Board Meeting > Shred Session

Yesterday we had a board meeting before our weekly session. In attendance were Mathias, Nis and I.

We discussed:

  • Current decline in activity from the non-playing members
    We need to do something about this.
  • Worlds in Sofia
    All three of us are planning to go.
  • Danish Champs 2018
    Nis had a fun idea for this. We will see what happens.
  • Training facilities
    Both facilities were we have scheduled training might close down. We need to look into alternatives.
  • Shred mat
    We need a new one.

Next Thursday is our annual general assembly. I hope a lot of people show up but I have my doubts.

As the meeting was about to end Frederik and Lilbro Peder showed up and we went into shred mode.

Started the session hacking with lilbro. I hope he starts showing up more again.
Frederik looked good and more relaxed in his style.
Nis had some very long runs.
Mathias was on! Loads of fives and sixes all over. I love it when he goes into a session in beast mode.
I played okay for feeling tired and being lazy for the past couple of weeks. No highlights but I did have fun.

To end the post here is photo of Frederik practicing his D