Once a month I am gonna take  you down memory lane and tell my story in footbag. Each post is gonna focus on a different year in chronological order. You can read all the previous posts here.

Start of the year

Basically, I was a complete bum not studying enough, partying too much and bitching and whining a lot about high school. I did seem to get much better at footbag during this time though.

Before Euros

That summer I went to France with my mom, her husband, and my little brother. We toured around the country site for two weeks before we finally ended up in Paris.
I had set up a session with Charles Dupuy and Serge Kaldany there. Serge was crazy good at this point and it was a pleasure to get to play a lot of one on one with him.
Charles and I instantly hit it off and after the session, we went to Arthur Ledain’s place. We had crêpes (which Charles kept calling CRABS) with cheese and ham. I impressed them with my pancake throwing skills.

Frankystyle also showed up and showed me this trailer, which nobody had seen at this point.

This was an amazing night for a young footbag kid.
A couple of days later I flew from Paris to Euros in Vienna with the Parisian crew.


On the plane ride, I turned 18. I ordered a beer just before and the stewardess asked my age, when I told her I was just about to turn 18 I got kisses for my cheeks and champagne for my belly. When we landed in Vienna we went directly to the opening party, where I celebrated my 18th birthday. I got super drunk and puked all over the terrace outside and the Berlin guys carried me home. 18 is in Denmark what 21 is in the states.

Lise bought me my first legal beer.

I stayed at the Gym as the only Dane. This was good for socializing but not for my game. Euros 2007 was definitely my party boy coming out party.
Charles Dupuy and Daryl Canady from Munich was also staying at the gym and we had so much fun and grew very close. Even though I never see them and rarely catch up with them, I still see them as brothers to this day.

One night I found this ladies trench coat which I strolled around in. I still miss that coat.

Lise and I made a deal to be Doubles Net partners one day at this Euros. I just brought this up to her and we decided to wait another 10 years. She still has a bunch of injuries but she is working on sorting them out and wants to return to freestyle footbag.

A video I did from the tournament.

After Euros

One day I got a message from a beautiful young girl on MySpace. She had seen the videos I had posted there of me playing footbag and she thought it looked kinda sexy. I invited her to a party at my high school. You are allowed to drink at high school parties in Denmark. I ended up bringing her home and dated her for some time. I was so stoked.

Danish Champs 2007

It was a small Danish Champs in Copenhagen with no foreign guests. I played very well during the weekend and hit some stuff I would be stoked for today.
Mads Neuhard did the first dropless routine in DK history. That was a big moment.
Lise’s game was probably at its peak at this time. She got second in routines and won Shred30 in front of Mathias Blau.
Mathias won his first Danish Champs and he is still dominating to this day.

Video by Lise Thygesen

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