Sankt Hans

On friday all of Denmark celebrated solstice. In Denmark, the solstitial celebration is called Sankt Hans or Sankt Hans Aften (“St. John’s Eve”). It is tradition to have bonfires on the beach and have speeches, picnics and songs. A tradition of putting a witch made of straw and cloth is also common. FootbagDenmark was hired to entertain the kids with some footbag before the bonfire in a big park in Copenhagen.

Kim, Nis, Frederik and me did the job. We were playing on gravel and it was pretty much raining the whole time. Not the best conditions. But a bunch of kids and teens tried footbag for the first time and we were able to enjoy it.

Freestyle Workshop – Sankt Hans Frederiksberg 2017

Lidt freestyle-skole i parken for den næste generation. Tak for sangen til Kalle B @KalleBfanpage

FootbagDenmark 发布于 2017年6月25日

By chance the entertainment after us was a rap group for children called “Hip Som Hap“. My old friend Anna is one half of that group and they had a really fun show that the kids loved. A bunch of other old friends showed up to watch Anna do her thaaang and we all ended going out getting beers afterwards. Good times

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  1. Great job doing the demo, looked a bit wet out. I did a demo last year at a national team soccer game, it was pouring down rain, but it’s pretty rare we have those kind of games here in Canberra so had to make the most of it.

    Obviously I have no idea what the rap duo were talking about, but it looked like a lot of fun.

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