Rainy Dayz

On rainy days I sit back and count ways on
How to get rich son, show and prove, ask my bitch
Stood up late nights, build with my a-alikes
We can pull a heist, snatch ice, or rock mics
– Ghostface Killah on Rainy Dayz

Yesterday it was raining, like it has been most days this summer, so me and Kim decided to take a kung foot athletics inside for a change. We played at Nørrebrohallen, where as some of you might remember we had Worlds.

It is funny how when you move your sessions from inside to outside, you are at first annoyed by the uneven surface, the wind etc. and when you move inside you are annoyed by the bad air and (for Nørrebrohallen at least) the noise.

Kim was not happy with how he played. I think it was okay. Short runs but he hit some cool links. Lots of fives.

I played a bit up and down. Some good stuff. Some bad. Almost hit Drifter [bsos] which I never do. Hit Atomic Reverse Whirl [bs] which might be new. Hit 10+ contacts of Pixie and Stepping shuffle. Hit Fairy Same Blink which is definitely new. Stuff like that.

We managed to play well over an hour.

It was raining like crazy, when we were done. So we had a beer before biking home.


4 thoughts to “Rainy Dayz”

  1. Good stuff with the consistent shuffle. That rain looks pretty intense – looks more like a painting. It’s been crazy windy here.

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