The forgotten session

I completely forgot to write about a session I had with Kim last Tuesday. I was planning to have two sessions that week and just wanted to sum them up in a single post. But then I got a crick in my neck and never ended up having the second session.

The session with Kim was a lot of fun. We were playing around with 5 > 5 and hit Phoenix > Reverse Whirlygig and footed Pixie Sidewalk > Ducking Reverse Whirl (not a 5>5 but still pretty cool).

I also hit a single Torque, which I haven’t done in ages.

When we were about to stop we decided to both go for at least a 30 contact run. I hit a 40+ contact run first try with lots of 3s and some 4s. Definitely one of the best runs of my life.

I really need to prioritize to kick this week even though drunken mischief this weekend still got my body a bit fucked up.


Danish Champs 2017

On Saturday we had our annual Danish Champs. I woke up feeling sick and decided to scratch. Instead, I had the pleasure of judging everything. A couple of others were sick and didn’t even show up. Sucks for them.

In attendance were: Nis, Rasmus, Kim, Peder, Troels, Mathias, Rasmus, Nikolai, Jasper (and girlfriend with baby), and Søren Nøhr (with his pregnant girlfriend).

Your esteemed judges

After some setting up and warming up, the competition started with routines. The only competitors were Søren, Nis and Mathias. Søren and Nis were really close, but Nis ended up taking second place with Søren taking third. Mathias won without playing a great routine. This makes Mathias a 10 time Danish Champion! That is pretty crazy.

Next up was circle with Mathias, Kim, Nis, Troels, Nikolai and Søren competing.

We had two qualifier circles with the top two from each moving on the final. The final ended up being Mathias, Kim, Nis and Søren. Mathias won, Nis got fourth and Kim and Søren battled it out with an extra round for second place. Kim ended up winning that.

The final competition was Request. I did the combos. Mathias also won that. Total domination. Here are the combos if you wanna try them:

  1. Far Legover > Same Pickup or Far Butterfly > Far Osis
  2. Outside Stall > Pincher or Clipper > Reverse Wrap
  3. Osis > Same Illusion or Mirage > Pickup Inside
  4. Same Butterfly from Clipper > Symposium Far Butterfly or Symposium Mirage > Symple Legover
  5. Pixie Same Mirage > Pixie Same Mirage or Ripwalk > Ripwalk
  6. Legbeater > Reverse Whirl or DLO from toe > Ducking Mirage
  7. Blur > Paradon  or Drifter > Gyro Mirage
  8. Ducking Butterfly > Stepping Same Clipper or DATW > Pixie Muted Rake
  9. Dyno > Symple Swirl or Spinning Legover > Atomic Pickup
  10. Whiz > Muted Swirl or Quantum Legover > Eggbeater
  11. Zulu Clipper > Blink or Terrage > Toe Ripwalk
  12. Blurry Whirl > PS Whirl or Pixie DLO > Pixie Ducking Mirage
  13. Twirl > Far Symposium Reverse Whirl or Toe Barrage > Flail
  14. Fairy Ducking Butterfly > Bedwetter or Gyro Symposium Butterfly> Butterfly Swirl
  15. Stepping Far Muted Swirl > Nuclear Butterfly or Pixie Atomic Legover > Enterrage
  16. Flurry > Atomic Gyro Mirage or Grifter > Gyro Drifter
  17. Pixie Quantum Butterfly > Janiwalk or Marius > Ripstein

The winners and the losers

After that, we played some 4square (which Kim dominated), had dinner and did a lot of the usual shit-talking and joke-telling. We talked about changing our organizations’ name to FuckbotDenmark to get more members. I think that would actually work.

Finally went out into the night to rage. It was great to party with Jasper and Rasmus again. It’s been too long.

Walking home in the wee hours of the morning with Rasmus

Checking the shape

Style is the difference between a circle and how you draw it.
– Picasso

I played footbag yesterday with Kim. Just a short, chill session before Danish Champs this weekend – Check the shape, attempt a couple of Sick3’s and getting a bit jiggy with it.

Kim played really well. He even hit 3 new tricks. The first one was Symposium Reverse Whirl. The second and third was this trick with and without the blurry:

So sick!

I didn’t play very well, but I still feel pretty good about Danish Champs.

Tonight I am gonna go to a concert with Lise. We are gonna see Norwegian producer extraordinaire Cashmere Cat and our old friend ELOQ play. I once booked ELOQ to play at Danish Champs. He is a total badass.

Pseudo Secret Session

I decided to have a little secret session yesterday at “The Yellow Room”. However, when I got there Frede was already lurking around, as he wanted to test his key card. So I warmed up with him before he had to run back to his family.

I went to this session with two goals in mind – I wanted to practice my routine for Danish Champs a bit and I wanted to film a couple of new or recent tricks. But already during warm up, I had this nagging pain in my left butt cheek. I am fairly sure it was from an attempt on Symposium Quantum Atomic on Thursday, but it could also be from some drunken debauchery during the weekend.

I managed to play my routine through three times and they went fine. The song I have decided on worked well. I should be okay.

Hitting big tricks was pretty much impossible with the pain, but I did manage to hit one:

Still got tricks! #footbag #freestyle #hackysack #theyellowroom

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I have moved BSOS.IT to the modified blog family. The new address is and the name has thus changed from BSOS.IT to just BSOS. I did this for two reasons:

  1. To save some money on the domain and hosting (Thanks, Allan)
  2. Because I really want this blog feature on modified to be a success and it needs more content.

As always just let me know if you want to write something for BSOS or you could set up your own modified blog.