The forgotten session

I completely forgot to write about a session I had with Kim last Tuesday. I was planning to have two sessions that week and just wanted to sum them up in a single post. But then I got a crick in my neck and never ended up having the second session.

The session with Kim was a lot of fun. We were playing around with 5 > 5 and hit Phoenix > Reverse Whirlygig and footed Pixie Sidewalk > Ducking Reverse Whirl (not a 5>5 but still pretty cool).

I also hit a single Torque, which I haven’t done in ages.

When we were about to stop we decided to both go for at least a 30 contact run. I hit a 40+ contact run first try with lots of 3s and some 4s. Definitely one of the best runs of my life.

I really need to prioritize to kick this week even though drunken mischief this weekend still got my body a bit fucked up.


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