Return of the Bag

Holy hobo! It’s been a while! But last Thursday I had a session with Kim. We both sucked, but I still enjoyed it and I hope to start playing regularly again.

I did not end up going to Party Bombe, due to some bad luck and a lot of bad planning on my part. I miss the homies from Finland but hopefully, I will see them sooner rather than later.

What else is new.. Mathias Blau did great at Worlds. Congrats to him.

On Friday I have my last day at my job and then next week I go back to studying. I will be studying Interactive Design at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. It’s gonna suck being poor, but I can’t wait to get my creativity challenged on the reg.

Studying Interactive Design I will be trained in developing interactive concepts for digital media. I will learn both the graphic arts and to use technology creatively and innovatively.

I have added more products to my shop. You should buy some.

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