Quickie in the Sun

Spent the weekend visiting my mama and had quick session in the sun yesterday.
Mainly just drilled a bunch. But I also worked Terraging Muted Clipper and footed it many times. I also kept on footing it last session. I really wanna get it on camera.

Here is a pretty tree in my mom’s garden.

First Day Out


Yesterday was our first outdoor session of the year and it was glorious. Sun was shining, birds were chirping and life made sense again.

When I got to the legendary spot next to the yellow roof Mathias Blau and Nis were already throwing down. Kim’s wife and kids were also chilling in the sun.
During my warm-up, my good friend Lea and her just as talented boyfriend biked by and came over and said hello. That is one of the things you forgot during the cold winter in gyms and one of the great things about coming out – you actually meet people. You interact with your community.

Kim showed up and we all played together for a while. Then Mads Hole showed up and Mathias went home. Finally our club’s accountant Basse showed up. Basse and Mads gave Kim, Nis and I challenges from Anz’ app and we all had a couple of beers.

Worlds & LIFE

I am pretty sure Worlds will happen. The only thing is that by that time my life is hopefully going through some big changes. I have applied to go back to school to study motion design. My first application, that I spent a couple of weeks on, got approved so now I got some final tests right after my coming trip to Berlin and then hopefully I will get in.

This means I need to figure out a way to earn some money while studying. I think I can stay at my current job with much fewer hours but we will see. I will also need to find a roommate and so and so on..

I am pretty excited about this whole going back to school thing. Fingers crossed.

So in regards to Worlds, it might be a good idea to keep the money in my pocket, but hopefully, I will get it all figured out long before and just be able to enjoy a nice week in Sofia. Nis already got his tickets and I think Blau is close as well.

Back once again for the renegade master

I played footbag yesterday after more than a month of no kickbag action. It wasn’t pretty but it felt damn good.
In attendance were Nis, Kim, Mathias and I and we all kicked together. Mathias is sharp at the moment. Nis had some shoulder issues but played well in my opinion. Me and Kim have both been lazy lately and had a bit of a rough session.


One month from today I will be partying in Berlin at the FC Footstars Birthday Jam. Looking forward to that.

Hope to make Worlds this year.