Dirty Thirty

I am really enjoying how these old heads (even older than me) are making a return. My sixth footbag sense says they are not gonna stay around long, but here is to hope. I have also been kicking a little lately and I also hope that isn’t just a fad. 

I played footbag with myself on the 17th. Just a short session going through basics. Everything felt surprisingly good (except for my shape). 

The day after Angelo arrived from Spain (via Berlin) to celebrate my 30th birthday. In the evening we went to Christiania so Angelo could stock up on the herb that footbaggers often need and enjoy the area and the sun. We kicked near some guys selling cheap draft beers and the main guy invited us over to their little beer stand to kick there. He even gave us a beer.

We also ran into a guy who has been posting a little on the Danish footbag channels. He was wearing a glitter jester hat and was carrying a bag and all kinds of juggling equipment. He could have been Nick Polini’s dad. He might not be young but new blood is always appreciated.

A couple of days later I celebrated my 30th birthday and that was fun on all levels. What a party. Thanks to Angelo for making the trip.

I won’t be going to Worlds because I am an asshat but more footbag is coming soon.