2007 Worlds video

Footbag videos and footbag related videos such as takraw, freestyle soccer, etc.
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2007 Worlds video

Post by bcooke02 » 07 Dec 2016 03:14


I was so happy to recently find a few rough edit tests on dvds I made of a much more comprehensive video I shot at one of my favorite footbag/events of all time.

Unfortunately my original edit was lost but i do still have the mini Dv tapes. I recently devoted a good 24hours to resurrecting a short edit. The dvd backups have revealed a plethora of great video.

My apologies for my lack of perseverance with getting this out. My passion for footbag lost momentum after a serious ankle injury which took a while to mend.

I wouldn't consider this a finished video . I just wanted to get something out to the community quick. As you can see I was definitely picking favorites at times. I'm looking forward to including a larger variety of material which will include net, routine video clips, ridiculous sideline shred and late night shred at terra verda In future updates. That's all contingent on the success of all the media recovery.

Also if anybody has any fun video they may be willing to contribute from that sweltering adventure please pass it along so I can include it. Cheers
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Re: 2007 Worlds video

Post by Tjuggles » 07 Dec 2016 12:44

Awesome, thanks! What a time for footbag.
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Re: 2007 Worlds video

Post by Dio » 23 Dec 2016 10:42

Tjuggles wrote:
07 Dec 2016 12:44
Awesome, thanks! What a time for footbag.
totally, it seemed like everyone was pushing the limits.

now to find complete footage from the circle finals!

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