - first try on good side (didn't know how easy this drill is 8O)
Butterfly > gyro mirage > dlo rpt (working gyro out of butterfly, flip dlo)
Flog bs (was trying to hit it bsos, my flogs have degraded :()
Pdx Drifter > duck clip rpt (setting straight out of pdx drifter, missed the last duck many times)
Toque and blender bsos (maintenance)
I am very happy with these things because it means I have improved the 3 things that I need most: gyro, osis and stepping from butterfly.
New Moves: Just when I thought my game had gone down the tube and I would never hit a new move....
Flip vortex - Finally! Woohoo! Gyro is improving on flip :D
I also hit good side vortex a few times, felt pretty good.
Vertigo - for the 2nd time ever! It was such a fluke last time, this time I was footing it all over the place.
and then...
Flipside vertigo 8O 8O 8O and it felt as easy as good side, this is possibly the hardest move I have hit on my flip. Damn the felt good. (also my first new 5add in aaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeesssssss.)

May 31, 2006
Solo Session 21: 2.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 52 hours)
Drilled: Ducking, infinity, pdx whirl, guiltless, whirls, blenders, ripwalks.
Notes: Interesting session, started out just stringing and playing guiltless run length with Toby. The longest he got to was like 8 contacts and I hit 26 guiltless which included most of my concepts so I was happy with that.
Me and Toby ended up competing the rest of the day actually lol. Because of it I hit:
26 ducking clippers (new record by 1 :()
26 infinities (haven't done these in ages)
13 osis (ow :(, he hit 19)
4 pdx whirls (hahaha equalled Toby's record!)
5 flipside whirls lol
10 or so good side whirls (they are worse :()
3x ducking osis on good side, footed 3 on flipside
ducking osis > ducking butterfly rpt
I also hit blender bsos, pdx whirl > blur on both sides, blurry whirl > blur on good side, fairy ducking butterfly > blurry whirl 2nd try, way easier now.
I hit some good shuffle strings with atomic and stepping more than usual today and my fairys were feeling much tighter :)

Starting playing everyday here

Jun 05, 2006
Solo Session 22: 1 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 53 hours)
Drilled: BOPs, touched on everything else.
Notes: I hit pdx blender bs within a few attempts, that was the only thing worth mentioning about last night.
Felt tight chested the whole hour, maybe because it was so cold and I was pretty tired.
For the first time ever I actually couldn’t make myself try harder. I just couldn’t be bothered hitting the combos and when I did try I just got really exhausted.
Anyway... over 10 infinities, osis, ducking clip. About 30 contacts butterfly > pdx mirage. bs blender, torque, eggbeater, about 14 contacts of butterfly > blur, atomsmasher b2b, pdx whirl b2b, double legover > drifter bsos.

Jun 06, 2006
Solo Session 23: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 54 hours)
Drilled: Spins and ducks, fudge, toe whirl
Notes: All I can remember:
34 contacts of ducking clip > spinning clip - that felt good especially in my limited space.
fairy legover > fairy illusion rpt
fairy illusion > atomsmasher rpt
6 contacts of toe whirl > blur rpt

Jun 07, 2006
Solo Session 24: 2.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 56.5 hours)
Drilled: BOPs, touched on everything else.
Notes: Had a filming session so I won't spill too much of the beans, but things that the camera missed:
Fairy ducking osis > blur one side and fairy ducking osis > blurry legover the other side.
Hmm, i've forgotten everything else.

Jun 08, 2006
Solo Session 25: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 57.5 hours)
Drilled: Pdx whirl, bops, blender, pdx blender.
Notes: Started out playing in the kitchen n I was pretty stiff so warmed up with some BOP combos, trying to make sure I can hit everything out of everything really easily. Anyway, I hit:
blender > pdx illusion bsos (or was it bs?)
Pdx whirl > diving clip rpt
Blurry whirl > blizzard > fairy... toe (damn) on good side
Lots of blurry whirls on flip... (I just thought of a sweet sick3!)
Pdx blender on flipside like 4 times in a row 8O (not consecutively), I just looked at the form on my good side and tried to copy it and it worked!

Jun 09, 2006
Solo Session 26: 1.5 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 59 hours)
Drilled: Osis, osis, osis and more osis. Ducking clips, infinities.
Notes: It was jolly cold tonight, I could tell because I finished the shred and was able to put a t-shirt on immediately without soaking it in the process :?.
Osis is the most frustrating move in footbag.
I started out with a warm-up combo which I eventually hit:
Spinning osis > ducking clip > ducking clip > spinning osis > ducking clip > ducking clip > spinning clip > ducking clip > spinning clip > ducking clip > diving clip > ducking clip > diving drop... (meh close enough).
12 dexless, equal my record :roll:
Moved on to trying to hit a lot of bops:
10 infinities > 10 ducking clips > dropped on 9th osis... :x I hate osis.
I just worked osis > osis for a while.
Then I did osis > far osis and got 10 contacts? Average, was really gunning for 12.
Then I tried osis > osis again and hit 18, which is the most i've hit for a while.
Spent the last 5 mins on infinity and ducking clip:
24 infinities I think, haven't done consec in ages (note to self: do infinities every night!)
31 ducking clips, new record, they felt really easy which was nice because they have been a real struggle lately, I must remember to school these every night too.
I wanted to try some big combos but it was too cold to get warm enough + I was exhausted from little sleep + I am still recovering from the runs earlier today :?.

Jun 10, 2006
Solo Session 27: 1.5 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 60.5 hours)
Drilled: Bops, blenders, blurry whirls.
Notes: I hit a few solid blurry whirls on flipside, but then lost them :x, hit it first try I think good side, felt solid enough so I left it there. I practiced blenders for quite a while, especially flipside, I managed blender > infinity > infinity > blender which took way longer than it should have, but hey, practice makes perfect :roll:.
Tried to hit some torques, managed one unsealed torque both sides DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Flip I hate torques so flippin much right now, they are just totally gone, they take way too much energy and it just feels like I can't him them, even though my osis has improved lately. SCREW YOU TORK!
Ended with some bops, I hit 26 infinity, 14 osis, 26 ducking clips, 28 butterfly > pdx mirage and 26 fairy clip > pdx mirage I think, close to those numbers anyway, all of them were close to first try, wasn't really bothered to push the limits, pretty pleased with how the felt which is the main thing.

Jun 11, 2006
Solo Session 28: 2 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 62.5 hours)
Drilled: Bops, pdx whirls, blenders,
Notes: Finally! For the first time in age I hit new moves and felt improvement in my game last night :D
Started off warming up whirls, I hit merkon > toe whirl rpt and gyro mirage > toe whirl rpt.
Did some blenders, I hit blender > ducking clip > ducking clip > blender, only sealed it one side though.
Then I moved onto pdx whirls, new pdx whirl record: 6 :D
BOPs were pretty average, 15 osis, 24 infinity, 18 ducking clips, all were a little bit off, i'm not too worried though. I hit 18 contacts of osis > infinity > ducking clip.
I decided to school dlo and drifter so I hit pdx drifter > ducking clip rpt from both sides and pdx dlo > fairy ss mirage bs.
Also hit dlo > drifter rpt and 20 contacts of dlo > op toe rpt :D
New Moves:
Flipside symp whirl
Matador - it was weird, I have been trying to hit it on my left side and been close for a while, but last night I hit it on right side which i've never tried before and still couldn’t hit left side :lol:

Jun 12, 2006
Solo Session 29: 2.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 65 hours)
Drilled: Bops, fairy sets, stepping sets.
Notes: I played for an hour longer than intended, and i've forgotten heaps of what I hit but i'll try list some progress:
35 infinities (new record)
17 osis (bleh)
22 ducking clips (bleh)
19 contacts of osis > infinity > ducking clip
55 contacts of butterfly > pdx mirage (new record)
Spent the next wee while testing out the video function on my PDA.
17 contacts of fear > fairy legover rpt
8 contacts of stepping clip > blurry clip rpt
sidewalk > ripwalk rpt (man my stepping sets really suck!)
8 contacts of fairy butterfly > blur rpt
blurry whirl > ducking clip > ducking clip > blurry whirl (flip bwhirl improving slowly)
ducking osis > ducking butterfly > ducking butterfly > ducking osis (to finish with)
I didn't even think about new moves, spent way too long playing with PDA, I need to keep pushing my drills past 4 contacts to get any kind of consistency.

Jun 13, 2006
Solo Session 30: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 66 hours)
Drilled: Bops, whirls
Notes: I didn't have much time to kick and I had been sitting studying all day so I didn't feel like last nights session would be too good, but I surprised myself a few times :).
My first string of the night, I did some tiltless to warm up, and broke my record :).
New Tiltless record: 106 contacts
It may have been 116, I think I counted from 60-70 twice :? but i'll call it 106. I'm glad to have finally broken 100, it's been a goal for a while.
Infinities were a withered shadow of last nights record breaking performance, I managed 20 eventually :( doing over 100 contacts straight off the bat pretty much killed my legs for the rest of the night so it wasn't too surprising.
Osis next, broke my record, not by much though:
New Osis record: 24 - 3 more than previous record I set like 6 months ago.
Next I did ducking clippers, didn't expect much because of tired legs, but first try I broke my record by more than double 8O
New ducking clipper record: 60 - to a hand catch ;) (I was screwed)
Went pretty downhill from there, I tried to do midtime whirls like Vasek does, I hit 3 on my good side and 2 on my badside, I was appalled, I can hit 6 pdx whirls but can't break 3 whirls :( defiantly something wrong but by this stage I was too wasted to fix it, i'll school whirls again next shred.
Jorden Moir once told me, "Never finish a shred on a bad note", and I always try not to, so I hit a string to finish that had pdx blender and blurry whirl in it :D

Jun 14, 2006
Solo Session 31: 3 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 69 hours)
Drilled: Whirls, bops, string length
Notes: Well, the session was pretty average really, I find it really hard to adjust to shredding in public after soloing for a long time, and this happened today.
Toby straight off the bat hit like 45 infinities shattering my record by 10, then he was busting symple swirls all over the place, and reverse swirls like they were nothing, and he hit 2 new moves, twirl both sides :x, then to make things worse, he hit matador like first try, I hit it too, but it took me longer, I footed it a few times on flip too. Toby also hit some long consistent guiltless strings. The most annoying part of it all is that Toby never schools most of the moves he does, he can just do them :evil:
As for me, I played absolutely crap, all my strings sucked and I was dropping basic moves continually. The trouble with warming up doing drills in my solo sessions is that you can't be bothered/don't have time to warm up the same way at a shred which leads to the frustrating inconsistency I experienced today :(.
I hit a new 5>5, fairy ducking butterfly > spinning whirl. Worked on whirls a bit, they suck ass, I just can barely do them, tried to hit some long guiltless strings, the longest I got was like 26 which is flippin crap.
I'm back to feeling like i'm not improving at footbag :(.

Jun 15, 2006
Solo Session 32: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 70.5 hours)
Drilled: Whirls, bops, blenders, dlo.
Notes: Pretty productive night:
Pdx blender bsos.
Spinning blender first try
Ducking blender off foot :(
New 5>5 blurry whirl > spinning whirl, close to my first 5>5>5 now.
16 contacts of pdx mirage > dlo > butterfly - flip dlo much better.
I spent a lot of time trying to do osis properly, doing osis > spinning clip rpt etc.
I hit over 10 osis, over 20 infinity and over 20 ducking clips - couldn’t really be bothered as I don't think schooling consecs is improving my bops.
20 contacts of whirl > alt clip rpt
I want to get a semi consistent nuke set, it will be handy for sick3's.

Jun 16, 2006
Solo Session 33: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 72 hours)
Drilled: Bops, blenders, strings, kicking
Notes: Weird shred, I spent ages doing some bop drills like infinity > ss clip rpt and osis > ss clip rpt, and just doing blenders both sides.
I hit pdx blender both sides again, flipside was first try.
Unfortunately I kicked myself in the calf doing pdx whirl, still quite tender :( but that slowed me down quite a bit, my calves were pretty stiff anyway. So I decided to try to some strings, the longest I hit was 36 guiltless which is my new record I think, it's a bit of proof that my BOPs are slowing getting stronger, but it's not spectacular.
I spent the last half hour just kicking, practicing all the different kicks, it was boring as crap, but I gotta do it sometime.
New Moves: Flipside knee stall, flipside pincher stall - LOL

Jun 17, 2006
Solo Session 34: 1.5 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 73.5 hours)
Drilled: Blenders, Bops, fairy whirl, stepping, atomic
Notes: My calf was still a bit sore from kicking myself yesterday, but I played nonetheless.
After warming up I did some blenders just because I love them, they are so much cooler than torques.
I hit far osis > blender rpt and blender > far osis rpt.
Both pdx blenders.
Clip > blender > hand catch rpt x5 then I dropped on the 6th clipper :roll:
blender > ducking osis bs, (couldn’t rpt it :()
I then decided to work the old atomics and stepping sets, so I hit:
Rubberman - finally! First try from one side, other side took a while.
Then I worked whirls: Fairy whirl > pdx mirage rpt
Finished off with BOPs:
74 contacts of osis > ss clip rpt
66 contacts of infinity > ss clip rpt
22 contacts of whirl > alt clip rpt
20 ducking clippers or something.
Hmm I can't remember anything else I hit, so i'll leave it there.
New Moves: Triple switch....... with my hands :lol: (Hey it's still hard!)

Jun 18, 2006
Solo Session 35: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 74.5 hours)
Drilled: New moves, flogs, basic guiltless drills.
Notes: I finished studying at 5am this morning and hadn't played footbag that day, so I kicked from 5 till 6am, slept till 12pm and then sat my last exam at 2:30pm today.
I spent most of the time trying to hit a certain new 5add that I didn't end up hitting, footed a few times though.
I hit flog bsos (more like flog > toe > toe > toe > flog lol) and I finished the session with a few guiltless drills strung together like:
dlo > butterfly > pdx mirage rpt > drifter > ducking clip > pdx mirage rpt etc etc
If there was anything else, I don't remember it :)
New Moves: Well, quite a few new moves randomly :) was quite the exiting morning:
Flipside spinning ducking clipper
Flipside spinning ducking osis
Flipside fairy blender :)
Flipside food processor - :D The first 6 i've hit both sides, I also hit it good side first try which felt good :).

That's 2 weeks of footbag everyday so far.

This post is over 7500 words long, I wonder if it’s the longest post on modified…

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Post by *Jethro* » 19 Jun 2006 10:46

Yay, first post besides you.

It was great to have you in the BCS blog. It's up to Gareth, Hagesy and myself to keep it alive.

Catcha round bathgate
Hopefully back one day.

Jesse Malouf

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Post by BalinorNZ » 20 Jun 2006 04:02

Thx Jesse :)

Jun 19, 2006
Solo Session 36: 1.5 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 76 hours)
Drilled: Fairy ducking butterflies, kicks.
Notes: Last night was VERY frustrating! It was FREEZINTG and for some reason my shins and lower legs were really acheing (shin splints? I dunno). I was unable to drill anything really because my legs would feep weak if I leaned on one of them. Anyway I kicked for a while, tried to do some strings, and spent the last like half hour trying to force myself to play :x After trying for ages I hit fairy ducking butterfly > blur rpt, and that was it :(.

Jun 20, 2006
Solo Session 37: 3 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 79 hours)
Drilled: New moves, flogs, basic guiltless drills.
Notes: Kicked with Toby and Axle today at uni, was intending to film but stupid shins were sore again :evil: :evil: :evil: So we decided to film competition entrys. Pretty unsuccessful. Despite pain in my shins I managed to hit a sick1, Toby also hit a sick1 and Axle didn't hit his. Toby coulden't hit a sick3 and I footed 2 different combos but didn't nail either on camera yet :(
We spent the remaining few hours schooling various things, we raced to see who could do the most 4's in a string. Toby hit 5 stright off and it took me ages to get more than 5, I finally left it at 7. I coulden't figure out why I could hit so few when last year I hit 11 4adds in one string :x Then it dawned on me that I was playing tiltless then and i'm playing guiltless now, and I realised how fricking inconsistnat my damn bops are and how frustratingly crap they make my game :evil: :evil: :evil:
Then to put the cherry on the cake Toby beat my pdx whirl record by almost double, he got 11! 11 pdx whirls! WTF Toby!
Yeah, so very very average shred today.

Edit: Almost forgot, I hit 7 contacts of rubberman first try today, lol.

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Post by King Monkey » 20 Jun 2006 08:18

Ive been having some shin pain the last few sessions, not from shin splints, and its not really painful as such, just the muscles on the front of my shin feel tight, like overexerted... its weird.
Ian Pritchard -

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Post by james_dean » 20 Jun 2006 20:30

Don't worry man, now that you're playing again your BOP's will kickass soon. Props on fairy ducking butterfly > blur rpt :)

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Post by BalinorNZ » 21 Jun 2006 09:07

Thx Jamieson :)
Hope ur shins heal up soon Ian! Mine have!

Jun 21, 2006
Solo Session 38: 2.5 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 81.5 hours)
Drilled: Secret.
Notes: For the first 30 - 40 mins I warmed up. Then I turned on the camera and hit some competition entrys.
I already have a sick1 which is a 6add and is pretty well executed.
So I went for sick3, spent ages and hit it twice, there is something slightly wrong with both executions, but I cbf hitting it again. It was my first 5>5>5 :D!
Randomly I was trying a move that I got pretty close to yesterday, and by complete accident I hit it, and the camera was on :O.
The duck was very very thin, and I had a really good set out, but I just stood there and watched it lol so it wasn't 'sealed', but none the less it was hit... and it was my first 7add :)
You will see both in the upcoming online competitions!
New Moves: My first 7add!

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Post by BalinorNZ » 22 Jun 2006 08:23

Damn it...
You know what I hate?
When you go to the toilet and there is no paper there... but you realise AFTERWARDS
So i've just given birth to the great brown sea snake, and I got nothin to clean up his slimey trail with...
I really hate that.

Jun 22, 2006
Solo Session 39: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 82.5 hours)
Drilled: Nuke sets
Notes: Schooled with Toby, he helped me with my nukes and I was kinda close to sumo with one of my nuke sets and I hit my first flipside matador (well I don't really have a flip nuke, but it was the 2nd side I hit it on). Toby hit his first flip revup and hit it bsos in the sealing string, also hit first flip symple rev swirl (also hit it bsos in the sealing string :roll:)
New Moves: Flip matador

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Post by james_dean » 22 Jun 2006 18:05


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Post by gatapia » 22 Jun 2006 21:21

First 5>5>5, First 7.

They're both huge milestones, well done. Can't wait to see the video.

Also, so what did you do after you realised there was no toilet paper? The finger technique? The 'shake it off' technique?
Guido Tapia

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Post by BalinorNZ » 24 Jun 2006 04:05

Yeah it was pretty cool Guido :) When I realised my predicament, I waddled to the other toilet where there is toilet paper and finished it there :lol:.

Jun 23, 2006
Solo Session 40: 2 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 84.5 hours)
Drilled: Blenders, fairys, nukes, random stuff.
Notes: Schooled with Toby again, this time at like 3am after we got back from playing some Age of Mythology in town :D *nerd*.
Warmed up doing consec fairy stuff. Did some consec ripwalks, tried to hit long strings, but the bag we used was crusty and rolly, max was 19 contacts :(.
Did some blenders and hit blender > ducking clip > ducking clip > blender from both sides. Also hit pdx blender bsos again.
Played with some of the stuff Toby has been working on (hence the new moves).
Played with nuke set for a while, this time I played with hitting pdx tap doing the nuke set peaktime, it's really easy.
New Moves: Flip symple swirl (lol), far swirl (i've hit infinity swirl though so lol again), toe set symp whirl, flipside pdx tap.

I'm now off to fix up the mess that this month's competitions have become :(, two of my editors leaked their videos before the official release, one of them dissapeared for most of this month, and one of them took the job as a joke and his video resembles that... :(. It' really a pity, i've put a lot of work into the reputation of the online competitions and it's all but ruined now.

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Post by janis » 24 Jun 2006 04:17

Yeah, I saw the video, mega props :D

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Post by HG » 24 Jun 2006 07:20

Pwned. its not ruined
JSACK wrote:alright well me and obara'bars, shredded our dicks off, since we are both in high school, obviously there is some sort of talent show

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Post by BalinorNZ » 24 Jun 2006 15:20

Thx Janis, but I didn't edit either of the videos you saw :P

Jun 24, 2006
Solo Session 41: 1 hours (Total since 24/01/06: 85.5 hours)
Drilled: Blenders, osis, back set, being cold.
Notes: Very bad session. It was like 9am so grass was frozen and it was freezing in flat. That coupled with the fact that I didn't sleep last night (because of editing online competitions) lead to the worst session ever... but at least the competitions are finished :).
What did I hit? A whole load of osis > hand catch. Some blenders... some back stalls? Yeah.
I have realised that practicing consecs is pointless, it just gives me practice at doing a move the wrong way. Do the move > hand catch > think if I can do it more easily a different way > rpt is a much better option.
New Moves: Back set spinning clipper - Lol.

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Post by james_dean » 24 Jun 2006 18:30

Hey Henry - piss off.

back set spinning clipper!? :o sick! :P

That is a very good way to go with the trick > handcatch. I'm trying to figure out my whirls that way but its not going so well :(

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Post by cammel » 24 Jun 2006 19:02

BalinorNZ wrote:I'm now off to fix up the mess that this month's competitions have become :(, two of my editors leaked their videos before the official release, one of them dissapeared for most of this month, and one of them took the job as a joke and his video resembles that... :(. It' really a pity, i've put a lot of work into the reputation of the online competitions and it's all but ruined now.

sorry about the leak thing, didnt know it was such a big issue. Ill be back in a year, and will be happy to edit again then if you still need people. Bye for now.
Gray Chadwick

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Post by BalinorNZ » 26 Jun 2006 05:54

Thanks Jamieson, you're always encouraging :)

Gray - you can edit for me anyday buddy :) you're awesome!

2 sessions since yesterday:

Jun 25, 2006
Solo Session 42: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 86.5 hours)
Drilled: Osis, butterfly, being tired.
Notes: It was like 11:30pm when I started and I hadn't slept the night before because of editing competitions - so I don't actually remember much of what happened. I was so tired it wasn't funny, I drilled butterflies and osis by just going infinity > hand catch, decide weather it was good, rpt. Same with osis. I think I hit pdx tap both sides because it's fun, can't remember anything else at all.

- That is 3 weeks of footbag everyday so far. - (21 days)

Jun 26, 2006
Solo Session 43: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 87.5 hours)
Drilled: Kicking, nothing.
Notes: It was freezing again and Rob was over so I spent a lot of the time just kicking with him. I did hit predator again which was fun though, I thought I hit it flipside, but looking at the Aussie video I made, it was the same side, still haven't hit it flip yet! It took me like 3 drops which was good :) about as easy as fog maybe?

By the way if anyone didn't see the competitions, my first 7add was Gangsta party and my first 5>5>5 was fairy ducking butterfly > blurry whirl > pdx blender. Funny my first 5>5>5 woud involve 2 pdx whirl moves and a butterfly move when I learned both those things just the start of this year :roll: - they are op.

Hopefully i'll be having a good session with Toby tomorrow!

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Post by BalinorNZ » 29 Jun 2006 07:54

Jun 27, 2006
Solo Session 44: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 88.5 hours)
Drilled: Osis and butterfly
Notes: Average kick, was feeling pretty sick and didn't get into it. I hit pdx tap both sides for fun, but it wasn't much fun. Also hit food processor first try, but that is pretty easy these days.

Jun 28, 2006
Solo Session 45: 3 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 91.5 hours)
Drilled: BOPs, rubberman,
Notes: I had only had 4 hours sleep so I was pretty tired. Played with Toby at uni, did some filming but mainly worked on stuff. Took me ages to hit rubberman, and the sealing string was lame :? oh well.
I still can't bop for crap, a part from that I don't remember much that happened. I hit spinning blender for Toby since he hadn't seen me hit it, didn't take long, it took me much longer to hit spinning whirl which was disturbing :?.
Toby hit flipside torque screw and he can barely torque on that side. I think it's a pretty easy move but most people don't learn dyno like he has so they find it hard? I don't know.

I'm off to auckland tomorrow, just loading my PDA up with videos for the plane at the moment (I put the movie Tokyo drift on there so far :)).
I really hope I can kick everyday in Auckland for an hour, could be difficult since i'll be staying with Katie's family and they may not understand my need to play ;).

I'm up to 24 days and i'm about to go kick now so that will be 25.

I may not blog for the next 10 days while i'm up north but i'll try n write down any progress on my pda and copy n paste it into a post when I get back (to keep my record accurate). :)

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Post by BalinorNZ » 29 Jun 2006 09:50

Ok I just had today's session after making that last post so I will blog it now while I still remember it:

Jun 29, 2006
Solo Session 46: 1 hour (Total since 24/01/06: 92.5 hours)
Drilled: BOPs, eggbeaters.
Notes: I tried to warm up with bops, but I sware, my bops are getting worse with practice, it's the most frustrating thing ever :x!
I did a few strings, I think the longest (guiltless) was only 19 contacts, man that strinks. Everything is just off at the moment, I dunno why :?
I hit some eggbeaters for anssi, I hit both pdx eggbeaters but didn't hit bubba beaters (tried to hit it flipside but gave up).
Hit blender bsos a few times and hit pdx tap bs to finish off. Then I hit another new move...
New Moves: Flipside pdx eggbeater and pdx eggplant (lol crispy pdx eggbeater funnily enough) - neither seem that spectacular, though I have wanted to hit pdx eggplant for a few days now :)

Right, this is probably my last blog till I get back from Auckland...

So my blog will fall into sucktitude! Nooooooooooooooooo... oh well :roll:

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Post by james_dean » 29 Jun 2006 14:49

blah, I feel the same about some of my game :( oh well. I'm off to sydney for a week tomorrow :D yay! Have fun in auckland, try not to give into temptation to 1v1 katie in zero hour.

"It's a punk one!" - Auntie Val, after being shown a spikey footbag



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Post by BalinorNZ » 09 Jul 2006 23:22

I didn't solo at all in auckland, I really couldent due to the conditions we were staying it :?, it's a pity, I only got to 25 days!

I kicked 3 times up there, twice with the older Auckland crew (they are all around 30) and once with the young guys.

I won't post the sessions because I don't remember how long we played, what I hit when, and I wasn't really trying to improve, just shreding :).

Over the 3 shreds I hit:
Blurry symp rev whirling rake
Ducking flail
Spinning flail
Surging osis
predator (not new)
Blurry whirl b2b
12 dlo
20 fears
88 alternating clippers
pdx tap bsos
almost food bsos
rubberman a few times
Glaucoma b2b

The rest I can't remember :). It was a fun holiday, got to see lots of Katie and play footbag nad see old friends :).

I went to equippers church on sunday twice (morning and night church) which was very cool. I know the senior pastor (Sam Monk) and he was speaking both sessions so he got me up to demo footbag twice! Lol there were probably about 300 people there and I was wearing pants so I coulden't play very well, but I got good responce, and church was AWESOME! Man it's so pumpin up there :D

Anyway, back to daily shreding! Hopfully I can move enough to start tonight! :)

I almost forgot, I got a great pic of the Auckland crew before I left :)

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