Baby steps

We did it. Two weeks in a row. It’s officially a streak.

We went from two players to four this time. In attendance were Kim M, Nis P, Jasper J, and me. 

We played for about an hour in a four-man circle, which was good for the energy level, but maybe not so good for the level of shred. I thought Jasper’s game looked very good, Nis is battling injuries like always, but also played well, Kim and I struggled a bit more than last time with the quality but I was happy we played longer. 

Jasper even got some footage: 

Afterwards Kim, Jasper and I had some beers and a Fernet Branca. As important as the actual session if you ask me. Footbag family is family forever.

I am thinking about restarting my Throwback Thursday series. Could be a good way of staying motivated and I still have a bunch of years to go through. Hope to have the first one up this week or next.