Last week I returned to Berlin to hang out with the homies, play footbag and party a bunch. The trip was amazing. I celebrated my birthday there with a rubber boat trip down the Spree and two rooftop parties. After Berlin I went to a techno-festival in the North East of Germany with some of the guys.

Here is every footbag I got to hang out with:

  • Angelo “Sexy Beast” Rendon
  • Matthias Lino Schmidt
  • Rene Rühr
  • Jakob “Alte Digger” Wagner
  • Yves “Krushed The Quiche” Kreil
  • Mikko “The Rasmus” Lepisto
  • Felix Flexx Vivaldi
  • Indiana Jonze Aka The Most Christian Name Of Us All Aka Verpeilt
  • Alex “ZooperSmooth” Michelewski
  • Anne “Schiiiikooo” Schikora
  • David Aka The Most Beautiful Boy in Berlin

That’s pretty good for a weeks work with no tourmanet.


If any of you ever go to Berlin you have to check out Jakob Wagner’s shop. It is an amazing place.

I had two sessions there. One at “halle” with Mikko, Matthias, Angelo and amazing freestyle footballer Philippe (great guy as well). Second session was an outside solo session with Angelo. I played decent enough for partying pretty hard the night before.

Here is a clip of Mikko from the first session:


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I posted a bunch of photos on facebook if any of you are curious:

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