Three Sessions in a Day

No, I did not play three times in a day – I am getting old guys. But for the first time in years there were three sessions going on in Copenhagen on the same day. Mathias and Nis had a session, so did Troels and Andreas and finally me and Kim had a late session.

Kim and I played at the spot where we have been playing recently. Right next to us there was some big guys practicing medieval fighting techniques (real swords and all). The sounds of that mixed with Kim’s electronic music and my playlist of current hip hop bangers was quite interesting.

Kim sprained his ankle a little during the jam on saturday, but he still played well. I  also played well. I think I am close to being back in footbag shape. I even hit three new tricks:

  • Eggbeater bs
  • Gyro Twirl

I re-did my personal website. You can check it out here.

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