Unorthodox Skills

Those skilled at the unorthodox are infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the great rivers – Sun Tzu (The Art of War)


Yesterday I had a session with Kim, Nis, Frede, and Mathias. I played with Kim and later a bit with Frede as well. Kim looked good with lots of quantums, Janiwalk > Run (first try) and so on. He hurt his knee a bit, but I don’t think it was anything too serious. I thought Frede looked good with a couple of high stepping and atomic sets. Mathias left early, so I didn’t get to play with him. After Frede, Kim and I were done, we had a beer and watched Nis play. I saw him hit Whirling Swirl > Scrambled DLO and Scrambled DLO > Eggbeater. I like both of those links.

I didn’t play amazing – could definitely feel that it has been a while since my last real session. I still had a lot of fun though.

From left to right: Mathias “Matrix” Blau, Frederik “Frede” Mens, Nis “The King” Petersen, Kim “The Duke” Mortensen and Me


I should probably give you an update on the bike situation since I wrote about it last time. I got the new bike. It was pretty cheap and it is such a pleasure to ride around. I need to change a couple of things, but luckily Kim is my personal bike mechanic and is willing to help. Here is a photo of the beauty:


I found 7 minutes of footage I filmed at Danish Champs. I edited it down to two minutes. It’s nothing special but here is a lil’ video that I haven’t posted anywhere else. The music is inspired by Mads Hole’s usual music selection.

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