Putting bags on the board

I haven’t played lately since I have been down and out with a crazy flu. I thought I was gonna practice my routine for Danish Champs this past weekend, but all I managed to do was hit Far Symple Swirl with a sock.

But yesterday I had to crawl out of my cave, since we had a meeting of the board and then a footbag session after. We were Kim, Nis, Mathias and I and we discussed the upcoming Danish Champs, our facebook page, and FootbagDenmark as a political organization.

After the meeting, we were worried that we had to cancel the session since there was going to be a knitting festival in the room where we play. Yes, at knitting festival… They even have a hashtag – #knitworks. Luckily, none of the knitters was around, so we sneaked in and played anyways.

I played surprisingly well for having been sick and not playing for 2-3 weeks. I had some runs I was really feeling but no real highlights. Not as worried about Danish Champs now as I were before the session.
Nis wasn’t playing very well. He started going to a fitness center and now wants to become the Danish Alês Zelinka. Apparently, it is already hurting his game. Haha.
Mathias was playing well. He has this amazing ability to not drop, even when he tries to drop he doesn’t. The greatest example of this happened when he went for a Spinning Ducking Whirl and cleared the dex but somehow managed to stall the bag on his planted foot. That was crazy.
Kim looked pretty good. He got close to Whirr after some tips from Mathias. He should hit that soon.

We played with a new Macro bag from Marco Hartig that Nis bought. It was already super good. I will definitely by bags from him next time.

Here is a stupid song we played to:

Danish Champs is October 14th. It’s gonna be a small one this year, but I hope that means more Danes will dare to compete. I am competing in everything like always, except in request which I am doing the combos for this year.

I am also very seriously considering going to the German Footbag Championships in Berlin. That is November 18th. I hope I can convince my little brother to come along – I am sure that it will be the perfect first international tournament for him to go.The Berliners know how to throw a good footbag tournament!

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