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Frank Sinatra Lives

Post by Frank_Sinatra » 16 Apr 2007 10:00

Well, I think I'll need a place to post my lame-ass highlights, so here goes. First, a little bit about me & where I am with footbag.

I've been playing some form of footbag since spring '01, just circle kicking for the first few years. After about two & a half or three years one of my hack buddies discovered, and we tried to figure out wtf that was all about. Like baby chimps imitating their parents. We started to learn a few things; two-adds, easier dexes. That and a bunch of hacker moves were about all we had, but we thought we were the shit. Good times.

Then after college I briefly lived at my parent's house (Beloit WI, the classiest city in the Western Hemisphere), which mostly sucked. But I got a couple of my friends out of their video-game lairs to play on nice days. But I think they've pretty much stopped playing since I moved away.

In August '04 I moved to Chicago. I found CIC on but couldn't find them IRL. I did randomly meet up with some high-school kids in Millennium park one day, and we kicked somewhat regularly for a month or two. After a while I stopped trying to get ahold of them. One or two of them still play, and have come out to a couple of the CIC jams, which reminds me that I was just like "fuck these kids" and makes me feel like an ass. Anyway its cool that they still play. I'm just so fucking inspiring. :roll:

May '05 I had just deleted the high school kids phone numbers from my phone, and heard some music coming from Grant Park. So I wandered over there, and saw a hack circle. Man that was nice to find, like a hundred angel's trumpets erupting from my chest cavity. I ran over to the circle in my un-modded Lavers and jumped in ("like I owned the place," as Zeke would later say) and thought I was about to school these fools. Which up until then would have been a reasonable thing to assume. But then this guy in the middle (Zeke) hit a bunch of ducking flyers, and this other guy (Meinard) hit a bunch of ducking flyers, and I shit myself. Metaphorically.

So that's how I met CIC and came to learn how inferior my skills were (are).

In April '06 I was thinking of giving up on freestyle. I had like a week long existential crisis about it. Then I decided that before I could give up, I'd have to actually try. I started doing solo practice sessions, and slowly started to notice some improvement. I guess CIC noticed the improvement, or change in attitude, because in August or September of '06 they invited me to join the club. My first thought when accepting: "I have to get much, much better."

And that pretty much brings you up to the start of this blog.

Original highlights:

- Paradox DadaCurve (Saturday)
- Ducking Far Osis (Sunday)
EDIT: One other highlight - DATW, but wearing pants, unmodded lavers, and using an un-broken-in Sipa Sipa. Then I tore off my Hulkamania t-shirt and body-slammed a security guard.

Longest Strings (not just repetitions of a single drill)

:arrow: Tiltless - 61 contacts
:arrow: Guiltless - 47 contacts (all bops!)
:arrow: Tripless - 3 contacts

Drills - Personal Bests
:arrow: butterfly> infinity> osis> pdx mirage> rpt - 40 contacts
:arrow: alternating osii - 48 contacts
:arrow: infinities - 22 contacts
:arrow: butterfly> pdx. mirage> repeat - 40 contacts
:arrow: symp mirage> butterfly> pdx mirage> rpt - 33 contacts
:arrow: butterfly> infinity> osis> rpt - 26 contacts
:arrow: butterfly> osis> osis> rpt - 42 contacts
:arrow: ss butterfly> osis> pdx mirage> rpt - 9 contacts
:arrow: alternating toe stalls - 143
:arrow: alternating clippers - 29
:arrow: same clipper - strong - 31 - weak - 20
:arrow: ss clipper> op clipper> rpt - 45 contacts
:arrow: ss clipper> osis> rpt - 68 contacts
:arrow: mirage - 21 contacts strong, 19 contacts weak
:arrow: legover - 30 contacts
:arrow: pickup - 19 contacts
:arrow: pixie - 40+ contacts
:arrow: mirage> legover> repeat - 33 contacts
:arrow: ATW (outward)> pixie> repeat - 42 contacts
:arrow: clipper> near pickup> op repeat - 39 contacts
:arrow: clipper> far legover> rpt - 26 contacts
:arrow: fairy - 12 contacts
:arrow: pixie ss clipper> osis> pdx mirage - 16 contacts
:arrow: terrage - 4 contacts
:arrow: paste - 3 contacts
:arrow: pixie legover - 15 contacts
:arrow: ducking clipper - 13 contacts
:arrow: fairy> illusion> rpt - 20 contacts
:arrow: illusion> pickup> rpt - 16 contacts
:arrow: diving clipper>osis> rpt - 10 contacts
:arrow: drifter - 6 contacts

Symple Pickup
Symple Legover
Heel Delay
Sole Delay
Cross body rake
Ducking Toe
Symposium Whizz (strong side only)
Paradox Whizz
Paradox Mirage
Paradox Illusion
Symposium Dragonfly (strong side only)
Drifter rake
Paradox drifter
Whirling heel
Reverse whirling heel (strong side only)
Paradox Whirl
PDX Whirling heel (strong side only)
Cross-body heel (strong side only)
Legover Heel
Refraction (strong side only)
Symposium Pixie
Symposium Mirage
Paradox Mirage
Paradox Illusion
Double fairy (strong side only)
Double Legover
Paradox double legover (strong side only)
Eggbeater (strong side only)
Double Pickup
DATW (both directions, both sides)
DATW heel (inward, strong side)
Double Guay
Reverse Double Guay
Butterfly heel (strong side only)
Double Over Down
Barfly (strong side only)
Dada Curve
Paradox Symposium Mirage
Paradox Dada (strong side only)
Motion (strong side only)

Pixie Same Clipper
Pixie muted clipper
Pixie same xbod rake
Pixie Op Clipper
Pixie Op heel
Pixie same heel (strong side only (?))
Pixie ss Pickup
Pixie same side Mirage (also muted version)
Pixie Whizz (strong side only)
Pixie Whirl (strong side only)
Pixie op Guay
Pixie ss rev Guay (strong side only)
Pixie ss Illusion (strong side only)
Backside Smear
Backside Pixie Same Mirage (strong side only)
Pixie cross-body heel (strong side only)
Pixie Ducking Clipper (strong side only)
Pixie Same Osis
Pixie op Osis
Smoke (strong side only)
Assassin (strong side only)
Smog (strong side only)
Pixie same Dada (strong side only)
Phoenix (strong side only)
Pixie same dyno (strong side only)
Pixie op dyno (strong side only)
Dimmiest (strong side only)

Stepping far heel
Stepping ss heel
Stepping ss osis
Stepping ss clipper
Stepping ss rake
Stepping legover
Blurry symple legover
Blurry symple pickup (strong side only)
Stepping ss mirage
Backside Blur (strong side only)
Blurry Pickup
Crispy Torque
GYBAS (strong side only)

Toe ss Grifter
Fairy Legover (strong side only)
Fairy ss Mirage (strong side only)
Reverse Magellan (strong side only)
Fairy Same Osis (strong side only)

Atomic ss pickup
Legbeater (strong side only)

Paradox tap (strong side only)

Ducking Heel
Diving Heel
Ducking Clipper
Diving Clipper
Weaving Clipper
Ducking Legover
Ducking Pickup
Ducking Mirage
Ducking ss Mirage (weak side only)
Ducking Symposium Mirage (strong side only)
Ducking Paradox Mirage
Ducking Butterfly
Ducking Butterflier (strong side only)
Ducking Dragonfly (strong side only)
Diving Butterfly (strong side only)
Ducking Osis
Diving Osis
Ducking PS Mirage
Zulu clipper
Zulu osis
Zulu rake
Zulu butterfly
Diving mirage
Diving pickup
Diving rake

Spinning Clipper
Spinning Toe
Gyro clipper
Gyro mirage
Spinning butterfly

Challenges - Completed challenges in red. Abandoned challenges in yellow. Obviously there is a talent show and I need to work on some of these.
Zac Miley wrote:Atomsmasher, Legbeater to runs on both sides.
Barfly (b2b?)
Every single variation of Legover, Pickup, Mirage bsos (toe near, far, clipper near, far). Add Illusion too if that's too easy.
exudedex wrote:Challenges:
4.Right clipper>far legover> mirage>right clipper> same side legover>left clipper>far legover> mirage>left clipper> same side legover>right clipper>mirage>inout ATW>left clipper >mirage>inout ATW

1.Clipper X26
2.Butterfly X10
2.Ducking clipper X6
3.Ducking butterfly X2
1.legover> same side tap legover> repeat X2(eight contacts)

1.Toe ducking toe X 10
3.Toe ducking legover X 4
2. In ATW> pickup> out ATW > pickup>out Atw>pickup>in Atw>pickup
2. Same as above but legover instead of pickup.
CIC flurry wrote:challenge:
pixie (no plant same foot) clipper
ducking legover
pixie (no plant same foot) clipper >ducking whatever
Chim-Chim wrote:i challenge you:
:arrow: butter > osis > pdx mirage > rpt both sides
:arrow: infinity > infinity > osis > rpt starting both sides
:arrow: butter > pdx mirage > rpt x 4 (10 contacts)
zjeezy wrote: whirl> ducking clipper> rpt
spinning clipper> ducking clipper> rpt
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Post by Zeke » 16 Apr 2007 12:00

HG wrote:Cons:

Nathan (well, technically he's an "ex" convict but we all know its only a matter of time)
Frank_Sinatra wrote::lol:

Actually, I was never a "convict". I had to pay some fines, but...

But yes, it is only a matter of time. Before I go to jail for burning your hand off with a jar of acid. :evil:
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Post by Iron Clad Ben » 16 Apr 2007 13:04

Whoah I can identify with so much in your blog. Short stint at home after college, playing hack for several years and thinking I was good, finally meeting freestylers and being blown away, and of course the ever dramatic week long footbag existential crisis (which was coupled with the quarter life crisis for me)

I'm guessing by the timeline you're 24-25ish? (I'm 25).

Well dude it sounds like you have crossed all the tough boundaries.

Nice highlights. Don't beat yourself up about what you're not hitting. Being happy with your game is so important when it comes to your enjoyment of the sport. Footbag is only a competition when you're actually at a competition, otherwise it's just fun.

Keep drillin'! Start a challenge thread to get inspiration for new links, combos and drills to try. Some suggestions: instead of just consecutive legovers try to hit drill combos like legover > mirage RPT, butterfly > pickup > illusion > rpt, stuff like that for as many contacts as you can. That will help your overall linking ability and string length. It also makes drilling more fun instead of just hitting the same move over and over again. Good luck and have fun :)

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 16 Apr 2007 14:06

Nice pic, Zeke. After all, I am the guiltiest man in footbag.

Hey Ben! Thanks for reading & the advice. Good work - I'm 24, but will be 25 soon in a couple months.

I've started to throw in some mirage/legover rpt, mirage/pixie rpt, & butterfly/pdx mirage drills, too. Haven't gotten them quite worked into the regimen yet. And I've got a shitty weakside butterfly (for now) so that last drill can be de-motivating.

I fucking hate illusion. HATE. In giant neon letters.

But yeah, I know what you mean about keeping it fun. For me, just being outside and concentrating on something physical rather than cerebral is a good time & a way of releasing (some of) my pent-up rage. Hitting something new is very satisfying, but its the icing on the pepperoni cake. The first time I hit DATW was possibly the most satisfying moment of my life. Well, OK, that's ridiculous, but its up there somewhere.

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Post by quadgun » 16 Apr 2007 14:36

Frank_Sinatra wrote:I fucking hate illusion. HATE. In giant neon letters.

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Post by Zeke » 16 Apr 2007 15:44

I'm glad you started a blog.
I ran over to the circle in my un-modded Lavers and jumped in ("like I owned the place," as Zeke would later say) and thought I was about to school these fools.
Yes, your stride definitely had purpose to it. Almost like the hero of a movie (after a quasi-hip training montage) is rolling up to some poor dude ready to deal out a colossal ass whoopin with his soundtrack blasting in the background (Eye of the Tiger?).

Funny movie titles if the movie were about poop:
Fast & the Furious
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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 17 Apr 2007 11:06

Kamil - exactly. Its definitely three colors of hatred.

Zeke - I do try to stride purposefully whenever possible.

Too bad that real life was the opposite of a training montage. 2004 was a shitty footbag year, I barely played and probably regressed (to negative skill?). The video montage of 2004 would be me getting loaded, sitting on a couch, while "Love Hurts" plays in the background.

Anyway, if it doesn't rain I'll probably try to melt some glaciers after work. I think instead of the separate mirage & legover drills, I'll try to do mirage legover rpt X10.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 18 Apr 2007 06:12

Played yesterday in Millennium Park. It was about 50 degrees and I played for an hour & 40 minutes. I had a really good time & felt really good on the way home. It could either be described as :D or as 8)

So for the next few sessions I'm going to record some details of my drills, just to give myself a more accurate idea of where I'm at overall. You know, create a more valid data set than from just one session. Here's what I practiced:

ATW - both sides, both directions - X10.
Pixie - both sides alternating - X10.
Pickup - both sides alternating - X10
Mirage, Legover, Repeat - X10. I really like this drill. It took me 20 to 25 minutes to complete it, though. Got easier towards the end, almost hit 2 consecutively but dropped the last legover, twice.

Weak side clipper - X50. Don't know how much I'm getting out of this drill. I noticed my form is off (clippering knee is in front of support knee, on strong side its equally spaced or slightly behind the support knee) and this is probably part of my balance problem. I think I'm going to start freezing the clipper and trying to hold the position as long as I can. But I can do that in my apartment so I won't waste daylight/risk public mockery during my practice sessions. Might also change this drill up to alternating clippers X10.

DATW - outward** - 2/20. Lame.
DATW - inward** - 4/20. Equalling the total number of times I've hit it this direction.
Terrage - 2/22. Lame.
Smear - 11/20.
PLO - strong - 6/20.
PLO - weak - 4/20.
Pixie Pickup - 6/20.
DadaCurve - strong - 19/20. 8O Dropped attempt # 17.
DadaCurve - weak - 3/20.

I think I'm letting myself off the hook with the current rules. If I hit DATW on my first attempt then I know all I have to do is attempt it 19 more times, but I'm not really focusing on proper form & committing to the move. So, instead of one success or 20 attempts, whichever takes longer, its going to be five successes or 20 attempts, whichever takes longer.

Anyway after all this there was still daylight, so I worked on diving (its back) until I hit diving butterfly (its been too long since the last time I hit that).

Then I worked flipside pdx mirage, datw (both directions), terrage, & fairy. Hit 10 flip pdx mirages. The set is low and my form is reminiscent of a giant rooster. Flip datw wasn't even close, but it was end of session & anyway its gotta start somewhere. Terrage was slightly closer but I think it'll be a few weeks of work before I'm truly close to hitting these flipside two-dexes. Hit flipside fairy eventually, first time in several months (maybe first time this year?) then hit strong side fairy a couple times.

And there was still a little tiny bit of daylight left. I decided to shoot for a ten contact unique tiltless string, but only got to around seven on my better attempts. At one point I did clipper set mirage, caught it on right foot, and my right leg was like "yer dun."

I stretched a little bit, got a smoothy, went home & soaked my legs. Feel pretty good. Wish I could play today but it'll be too cold when I get off work.

**That's right. I'm changing it. Instead of Out>In, doesn't "inward" make more sense? And instead of In>Out, I use "outward" (of course). I was going to post about this in General Footbag & see what people think, but you know how Modified can be... dominated by dumbasses with nothing constructive to say.

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Post by CIC flurry » 18 Apr 2007 17:20

Too much wit and joke to quote.
I'm very happy to see you schooling like a mofo.
With regards to inward/outward: it makes sense if u consider only the last part of the dex (which is most important), but your leg does move in both directions. If you think of an inward dex while doing a move, do you start or end going inward (toward the middle of your body). If you think it means start inward - yer dun.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 19 Apr 2007 06:38

Thanks for the props, Tom. About the notation - I see your point (I think?)

I'm gonna break down my thoughts, using DATW as an example.

So this is DATW as noted according to TOE > SAME OUT [DEX] > SAME OUT [DEX] > SAME TOE [DEL]

If I'm understanding this correctly, the OUT notes the position of your leg, before the dex.

I don't think that where your leg starts is as relevant as the direction of the dex, in terms of comprehending or visualizing what the move is supposed to be in an intuitive manner.*

My notation would be something like this: TOE > SAME INwd. [DEX] > SAME INwd. [DEX] > SAME TOE [DEL]

I'm thinking about the general direction of the dex, relative to the vertical midline of the body, or the direction the leg is moving when the dex is made. I am not thinking about the totality of the movements of the dexing leg that are needed to seal a move.

When I imagine the move being done in slow motion, you're right, there's as much motion away from the vertical midline of the body as towards it. The same thing could be said about the 'outward' version of the move. And yet, these are still two different variations that would require a different notation - particularly evident if we were to move away from the DATW example (e.g. Pixie and Fairy).

I guess what it comes down to is I think the direction of the dex, when the dex is made, is more important than the starting position of the leg or the other motions needed to seal the move, at least with regard to the notation.*

I think my notation is more intuitive and would be helpful to newer players who are scouring the interwebs and trying to find their next set of moves to school. The downside is that experienced players are already used to the current notation & reversing a part of it could be too confusing to be valuable, since the whole point was to reduce confusion. Another downside would be footbag move lists would need to be re-written for this to even matter, and I don't know if the people who edit those lists have any interest in doing so.

Man, I've got to learn to express myself in fewer words.

* This is of course totally subjective and some players might find that knowing where their leg starts is essential to comprehending a move.

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Post by The Actual Sized E » 19 Apr 2007 07:06

I totally understand what your saying about the notation. Both ways of describing the dex make sense to me, but of course I'm a little biased towards the original way after using it for 8 years. I think if I had used the inward/outward method from the start, the in/out out/in would sound backwards and overly complex since to decribe the direction of any one dex both the words "in" and "out" are used. But I think being able to use the inward/outward notation in conversation without having to always follow up with an explanation will be next to impossible, and I think the benifits would be marginal as compared to the confusion it would cause which would be huge.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 19 Apr 2007 07:22

Yes... I should invent a time machine! :idea:

I agree that implementation & use on a practical level would be a beyotch, even a biznatch, and would probably make things more confusing. Which would be the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 20 Apr 2007 06:01

Shredding at Millennium (Willennium?) Park after work. Got a message from Freddie last night, he'll be there, too. Might call some other peeps - Meinard and/or CJ would probably be a good idea.

So, last night I started the frozen weakside clipper practices in my apt. That shit's not easy. Sometimes I'd have the bag on the ideal part of the inside surface, and could hold it for like 20 seconds, and then I'd get bored. Then I'd try swirl, which was laughably bad. More often it was difficult to remember to freeze the stall & I would unthinkingly set it back up.

That got boring, so I tried to do some other practices that wouldn't bother the downstairs neighbors. I practiced Pixie, Fairy, Atomic, Stepping, and Destructo sets. What's a Destructo set, you ask? Its like a blazing set from heel - and I call it Destructo because it hurts my tender right hip like a motherfucker. I think I'm done with it, but I'd love to see people with real skills starting busting it out. But don't hurt yourselves. Well, OK, maybe just a little, if you sing "Hurts So Good" by John Cougar Mellencamp.

So, my weakside stepping & strongside pixie fit the technical definition of a set. My fairies both sides do too, but they usually travel too far away from my body for me to hit anything downtime yet. More practice needed. Weakside pixie, strongside stepping, and atomics both sides are not even real sets yet, I'm hitting the dex peak time, or hitting the bag with my leg.

Anyway, really incorporating these into shred is likely a few months or maybe even a year off, but I figure it won't hurt to start practicing them now. Except the Destructo set, that will hurt tremendously. Like an explosion in your pocket. Gross...

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Post by Zeke » 22 Apr 2007 21:12


Funny movie titles if the movie were about poop:
Fast & the Furious
The Green Mile
Children of the Corn
There Will be Blood

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 23 Apr 2007 06:14

:lol: Thanks Zeke! Thanks for your help on Saturday, too!

I'm a little worried about why that hooker is putting on gloves... I sprained my ankle, not my colon.

So, here's what happened. I was drilling at Foster beach (Australian for beach) on Saturday. My legs were a little tired from shredding the day before, especially at the beginning of the session; I was feeling stiff & couldn't quite get into the flow of things, but this wore off as I moved through my drills.

I completed all my 2-add drills, adding alternating clipper X20 (alternating which side they started from, too). Then I got into my 2-dex drills. I changed it up so that I have to hit a minimum 5 of each 2-dex and do a minimum of 20 attempts. Here's how that went:

DATW - outward - 5/20
DATW- inward - 5/38
Terrage - 5/20
Smear - 3/7

On the eighth Smear attempt, I planted my setting foot after the pixie, but I guess I wasn't fully planted. When I went for the mirage, my ankle rolled over with all my weight on it & I collapsed, screaming. I heard a couple loud pops, too.

Long story short, I called a cab to take me to the ER & I got some x-rays. Its a sprain, no fractures, and everything will be fine in about a week or two. Once I finally got to the hospital I calmed down a lot, just getting there was a biznatch. And I got to explain freestyle footbag to this one cute nurse, so that was kind of exciting.

I'm going to try to learn some lessons from this - focus on the trick, not how many I've landed out of how many I've attempted; if my body is telling me its tired, let it rest; learn pixie symp mirage, and do that instead of Smear. :wink:

I'm bummed out that I won't be able to play for a little while, but its not so bad, really. I ordered new lavers yesterday, so they should arrive a little after I'm back on my feet. So it was perfect timing to mod my twill lavers. Modding them was not as tricky as I thought it would be. I didn't cut through the twill at all, using a razor blade to start the cut & then finishing it with scizzors worked really well - I picked that up from Holly's tutorial on modding G-Units - thanks Holly! I'll try to get some pics up in the next couple weeks, and I can't wait to play with them & let everyone know how awesome they are.

Also, I didn't shave off my moustache today. Hoping for a nice luxurious upper lip by Cinco - I should be back on my feet by then, too. I'm following Reile's guidance on this, sneaking it in as a goatee, then shaving off the goatee to reveal my nefarious plot.


I totally forgot about posting the highlights/write-up from Friday.

Freddie was already downtown for a photography award reception (or ceremony or something like that). Nice job Freddie! So we met up at Millennium park and this bitch of a security guard (the same one that kicked us out of the tunnel a couple weeks ago) told us we couldn't play by the Bean. I was kinda pissed off, because its just this one ignorant bitch who gives us a hard time, none of the other guards think its a problem. But I couldn't get too pissed off, because the weather was nice & I'd just gotten a huge raise that day. Yeahyuh.

So we kicked by the fountain on the North-West side of the park. Freddie's been schooling like a mad man, man. He hit some five or six contact guiltless strings and some cool ducking/weaving/diving stuff. I finally hit mirage :arrow: ducking mirage :arrow: mirage, and after like 40 tries hit ducking clipper to ducking clipper again. Umm, that's about it. Maybe some decent tiltless strings, but nothing new. It was a blast.

At some point during all that, Meinard called back but didn't leave a message, so I didn't call him back... CJ couldn't make it on short notice, I told him I'd call him about weekend kicking activities but then I got injured and forgot about it... Dow Industrials up 15 points....

Then Reile called to see if I wanted to go to the Heiruspecs concert. Hells yeah! I love the Heiruspecs, for the last four years their music has always been there when I needed it. And I look damn sexy in the t-shirt I bought. The opening bands were interesting, too. I started getting into Agents of Change, but then they would do something awful, like this really bad freestyle the lead singer did. Basically a good hardcore band that isn't sure how to be a hip-hop band yet.

Abstract Giants were better than the last time I saw thim, but I still think the MCs aren't that great. They aren't all that distinct from the million other underground rappers, have very little stage presence, and when I can understand what they're saying its nothing notable. "Keep on moving in motion"? Uh, yeah, that's what movement is, dumbasses. Glue was good, I think he's really talented, but some of his lyrics are kind of corny IMO. And of course the Heiruspecs were fun to see again.

Alright, long-ass edit complete.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 27 Apr 2007 06:11

Here's a little injury update & Cinco update.

My ankle is feeling better the past couple days than it did on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues, when I was worrying that I might need to get an MRI & see exactly what is going on in there. Range of motion has increased, swelling is almost totally gone, and my limp is less pronounced. The pain is now localized to the ankle, instead of being everywhere below the shin. There's still a lot of bruising, and obviously I can't put much weight on it. So I'm about 40% I'd say. Hoping to be able to stop using the air cast sometime next week.

I'd like to be able to test my capacity to play before Cinco. Not sure if that'll happen or not. I'm thinking one short-ish session late next week, no expectations, no drilling, just testing some things out three hours of stepovers. We'll see...


So Reile & I were talking about transportation. I think this would make sense: Reile & one passenger in the van with the camping equipment, then Tom drives Maryanne's car (or if Tom can borrow a car?) with the other peeps. Is this doable? What do people think about this strategery?

As far as I know, this is the list of people definitely going:
Reile (is Maryanne coming?)
Henry (won't be camping)

If you still want to go but aren't on that list, let me know ASAP, or we'll have to finalize plans without you.

It'll take about 2 & 1/2 hours to get from Chicago to the farm where the party is. We'll need to set up the tent, secure the shred spot - there'll be plenty of usable concrete space, but if we want more then I'll be doing a little impromptu gardening. Aint no thang. People usually start arriving in the early afternoon. So I'm thinking we'll want to leave Chicago around 10 just to be on the safe side.

Am I forgetting anything? Cabbage Poncho?,,2-20 ... _7,00.html

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Post by CIC flurry » 27 Apr 2007 13:40

I'm down for driving Marianne's car.

I've been growing this moustache for over a month in preparation. I think I need to coif it a bit. I was thinking of going for something like the dude from V for Vendetta, but my shit ain't wide enough. I'll figure out a style or just shave everything else and leave the bush solo. Then I'll eat a mango, and we can have a gay stripclub.

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Post by Frank_Sinatra » 27 Apr 2007 13:45


Sweet. I'm so looking forward to this. Fuck it, even if I still can't play by then, or can't freestyle, this is gonna be a good time.

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Post by HG » 27 Apr 2007 17:19

i might camp after all.

cant wait to see all you chumps! Are you going to stop by beloit on the way nathan? Make a guest appearance!
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Post by quadgun » 27 Apr 2007 17:56

Hey Nathan ... I'll let you know later in the week.
As of now I have Saturday off ... and I'll see what I can do about sunday.

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