Thursday Throwdown

8 years ago I had lived for a couple of months in my first apartment in Copenhagen. Lena Scheiwiller from Switzerland was visiting and Mads Hole turned 40. That was a legendary night.How time flies…

I had a dream about Samu Ahola and Aleksi Airinen the other night. We were in some sort of supermarket looking for late night snacks and beers. So before yesterday’s┬ásession, I watched a bunch of Finnish videos. It made me miss Finland so much.

When I got back from the session I had received a message from Aleksi that he would be in Copenhagen March 1 – 3 and wants to catch up when he is here. Weird how things like that happen.

Mathias Blau is currently enjoying a little vacation in Malta, so the Fabolous Five was down to the Furious Four: Frederik Mens, Kim Mortensen, Nis Petersen and I.

I played with Nis for the entire session. It’s been a while since I have thrown down with him so it was a pleasure. We played to legendary Jamaican radio station Linkz FM.

Nis was struggling but it was still a lot of fun.

Runs weren’t really on for me, but I did get some highlights:

  • Tapping Blink (inspired by Aleksi)
  • Pixie Tripwalk > Phoenix > Reverse Mullet (I wanna hit this as a sick3 in competition sometime)
  • Ducking Reverse Whirl [bsos]

From what I could see out the corner of my eye both Kim and Frederik played very well. I saw Kim hit Bullwhip, Janiwalk out of Pixie SS Clipper and Frede hit Gyro Mirage to a long run. They are both getting better these days. That’s always nice.

All text and no images makes the blog a dull read, but I don’t have any to share at this time.

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