A Session and A Jam

On August 1st I had session with Nis and Verena. None of us played that well, but I did have two highlights:

  • Pixie DLO (first try) > Run with both DLOs
  • Flip Ducking Symposium Reverse Whirl

Nis in action

FootbagDenmark Jam Dung

On saturday footbag Denmark had a little jam. A bunch of players showed up:

Troels, Peder, Mathias (+ girlfriend), Jan (+wife and kids), Andreas, Nis (+ wife), Nikolai (+ kid), Rasmus, Kim (+ wife and kids), Basse, Jasper and Søren

We had request contest, where me and Nis died in like the second round. That was a bit embarrassing, but atleast Nis joined me. Mathias of course won.

I did manage to hit one new trick during the day: Symposium Blink

Video by Nis

After playing real footbag we played some rounds of 4square while drinking beers. We haven’t done that in years and always really enjoy. Nis, Kim, Rasmus, Mathias and I each won a round.

After that we had pizza and many more beers. A great day and night with the footbag family for sure.

4 thoughts to “A Session and A Jam”

    1. She got some foot injury that never went away around the same time as she lost interest. She plays a lot of disc golf these days. She has even travelled to California a couple of times to practice and compete. She couldn’t come out for the jam, but she is still around and we still hang out. I think we are gonna go to a concert on friday.

  1. This was a huge session! great combos all around! Blurriest- Ripstein! 2 moves that i invented linked together woo hoo, thanks Asmus for this watch. i don’t know who is who but both Purple Shirts were killin it..! Yellow and green hits rev up both sides was cool, way to keep the freestyle flowin’ . i think i saw 11 double switch overs that was sweet!

    1. Thanks for commenting Rippin! You are a legend. Purple shirt with headband is Nis Petersen and purple shirt no headband is your fellow BAPster Mathias “Matrix” Blau.

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