Another Thursday / Another Quantum Set


Last week was Distortion. So no footbag but lots of drinking and partying in the streets. Distortion is a celebration of Copenhagen street life and international club culture, “A week of Emerging Dance Music and Orchestrated Chaos”. With an estimated 100,000 guests per day, it is one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe. Distortion is a mobile festival: the week starts in the streets of Copenhagen – in the Nørrebro and Vesterbro district – and with the Distortion Ø festival, with 8-10 stages per day by the Copenhagen harbor. It was good times. Partying a lot with Lise the Legend. That is always a blast. Maybe I should start calling her that? Just Lise Legend. 

I did not get to see many shows but I did finally get a chance to experience Madlib live. A personal hero of mine. He played a 2½ hour DJ set on a sunny afternoon and it was amazing.

Meeting & Session

Yesterday the weather was classic Danish summer weather- a lot of rain. So we decided to take the shred inside. Before playing the royal family of FD (Kim, Nis and I) had a quick meeting of the board. Nothing worth sharing here was discussed.

One of the OGs Tobias showed and then Frederik showed up and we started playing. I played for the first half of the session with Kim. Then Frederik moved from the other circle to our circle. The first half was rough second half was better. Quantum and Steps was on.

A couple of highlights:

  • Gyro Mirage > Toe Sidewalk (hit good side footed flip)
  • Tripwalk > Blurry Legover [b2b]
  • Pixie Tripwalk > Run


Here is a digital painting experiment I did this week:

Weird digital painting experiment #digitalpainting #lady #wine #cigarettes

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2 thoughts to “Another Thursday / Another Quantum Set”

  1. Distortion sounds like a blast if you’re into crowds. I think being in a crowd of 100,000 people might kill me. I’m about to head out to go play, but I’ll try to watch the video laters 🙂

    There’s something I really like about your digital paint experiment that I just can’t put my finger on.

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