The Big Moose

Yesterday I was having a rough day at work. I checked our top secret FootbagDenmark facebook group and Jasper had posted this masterpiece of me. Nothing like a little photoshop magic to cheer you. Thanks, Jasper.

Later I had a session with Kim “The Duke” Mortensen. We played at the spot from when we held Worlds. The red area outside that you have seen in many videos was extremely slippery due to the ice. People were sliding all over on their bikes. Dangerous but kinda funny.

We played for around 45 minutes. We were both tired from long days at work and there were some annoying kids running around. Usually, I am fine with kids playing around where we play, but these were super hyper and was running very closely around us. Did have two small highlights:
– Tap [bsos] first try
– DATW > Pixie Ducking Clipper > Far Symposium Rev Whirl > Run with the other Far Symposium Rev Whirl

Been listening to a lot of Flying Lotus recently. You should too.

4 thoughts to “The Big Moose”

    1. I really liked KUSO, even though it was a pretty disturbing watch. One of my heroes, since I was a kid, David Firth, played a big part in it’s making. You probably know his Salad Fingers cartoon but all of his stuff is great. You can check it out here:

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