First Day Out


Yesterday was our first outdoor session of the year and it was glorious. Sun was shining, birds were chirping and life made sense again.

When I got to the legendary spot next to the yellow roof Mathias Blau and Nis were already throwing down. Kim’s wife and kids were also chilling in the sun.
During my warm-up, my good friend Lea and her just as talented boyfriend biked by and came over and said hello. That is one of the things you forgot during the cold winter in gyms and one of the great things about coming out – you actually meet people. You interact with your community.

Kim showed up and we all played together for a while. Then Mads Hole showed up and Mathias went home. Finally our club’s accountant Basse showed up. Basse and Mads gave Kim, Nis and I challenges from Anz’ app and we all had a couple of beers.

Worlds & LIFE

I am pretty sure Worlds will happen. The only thing is that by that time my life is hopefully going through some big changes. I have applied to go back to school to study motion design. My first application, that I spent a couple of weeks on, got approved so now I got some final tests right after my coming trip to Berlin and then hopefully I will get in.

This means I need to figure out a way to earn some money while studying. I think I can stay at my current job with much fewer hours but we will see. I will also need to find a roommate and so and so on..

I am pretty excited about this whole going back to school thing. Fingers crossed.

So in regards to Worlds, it might be a good idea to keep the money in my pocket, but hopefully, I will get it all figured out long before and just be able to enjoy a nice week in Sofia. Nis already got his tickets and I think Blau is close as well.

Back once again for the renegade master

I played footbag yesterday after more than a month of no kickbag action. It wasn’t pretty but it felt damn good.
In attendance were Nis, Kim, Mathias and I and we all kicked together. Mathias is sharp at the moment. Nis had some shoulder issues but played well in my opinion. Me and Kim have both been lazy lately and had a bit of a rough session.


One month from today I will be partying in Berlin at the FC Footstars Birthday Jam. Looking forward to that.

Hope to make Worlds this year.

Small update

Annual General Assembly

Last Thursday we had our Annual General Assembly in FootbagDenmark. Only Nis, Kim, Blau, Frederik, Rasmus and I came. Not impressive but what can you do. The most important things discussed were:

  • Our economy looks good even after paying back IFPA the money we borrowed for Worlds.
  • We decided to make to tiers for being a member. Active and inactive members. It is much cheaper to be inactive. You basically decide yourself, which you see you as.
  • I decided to step down as Vice Chairman. Mathias Blau got elected. Nis stays as the main guy in charge.

Afterward, we were supposed to play footbag, but I and Rasmus just played “Footanque” and drank beers. Mathias hit Gyro Butterfly > Ripstein [rpt] after I challenged him to hit it. I really like that drill.

I’ve been slacking lately. I didn’t play yesterday either. I have been feeling a bit down and I know footbag usually helps it just gets harder to get out there. I am pretty sure my bad mood is just the result of spring not showing it’s beautiful sunny face on time. Hopefully, that will change soon.


I just bought plane tickets to go to FC Footstars 20th Birthday 10-13th of May. Little brother is gonna tag along. The plan is that it is gonna be a long party with some footbag thrown in – just my kinda tournament. That’s gonna be fun.


Location and dates for Worlds are finally set – July 22-28 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I definitely hope to make it this year. I know Nis and Mathias do as well. Fingers crossed.

I gave a talk on my “artistic process” last Saturday. I wrote it out in article format afterward. You can read it here.


Board Meeting > Shred Session

Yesterday we had a board meeting before our weekly session. In attendance were Mathias, Nis and I.

We discussed:

  • Current decline in activity from the non-playing members
    We need to do something about this.
  • Worlds in Sofia
    All three of us are planning to go.
  • Danish Champs 2018
    Nis had a fun idea for this. We will see what happens.
  • Training facilities
    Both facilities were we have scheduled training might close down. We need to look into alternatives.
  • Shred mat
    We need a new one.

Next Thursday is our annual general assembly. I hope a lot of people show up but I have my doubts.

As the meeting was about to end Frederik and Lilbro Peder showed up and we went into shred mode.

Started the session hacking with lilbro. I hope he starts showing up more again.
Frederik looked good and more relaxed in his style.
Nis had some very long runs.
Mathias was on! Loads of fives and sixes all over. I love it when he goes into a session in beast mode.
I played okay for feeling tired and being lazy for the past couple of weeks. No highlights but I did have fun.

To end the post here is photo of Frederik practicing his D


I just saw Mads Neuhard walking by when I was biking to work. He sent me some epic footbag gang signs. I miss that dude.


Yesterday I played footbag with Kim at the “Worlds 2015”-spot. There was a couple doing some doubles acrobatics next to us. It looked very sexually awkward. They probably thought the same of footbag.

We played for a little under an hour and none of us played that well. I did manage to hit Gyro Reverse Whirl [bs] and Blurry Reverse whirl [bsos].


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New products will be added from time to time, so if you have any wishes for something specific let me know.

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Thursday Throwdown

8 years ago I had lived for a couple of months in my first apartment in Copenhagen. Lena Scheiwiller from Switzerland was visiting and Mads Hole turned 40. That was a legendary night.How time flies…

I had a dream about Samu Ahola and Aleksi Airinen the other night. We were in some sort of supermarket looking for late night snacks and beers. So before yesterday’s session, I watched a bunch of Finnish videos. It made me miss Finland so much.

When I got back from the session I had received a message from Aleksi that he would be in Copenhagen March 1 – 3 and wants to catch up when he is here. Weird how things like that happen.

Mathias Blau is currently enjoying a little vacation in Malta, so the Fabolous Five was down to the Furious Four: Frederik Mens, Kim Mortensen, Nis Petersen and I.

I played with Nis for the entire session. It’s been a while since I have thrown down with him so it was a pleasure. We played to legendary Jamaican radio station Linkz FM.

Nis was struggling but it was still a lot of fun.

Runs weren’t really on for me, but I did get some highlights:

  • Tapping Blink (inspired by Aleksi)
  • Pixie Tripwalk > Phoenix > Reverse Mullet (I wanna hit this as a sick3 in competition sometime)
  • Ducking Reverse Whirl [bsos]

From what I could see out the corner of my eye both Kim and Frederik played very well. I saw Kim hit Bullwhip, Janiwalk out of Pixie SS Clipper and Frede hit Gyro Mirage to a long run. They are both getting better these days. That’s always nice.

All text and no images makes the blog a dull read, but I don’t have any to share at this time.

Unorthodox Skills

Those skilled at the unorthodox are infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the great rivers – Sun Tzu (The Art of War)


Yesterday I had a session with Kim, Nis, Frede, and Mathias. I played with Kim and later a bit with Frede as well. Kim looked good with lots of quantums, Janiwalk > Run (first try) and so on. He hurt his knee a bit, but I don’t think it was anything too serious. I thought Frede looked good with a couple of high stepping and atomic sets. Mathias left early, so I didn’t get to play with him. After Frede, Kim and I were done, we had a beer and watched Nis play. I saw him hit Whirling Swirl > Scrambled DLO and Scrambled DLO > Eggbeater. I like both of those links.

I didn’t play amazing – could definitely feel that it has been a while since my last real session. I still had a lot of fun though.

From left to right: Mathias “Matrix” Blau, Frederik “Frede” Mens, Nis “The King” Petersen, Kim “The Duke” Mortensen and Me


I should probably give you an update on the bike situation since I wrote about it last time. I got the new bike. It was pretty cheap and it is such a pleasure to ride around. I need to change a couple of things, but luckily Kim is my personal bike mechanic and is willing to help. Here is a photo of the beauty:


I found 7 minutes of footage I filmed at Danish Champs. I edited it down to two minutes. It’s nothing special but here is a lil’ video that I haven’t posted anywhere else. The music is inspired by Mads Hole’s usual music selection.


Once a month I am gonna take  you down memory lane and tell my story in footbag. Each post is gonna focus on a different year in chronological order. You can read all the previous posts here.

Start of the year

Basically, I was a complete bum not studying enough, partying too much and bitching and whining a lot about high school. I did seem to get much better at footbag during this time though.

Before Euros

That summer I went to France with my mom, her husband, and my little brother. We toured around the country site for two weeks before we finally ended up in Paris.
I had set up a session with Charles Dupuy and Serge Kaldany there. Serge was crazy good at this point and it was a pleasure to get to play a lot of one on one with him.
Charles and I instantly hit it off and after the session, we went to Arthur Ledain’s place. We had crêpes (which Charles kept calling CRABS) with cheese and ham. I impressed them with my pancake throwing skills.

Frankystyle also showed up and showed me this trailer, which nobody had seen at this point.

This was an amazing night for a young footbag kid.
A couple of days later I flew from Paris to Euros in Vienna with the Parisian crew.


On the plane ride, I turned 18. I ordered a beer just before and the stewardess asked my age, when I told her I was just about to turn 18 I got kisses for my cheeks and champagne for my belly. When we landed in Vienna we went directly to the opening party, where I celebrated my 18th birthday. I got super drunk and puked all over the terrace outside and the Berlin guys carried me home. 18 is in Denmark what 21 is in the states.

Lise bought me my first legal beer.

I stayed at the Gym as the only Dane. This was good for socializing but not for my game. Euros 2007 was definitely my party boy coming out party.
Charles Dupuy and Daryl Canady from Munich was also staying at the gym and we had so much fun and grew very close. Even though I never see them and rarely catch up with them, I still see them as brothers to this day.

One night I found this ladies trench coat which I strolled around in. I still miss that coat.

Lise and I made a deal to be Doubles Net partners one day at this Euros. I just brought this up to her and we decided to wait another 10 years. She still has a bunch of injuries but she is working on sorting them out and wants to return to freestyle footbag.

A video I did from the tournament.

After Euros

One day I got a message from a beautiful young girl on MySpace. She had seen the videos I had posted there of me playing footbag and she thought it looked kinda sexy. I invited her to a party at my high school. You are allowed to drink at high school parties in Denmark. I ended up bringing her home and dated her for some time. I was so stoked.

Danish Champs 2007

It was a small Danish Champs in Copenhagen with no foreign guests. I played very well during the weekend and hit some stuff I would be stoked for today.
Mads Neuhard did the first dropless routine in DK history. That was a big moment.
Lise’s game was probably at its peak at this time. She got second in routines and won Shred30 in front of Mathias Blau.
Mathias won his first Danish Champs and he is still dominating to this day.

Video by Lise Thygesen


On the first day after my Christmas holiday, it was raining and storming like crazy. Halfway to work, my bike broke down and I had to drag it with me the rest of the way. I knew the bike was dying, but I had hoped I could wait until spring before buying a new one. Guess not. I did find a dope cheap bike, that I am hopefully picking up today.

I decided to install a stupid fitness app to get some exercise, while not biking every day. I have been doing fairly well at keeping with it and I hope to continue to do so moving forward.

You are supposed to use the app every day and I have completed 6 days since the 10th, so I am doing very well. I did do two days yesterday before playing.

I was visiting my mom so I played in my old room. It is always a bit nostalgic. I just drilled and managed to get the first 11 links in the novice challenge from December on both sides. I am not gonna get number 12 in the next 10 years, but I do plan to hit some more of them in the future.

Day Novice
1 Mirage > Orbit
2 Illusion > pickup
3 Near Mirage > SS Mirage
4 Far Legover > ATW
5 Far Pickup > ATW
6 SS Butterfly > Butterfly
7 SS Legover > SS Osis
8 SS Pickup > SS Illusion
9 Osis > PDX Mirag
10 Butterfly > spinning clipper
11 Osis > Ducking Clipper
12 PDX Illusion > Eggbeater
13 Diving Clipper > Ducking Clipper
14 Gyro Clipper > Near DLO
15 Diving Clipper > Rev Swirl
16 osis > spinning osis
17 near eggbeater > smudge
18 spinning pickup > toe diving clipper
19 legbeater > ducking osis
20 spinning butterfly > ducking butterfly
21 drifter > torque
22 schmoe > dimwalk
23 barfly > stepping ss clipper
24 pdx whirl > pdx drifter

This was my first session of the year, so I am already behind on playing once every week this year. I hope to get in two sessions this week.

I also hope to get some more “Throwback Thursday” posts up in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for those.

Here is a video I did from our last session of last year:


Yesterday we had a little Christmas ball/footbag session to end the year right. A bit disappointed that no legends showed up but it was still a lot of fun. In attendance were: Frederik, Jan, Mathias, Nis, Kim and I.

The first half of the session I played with Jan and Frederik and for the second half, we all just fooled around in one big circle. Had a couple of decent runs in the first half. Mathias was playing well. I filmed a little bit, but I will sit on the footage for now.  I think I will try to film a little every session and then compile it into something larger later on.

After shred, we had some beers and played foursquare. Mathias won and I got second. I was happy with how I handled Nis and Kim but I still didn’t take the cake. Next time.

After that, we headed over to the legendary footbag bar Bankerot and had some more beers and some very big Fernet Brancas. I probably haven’t been there for over a year. I was happy that the cute bartender was still there and that she remembered me. That’s always nice.

My goals for 2017 was:

– Play footbag 52 times (Once a week average)
– 30 Infinities
– 75 Tiltless

I have played footbag 37 times this year so far. I hope to get to 38. Last year I played 41 times so a bit less, but I also “lost” a month because of breakup life chaos. I will transfer that goal to next year.

I might have hit 30 infinities. I definitely got a lot better at infinities this year. In general, I think I had a small level up.

Did definitely not hit 75 tiltless so I will transfer that goal to next year as well.

My goals for 2018 will then be:

  • Play footbag 52 times (Once a week average)
  • 75 Titless
  • 30 Guiltless

Merry Christmas and Hacky New Year yall!