I just saw Mads Neuhard walking by when I was biking to work. He sent me some epic footbag gang signs. I miss that dude.


Yesterday I played footbag with Kim at the “Worlds 2015”-spot. There was a couple doing some doubles acrobatics next to us. It looked very sexually awkward. They probably thought the same of footbag.

We played for a little under an hour and none of us played that well. I did manage to hit Gyro Reverse Whirl [bs] and Blurry Reverse whirl [bsos].


I have made a little webshop, so if you have always wanted to wear my face on your head or drink your coffee from a mug with one of my drawings now is your chance.

New products will be added from time to time, so if you have any wishes for something specific let me know.

Products are either shipped from Europe or USA depending on your location, so no matter what side of the pond you reside it shouldn’t be too expensive.

10% off for my modified friends – use coupon code: prideofindia

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