Pseudo Secret Session

I decided to have a little secret session yesterday at “The Yellow Room”. However, when I got there Frede was already lurking around, as he wanted to test his key card. So I warmed up with him before he had to run back to his family.

I went to this session with two goals in mind – I wanted to practice my routine for Danish Champs a bit and I wanted to film a couple of new or recent tricks. But already during warm up, I had this nagging pain in my left butt cheek. I am fairly sure it was from an attempt on Symposium Quantum Atomic on Thursday, but it could also be from some drunken debauchery during the weekend.

I managed to play my routine through three times and they went fine. The song I have decided on worked well. I should be okay.

Hitting big tricks was pretty much impossible with the pain, but I did manage to hit one:

Still got tricks! #footbag #freestyle #hackysack #theyellowroom

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I have moved BSOS.IT to the modified blog family. The new address is and the name has thus changed from BSOS.IT to just BSOS. I did this for two reasons:

  1. To save some money on the domain and hosting (Thanks, Allan)
  2. Because I really want this blog feature on modified to be a success and it needs more content.

As always just let me know if you want to write something for BSOS or you could set up your own modified blog.

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