Lock Out Season

I played footbag yesterday with Mathias Blau and Andreas Hald. We played at our usual thursday indoor spot, but because of holidays there was no light in the room where we usually play. We decided to play in the lobby, even though the lightning wasn’t much better.  It was very hard to play but I was happy that we did anyways.  I footed Terraging Muted Clipper a bunch of times. That would be cool to hit. Here is a small clip from snapchat of Mathias:

As some of you have probably already seen Nis appeared on a Danish Children’s TV show. He did a great job.

FootbagDenmark on Danish Children's television

Nis Petersen has been on Danish children's television to show some Footbag skills!

FootbagDenmark 发布于 2017年6月29日

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