Foosball VS Footbag


On Saturday I went to the Danish Foosball Championship with Mathias Blau. We went to support former Danish champion in footbag and Mathias’ mentor Nikolai Lorenzen and my friend and former colleague Nermin.

Nikolai & Mathias

We have a good relationship with the CPH foosball club – some of them come out to our tournaments and we come out to theirs. A lot of them are weird and crazy like footbaggers. I also  think we could learn a lot from them. They have 300+ members in Copenhagen alone.

Nermin was already out of the tournament. His team had been disqualified when his teammate had a small heart attack during one of their games. Pretty crazy. His teammate was back and well when we got there luckily.

Nikolai and his teammate was just about to start a game, when we got there, so it was perfect timing. It was a great game and we had great seats. Unfortunately Nikolai lost. If I remember correctly that meant they got 7th in the tournament. That is pretty good.

Here is a video from the round after: Nikolai’s banes losing to the favorites and final champions.

OD, semifinal, winner's bracket, The Open Danish Championships…

The final matches at The Open Danish Championships 2017 are fast approaching. Watch the B-final of the winner's bracket in Open doubles; Henk Habets(NLD) & Minyoung Bai(DEU) vs. Sven Wonsyld & Niels Wonsyld (DEN).

Hovedstadens Bordfodbold Forening 发布于 2017年9月2日

They are so damn good!

After Nikolai’s loss we kicked up the pace of downing G&Ts and Beers. Mathias and I talked a bit about starting to practice some foosball. It would be cool to at least be able to hold your own and not look like a complete newbie.


Classic Thursday session yesterday at the usual indoor spot. It was me and Nis 1 on 1 for the first 50 minutes. Then birthday boy Andreas showed up. Happy birthday Drezzy D! We managed to play well over an hour.

I had a hard time adjusting to playing inside in a hot room with shitty air and maybe also playing later, than usually (20:30). But I still feel like I played at a decent level. No real highlights though – just a bunch of good solid runs.

There was rumors that Milan Benda would also show up. Apparently he is back in CPH working. I should probably shoot him a message. He is the homie.


Once a month I am gonna take  you down memory lane and tell my story in footbag. Each post is gonna focus on a different year in chronological order. You can read all the previous posts here.

Fjellerad Footbag Camp

Once again the year started with a footbag camp in Fjellerad. This  time without anybody from Copenhagen. I think they thought traveling to the northern part of Denmark three times in a  little over a year was too much. It was still a great weekend. I remember Mathias Blau hitting a run with “BAP” drill and “Rubberman” at 13 years old.

DEMO in Fåborg

A bit later that year we did a footbag demonstration at an event about alternate hobbies and sports. Fåborg is a small city near my hometown of Svendborg. A bunch of players from all over the country came and we played footbag for 6 hours. The more experienced players also did a show with Mads Hole on MC duty. I played really well, this was probably the first time I didn’t feel like a total newbie.

Me playing with Søren Nøhr. Slightly pink hair and slightly pink shirt that Tom Mosher sent me all the way from Canada-land.

Worlds in Frankfurt

Finally the day came! My first Worlds! I travelled with Søren Nøhr to Frankfurt. Me, Søren and Mathias Blau shared a room. Mathias’ parents were also staying at the same hotel. It was my first time travelling outside of Denmark without my parents and it was as expected a great experience.

I met so many people for the first time that it would be hard to list them all. Some of them are my close friends to this day, some I still keep in contact with from time to time and some have unfortunately vanished from my life, but that is to be expected. Nobody mentioned, nobody forgotten.

I will mention three experiences I had during this week that I still remember very clearly:

The first one was a late afternoon where Søren Nøhr, Mathias Blau and I went back to the event site a late afternoon. We walked around a bit and thought that there were nobody left, but behind a small red house we found Vasek Klouda and Steve Goldberg. Vasek was playing and taking requests from Steve. He let us give him requests as well and tried all kinds of crazy stuff.

Me and Mathias Blau in the background witnessing the magic of Vasek.

The second one was me in a barefeet circle with Felix Zenger and Jorden Moir. We were just fucking around and attempting stupid shit. I decided to try Enterrage and hit it. My first three dex. The both went crazy. And at exactly the same time Mads Neuhard, Mads Hole and Lise Thygesen showed up at the event and they also joined in. Getting love from my heroes and my footbag family at the same time for a big milestone was such a great experience.

The third one is not shred related but still had a huge impact on my future life in footbag. I was already interested in the behind the scenes stuff at this time and at this time the most important guy in footbag in Europe was Jan Zimmermann. Jan Zimmermann is the guy who started planetfootbag and he was the main force behind the Quantum footbag shoe that was unveiled at this tournament. I had a long conversation with him sometime during the week and he told me a lot about the Quantum shoe and all the other work he was doing. It was really inspirering to me and it made me realise you can really make things happen in footbag, if you are willing to put in some work and that is possible to important to the community without being a great player.

Danish Open

Danish Open returned to Copenhagen and this year there was a big turnout of foreign guests:
  • SweJohn from Sweden
  • Grek from Hungary
  • Shirine Daouk from Switzerland
  • Jakob Wagner from Germany
  • Vasek Klouda, Honza Weber and Dexter from Czech Republic
    (The king of footbag video was filmed at this tournament.)
  • Felix Zenger from Finland

I finally won intermediate and was now ready to step up and compete with the big boys next year. This was also the first time I felt like I was invited along to party with the older Copenhagen players, which was really cool for a young naive Asmus.

After my winning routine


From Great to Epic

Played with Kim yesterday at the now usual spot. As you can see on my recent posts it has been Kim and me 1 on 1 a lot lately. We usually play around 7, which is the perfect time for me and Kim. Kim can put the kids to sleep and I can fuck around for a little bit after work before playing, but I don’t think it is a good time for anybody else. Nis is in Russia at the moment and I know Mathias played near his hood, so hopefully some more people will come out soon.

We played for well over an hour with good energy through out and we both did good. It’s been a long time since I have played this hard and well. We started out playing to French electronic duo The Blaze. After that we played to grime tunes. Really liking this one at the moment:

Kim had a run with both Mobius and another cool five. He also stepped out of a Janiwalker. Here are the highlights of mine I can remember:

  • Kim telling me I looked like Vasek anno 2004 (biggest compliment you can get)
  • Magellan > Pixie Kneebump > Ducking Symposium Rev Whirl > Run
  • Blurry Legover > Toe Ripwalk [rpt] > Run
  • Same Butterfly Swirl [bs]
  • Pixie Quantum Legover > Pixie Symple Swirl

After the session Kim was practicing some two bag juggling and out of the blue the original bag juggler Mads Hole appeared. It was as if he had rubbed the magic lamp and the Genie appeared. Mads Hole is the definition of epic.

Bonus info: Mads Hole’s two bag juggling record is over 80.

Rainy Dayz

On rainy days I sit back and count ways on
How to get rich son, show and prove, ask my bitch
Stood up late nights, build with my a-alikes
We can pull a heist, snatch ice, or rock mics
– Ghostface Killah on Rainy Dayz

Yesterday it was raining, like it has been most days this summer, so me and Kim decided to take a kung foot athletics inside for a change. We played at Nørrebrohallen, where as some of you might remember we had Worlds.

It is funny how when you move your sessions from inside to outside, you are at first annoyed by the uneven surface, the wind etc. and when you move inside you are annoyed by the bad air and (for Nørrebrohallen at least) the noise.

Kim was not happy with how he played. I think it was okay. Short runs but he hit some cool links. Lots of fives.

I played a bit up and down. Some good stuff. Some bad. Almost hit Drifter [bsos] which I never do. Hit Atomic Reverse Whirl [bs] which might be new. Hit 10+ contacts of Pixie and Stepping shuffle. Hit Fairy Same Blink which is definitely new. Stuff like that.

We managed to play well over an hour.

It was raining like crazy, when we were done. So we had a beer before biking home.


Three Sessions in a Day

No, I did not play three times in a day – I am getting old guys. But for the first time in years there were three sessions going on in Copenhagen on the same day. Mathias and Nis had a session, so did Troels and Andreas and finally me and Kim had a late session.

Kim and I played at the spot where we have been playing recently. Right next to us there was some big guys practicing medieval fighting techniques (real swords and all). The sounds of that mixed with Kim’s electronic music and my playlist of current hip hop bangers was quite interesting.

Kim sprained his ankle a little during the jam on saturday, but he still played well. I  also played well. I think I am close to being back in footbag shape. I even hit three new tricks:

  • Eggbeater bs
  • Gyro Twirl

I re-did my personal website. You can check it out here.

A Session and A Jam

On August 1st I had session with Nis and Verena. None of us played that well, but I did have two highlights:

  • Pixie DLO (first try) > Run with both DLOs
  • Flip Ducking Symposium Reverse Whirl

Nis in action

FootbagDenmark Jam Dung

On saturday footbag Denmark had a little jam. A bunch of players showed up:

Troels, Peder, Mathias (+ girlfriend), Jan (+wife and kids), Andreas, Nis (+ wife), Nikolai (+ kid), Rasmus, Kim (+ wife and kids), Basse, Jasper and Søren

We had request contest, where me and Nis died in like the second round. That was a bit embarrassing, but atleast Nis joined me. Mathias of course won.

I did manage to hit one new trick during the day: Symposium Blink

Video by Nis

After playing real footbag we played some rounds of 4square while drinking beers. We haven’t done that in years and always really enjoy. Nis, Kim, Rasmus, Mathias and I each won a round.

After that we had pizza and many more beers. A great day and night with the footbag family for sure.

Rainy Session

I had a session with Verena on thursday. The weather was super shitty, but we played under the yellow roof from this video:

You can watch part 2 here.

This summer has had the worst weather I can remember and apparently this will be the first July in 38 years where we don’t get an actual summer day (+ 25°C). That is wild.

Both Verena and I played better than expected during the session. I had two highlights I can remember:

  • Kneep Bump > Muted Swirl (funny timing)
  • Paradon [bsos] First try

Next saturday we are gonna have a small FootbagDenmark jam and BBQ at the same spot. I am looking forward to that.

One week till Worlds! Best of luck to all of you going.


Last week I returned to Berlin to hang out with the homies, play footbag and party a bunch. The trip was amazing. I celebrated my birthday there with a rubber boat trip down the Spree and two rooftop parties. After Berlin I went to a techno-festival in the North East of Germany with some of the guys.

Here is every footbag I got to hang out with:

  • Angelo “Sexy Beast” Rendon
  • Matthias Lino Schmidt
  • Rene Rühr
  • Jakob “Alte Digger” Wagner
  • Yves “Krushed The Quiche” Kreil
  • Mikko “The Rasmus” Lepisto
  • Felix Flexx Vivaldi
  • Indiana Jonze Aka The Most Christian Name Of Us All Aka Verpeilt
  • Alex “ZooperSmooth” Michelewski
  • Anne “Schiiiikooo” Schikora
  • David Aka The Most Beautiful Boy in Berlin

That’s pretty good for a weeks work with no tourmanet.


If any of you ever go to Berlin you have to check out Jakob Wagner’s shop. It is an amazing place.

I had two sessions there. One at “halle” with Mikko, Matthias, Angelo and amazing freestyle footballer Philippe (great guy as well). Second session was an outside solo session with Angelo. I played decent enough for partying pretty hard the night before.

Here is a clip of Mikko from the first session:


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I posted a bunch of photos on facebook if any of you are curious:

Asmus Helms 发布于 2017年7月26日

Lock Out Season

I played footbag yesterday with Mathias Blau and Andreas Hald. We played at our usual thursday indoor spot, but because of holidays there was no light in the room where we usually play. We decided to play in the lobby, even though the lightning wasn’t much better.  It was very hard to play but I was happy that we did anyways.  I footed Terraging Muted Clipper a bunch of times. That would be cool to hit. Here is a small clip from snapchat of Mathias:

As some of you have probably already seen Nis appeared on a Danish Children’s TV show. He did a great job.

FootbagDenmark on Danish Children's television

Nis Petersen has been on Danish children's television to show some Footbag skills!

FootbagDenmark 发布于 2017年6月29日

Sankt Hans

On friday all of Denmark celebrated solstice. In Denmark, the solstitial celebration is called Sankt Hans or Sankt Hans Aften (“St. John’s Eve”). It is tradition to have bonfires on the beach and have speeches, picnics and songs. A tradition of putting a witch made of straw and cloth is also common. FootbagDenmark was hired to entertain the kids with some footbag before the bonfire in a big park in Copenhagen.

Kim, Nis, Frederik and me did the job. We were playing on gravel and it was pretty much raining the whole time. Not the best conditions. But a bunch of kids and teens tried footbag for the first time and we were able to enjoy it.

Freestyle Workshop – Sankt Hans Frederiksberg 2017

Lidt freestyle-skole i parken for den næste generation. Tak for sangen til Kalle B @KalleBfanpage

FootbagDenmark 发布于 2017年6月25日

By chance the entertainment after us was a rap group for children called “Hip Som Hap“. My old friend Anna is one half of that group and they had a really fun show that the kids loved. A bunch of other old friends showed up to watch Anna do her thaaang and we all ended going out getting beers afterwards. Good times