Great session with Mathias Blau, Nis Petersen, and Frederik Mens yester. I knew it was gonna be a good one from the very first trick – felt like a Hacky Sack Millionaire.

I got to play with everybody but mainly with Mathias.

Nis played well even though he was complaining about groin pain, headaches and what have you before the session. He has started hitting the gym and I have a feeling he wants to be the next Alês.

Mathias wasn’t having one of his best days, but there was still some good stuff. A run starting with Jani > Jani with a bunch of 5s was probably the highlight of the session from him.

I did not get to play a lot with Frede, but what I saw looked great. I think he is close to a level up.

I felt like a million bucks for a big part of the session. Mathias also complimented my recent progress. Always feels nice. Gotta remember to stay humble though. Had some good runs with less 2s than usually but the real highlights were three new tricks:

  • Terraging Muted Clipper
  • Blurry Reverse Whirling Rake bs

I footed the first one a bunch of times before hitting it. It honestly doesn’t feel hard. The other one I hit on my third attempt on my good side and first try on my flip. Boom!

Other stuff

My GoPro camera got stolen the night of Danish Champs. Luckily, my insurance got it covered. I am gonna spend the money on a new phone. Since I need a new phone and its camera should be good enough for filming shred action. It’s not like I am banging out footbag productions these days anyways.

I live in cooperative housing (Danish: andelsbolig) and every year we have an audit, where we decide what our finances are gonna go to. The annual audit is on Monday and one of the suggestions got me excited. The idea is to set up an activity room in one of the basements. The room should include ping pong, foosball and so on. I am instantly thinking a year-round 24-hour footbag spot in my building. It is not like we are lacking indoor spots here in Copenhagen, but it would still be cool to have one that close and accessible. Fingers crossed.

Khoa wrote a great article for BSOS about Freestyle Football and Freestyle Footbag that you should read. You can read it here.

I have started blogging a bit about my creative endeavors on my personal website. You can check that out here.

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