modified/footbag forums are still alive, but we’re making an effort to take the “footblogs forum” and actually do the concept of a footblog justice. The Footblogs forum currently has more than double the number posts than any other forum on the board. Other than the occasional die-hard posting in the videos forum or basketball nerds in arts & culture, it’s the only forum that’s actually been used for the past 5 years at least. Considering that it was also not added until several years after the forum started, and it becomes clear that the concept is popular.

modified/forum Footblogs are also a hack; forum threads are not “blogs.” They act as a kind of journal, but forum threads are not designed with this use-case in mind. Forum threads are the comments on blog post, but we’ve turned the comments into the blog itself.

One defining characteristic of a blog is that the posts are listed from newest to oldest. Forums threads are backwards in that regard, making it weird to have to navigate to the last page and start at the bottom to get to the newest content and scroll up to see what you’ve missed.

What we need is software designed to be a blog and then give each player her own blog. Instead of using a dedicated forum thread, each player gets their very own WordPress installation (e.g. https://modified.in/yourname). The primary, root-level WordPress site acts as a conduit for people’s posts across the network: tying all of the disparate blog sites into a single activity stream, we get the best of both worlds: silos for our posts where we have our themes and our own content, but there’s also a place where your posts are displayed for other members of the network and the public.

Given that this is all pretty basic WordPress stuff, we’re hoping that this project will be fully compatible and transferrable to any new developments that arise from efforts being made elsewhere, specifically Footbag Worldwide.