Yesterday we had a little Christmas ball/footbag session to end the year right. A bit disappointed that no legends showed up but it was still a lot of fun. In attendance were: Frederik, Jan, Mathias, Nis, Kim and I.

The first half of the session I played with Jan and Frederik and for the second half, we all just fooled around in one big circle. Had a couple of decent runs in the first half. Mathias was playing well. I filmed a little bit, but I will sit on the footage for now.  I think I will try to film a little every session and then compile it into something larger later on.

After shred, we had some beers and played foursquare. Mathias won and I got second. I was happy with how I handled Nis and Kim but I still didn’t take the cake. Next time.

After that, we headed over to the legendary footbag bar Bankerot and had some more beers and some very big Fernet Brancas. I probably haven’t been there for over a year. I was happy that the cute bartender was still there and that she remembered me. That’s always nice.

My goals for 2017 was:

– Play footbag 52 times (Once a week average)
– 30 Infinities
– 75 Tiltless

I have played footbag 37 times this year so far. I hope to get to 38. Last year I played 41 times so a bit less, but I also “lost” a month because of breakup life chaos. I will transfer that goal to next year.

I might have hit 30 infinities. I definitely got a lot better at infinities this year. In general, I think I had a small level up.

Did definitely not hit 75 tiltless so I will transfer that goal to next year as well.

My goals for 2018 will then be:

  • Play footbag 52 times (Once a week average)
  • 75 Titless
  • 30 Guiltless

Merry Christmas and Hacky New Year yall!


The Big Moose

Yesterday I was having a rough day at work. I checked our top secret FootbagDenmark facebook group and Jasper had posted this masterpiece of me. Nothing like a little photoshop magic to cheer you. Thanks, Jasper.

Later I had a session with Kim “The Duke” Mortensen. We played at the spot from when we held Worlds. The red area outside that you have seen in many videos was extremely slippery due to the ice. People were sliding all over on their bikes. Dangerous but kinda funny.

We played for around 45 minutes. We were both tired from long days at work and there were some annoying kids running around. Usually, I am fine with kids playing around where we play, but these were super hyper and was running very closely around us. Did have two small highlights:
– Tap [bsos] first try
– DATW > Pixie Ducking Clipper > Far Symposium Rev Whirl > Run with the other Far Symposium Rev Whirl

Been listening to a lot of Flying Lotus recently. You should too.

Any Given Thursday

As always there was a session yesterday. However I was hungover and tired from a successful date, so I decided to not pack my gear and just show up and hang out. I convinced my little brother to come along for the ride. Kim, Nis, Frederik and Jasper was playing.

Jasper has had a problem with one of his toes for a couple of years now, but it is starting to get better so he wants to start playing a bit a see how it goes. It was good to have him back.

Kim looked really good and both Nis and Frederik also played well. Lots of dense shuffle from Nis, lots of 5s from Kim (like a Scorpions Tail out of the blue) and many good syteps from Frederik.

After the session ended we decided to arrange a little jam-thing on the Thursday before Christmas. Looking forward to that.